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Moving around on a new piece of ground
Every turn, something gets you good
Turning the cheek, looking another way
As the faces circle by, an endless chain
Passing round and round like a clock’s hands
Hour after hour, time goes where no one knows

You know it’s feel, the candle burning at both ends
Sentenced souls running like sand through the glass
It’s you, two feel the bond in a frozen moment
Can’t turn away, no way to be or even wanting free
Angel gypsy moves her swaying body away
Looking back eyes sharing their hearts “we’ll never part”

Just you and me amid this room full of empty faces
Once for a lifetime dances in on a forever and never sigh
I’d give, you’d give, all our life left for just one kiss
Never knowing the sound of one’s love’s delights
Every day being in exquisite heaven while doing time in hell
Darkness led to dawning, everything everywhere and nowhere

G.R. Hambley ©
June 24, 2015


2 responses to “Kindred

  1. rainefairy July 5, 2015 at 8:42 am

    “Every day being in exquisite heaven while doing time in hell…”
    This is always the case for us earthly beings.
    At times, I feel the very floor I’m standing on burning
    Lusting on one temptation after another, sinning.

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