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The Way – Sonnet

The Way

Deliciously infectious, inflection of an irreverent ones glad madness
Each word heard becomes chaotic, time space for invitational thought
Voyage of, for, those that were damned to the logic of rational rationale
Overtly stepping up, wilfully taking in, fuelling fluctuating mind space
Urgency harmonizes with desire, the need, the ache to rid this anxiousness
Travellers from afar seeking answer, questions others had not sought
Lovingly everlasting, resolve tempers to resolute, babe in new age revival
Yes there’s a heavy price exacted to live outwardly in this chosen place
Wanton wind fills tattered sail, spine stiffens under torment’s strain
As breezes blew, only answer no, prayers to the power of the wilfully free
Running from in reality a running to, no more can the mind pretend
Practices in poetry recount where the dead living had been pure pain
Everything comes clearly, waves of calm spread oil of languor over misery
Destiny’s divine hell, the wow that only those chosen comprehend

G.R. Hambley ©
June 29, 2015


One response to “The Way – Sonnet

  1. Simona July 11, 2015 at 1:17 am

    Ti auguro un gran bel weekend HUGS!


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