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Something I very rarely do, dedicate a writing. This one is for someone who at times, unbeknownst to herself has said or held something up that I’ve fed on.

My friend who is oh so talented has won a wager or two with me out of our exchanges on viability. What was held up, or held out, was returned after the journey of discovery with appreciation and joy.

Dedicated to you Lady Anonymous. I say to you, for you my friend and any who read this, as always I say…



Waiting, watching, letting mind side slip, freely roam
Inside a world away, gone where only one alone can go
New world conjured from a what should’ve never been

Down memory lanes, up ghost haunted avenues
Only if, not and never found place in this or any space
What will be is there to see beyond the storms wrath

Settled, oh so still, head upon staircase newel
Thunder crashes, lightning flashes, mind thrashes
Awash in nature’s great sight, a true love in life delight

Raindrops, ripples in pools for the eye and mind
Echoes from the distancing clouds, rain scent lingering
Sun easing way through window pane, now back again

G.R. Hambley ©
June 12, 2015

One response to “Beyond

  1. G. R. Hambley June 27, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Should of thought of this at the time of writing.


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