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Quoth Me #9 MAJIK

MAJIK. For the true makers, we are allowed to spell it as such. Verily, we can conceive of no other way to spell it when we write of our SPELL making.

This quoth me was derived from a response I made to the following comment on LINKEDIN, “what is written without effort is in general read without pleasure“.

Some of us can write when we think and write when we don’t think. It’s called MAJIK. I can and do, do it. I have it and those others who have it and can also make MAJIK. We have been granted by the Gods Of Creation that gift.

Some of the things we do are thoughtless and happen oh so very quickly. They are not and never are effortless.

When the majik happens, just flows out of you in to creation it is a beautiful thing. The physical and emotional feelings I have when it is happening are incredible. The feeling when the piece finishes, I call completion euphoria. Physically and emotionally the feeling is so incredibly satisfying.

All 3 of these of mine were “effortless” and I have others that were thoughtless and not effortless.

25 minutes and done in acrostic format.

30 minutes for the poetry.

45 minutes for the poetry and 8 hours for the art.

The quote I like is this.
“The true alchemists of the world due not change lead in to gold; they change the world into words” William H Gass


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