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C’s and D’s in Coaching


C’s and D’s in Coaching

I put up a series called, “Triple D”. That series comprises three words, Deny, Defer and Deflect.

I am a Certified Professional Coach. I see those behaviours in people often. Those three words are in my practice the Secondary Words. Those three words need to be worked through to move forward and beyond whatever the issue, matter or fear may be that is preventing an individual’s change from their current state to what they are striving for.

The primary words for me in my practice are these, Cognitive, Considerate and Caring. I haven’t done up imagery pieces with “The Little Bear” on this set so linking to the meanings will have to suffice in the moment.

If you genuinely have and bring those three “C” words to practice you can work effectively through the “D” words with an individual to achieve a successful result.

Both of those word sets have subsets. The “Tertiary” or 3rd in degree if you like. You can take individual components of those two word sets and combine them, blend them just like mixing colours to form a different tone or hue. A few of the combinations include, Cognitive Deference, Considerate Denial and Caring Deflection.

I’m certain you can put together other combinations of those two sets and derive the conjoined meanings.

People I’ve worked with can join those “C” and “D” words together too. Some of those people do not recognize what they’re doing. Fortunately I do recognize and understand!

Recognizing the action is a critical imperative to being successful. How you make the person you’re working with aware when they aren’t aware or calling the individual who is aware of the behaviour is dependent on the Coach’s own style. The Coach has to empower all three of those “C” words when making the Coachee cognizant of their action and that their Coach sees and understands the behaviour.

As a Coach, if you can make the C’s and D’s really work for you, I foresee you having many A+ returns!

G.R. Hambley ©
June 10, 2015
All rights reserved

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