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Changeable And Not

Changeable And Not

When I get angry or upset I yell at a page. Writing is one of the coping mechanisms that helps me keep my mind off my chronic pain and in this moment what had angered me. For me writing is both Catalyst and Catharsis. Not to mention being a highly constructive way to deal and cope with the angst. For me it sure beats having an outburst or withdrawal of some sort.

I wrote the poetry below in about 45 minutes and it is an acrostic. I was composing the piece in my head as I made my way from the pharmacy I use to a coffee spot.

I have been dealing with chronic pain for over 26 years. I’ve been fighting with another physical shift for about 6 months. They happen every few years. These shifts in physical being are not going to stop. Coping with these shifts is never easy. Some of the shifts have been easier than others. This one has been the worst. Age, some stress and the after effects of a pretty harsh winter temperature wise that I just haven’t come back as well as I’d of liked.

Knowing when to get medical help with the situation doesn’t have a definitive “you can wait” or “you need to go now” switch. You have to feel your way through it and I will admit I’m not the best at going on time, in time. I tend to stretch it out thinking I shall find a way to overcome without help. I’m getting better at going for help sooner rather than later but me thinks I’ll always be the sort to push beyond the flap of the envelope to my own detriment at times.

Breaking in a new Doctor too. Fun Wow!

When I post an item that has coping skills, Life Coach Tips, etc., in the piece it is about me and what I have found that works for me. You have to find your way to cope and you don’t have to do it alone unless of course that is your choice.

I hope those that read me can find something for themselves in what I’ve written that they can use. If not, that’s okay too.

Changeable And Not

Slippery up slope, sliding on the flats, surfing on the downs
Hard climb to reach the threshold of rest and repeat
Infinite change where only the variables remain constant
Frustration fixation, moody blues and not the good kind

Take one, take two, take this damnation for an otherโ€™s cup of poison
It shall not be allowed for a moments respite or throughout what remains
No surprises, no up rises, no monsters creeping will be left to live
Game face on, for those conquering chronic change, it never comes off

G.R. Hambley ยฉ
July 11,2015


10 responses to “Changeable And Not

  1. Laura Bruj July 22, 2015 at 8:38 am

    …as long as you stay positive

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