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It’s Dominion Day, Happy Birthday Canada!

Dominion Day
Happy Birthday Canada

The Dominion Of Canada

July 1 is Dominion Day

Beginning in 1958, the Canadian government began
to orchestrate Dominion Day celebrations.

I do not care thing one or thing two what was enacted years ago by a Liberal Government without quorum.

I am proud of my Country and its heritage.

Conservatively inclined commenters saw the change as part of a much larger attempt by Liberals to “re-brand” or re-define Canadian history. Columnist Andrew Cohen called Canada Day a term of “crushing banality” and criticized it as “a renunciation of the past [and] a misreading of history, laden with political correctness and historical ignorance. Wiki Page History

There is photography and art below the poll

The image is a 2 shot compilation.
The Flag and the CN Tower are one shot.
The Snowbirds shot is 1 of 10 from a loop sequence



Yes “The Little Bear” is patriotic too!

CTB Heart Lake FiniSZ

We’re certain our American friends wouldn’t stand for July 4
being anything but Independence Day!

CTB Lincoln FiniSZ

If you’d care to make
The Rules Of Life
a desktop wallpaper you may




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