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Polarized – poetry with art

Polarized – poetry with art

The poetry is, “Polarized”. The art is “Winter Freeze”



Winter worked majik, resplendent greeting on awakening
Invitation to paint the scene written on warm breath wisps
Night’s making of white satin, a canvas for two this afternoon

Taking time to share a cup, the rest fills the warming jar
Easel holding brushes, fans and flats and swords, box full of paints
Red? no, blue? not for this beautiful day made just for us two,

From those two, a daub from me, a dab from you, more from you
Running together, mixture of shades, the palette goes to purples
Eye catches eye, hand joins hand, bundled up, bristling to colour the scene

Energized, bold strokes, light caresses, icicles drip from branches
Zeno himself unable to deny these motions making change just illusion
Enervated, spent after this day spent together doing as lovers do

G.R. Hambley ©
June 14, 2015


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