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Ladies, Pull Up A Commode!

I have never seen the need to reinvent the wheel. Having just gone in to a washroom at one of my coffee spots after a woman has just left the washroom and finding today’s prompt (June 19, 2016) on return to my table, does AIMLESS ever fit!


Ladies, pull up a commode!

Girls there is no pleasant way to say this. Some of you are getting guys blamed for your tinkle sprinkle on toilet seats in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Coffee spots I visit, the bathrooms are unisex and it is first come first relieved.

Those coffee spots also have coffee elves that take good care of me. I’m hoping this P.S.A., Public Service Announcement of mine will also make their jobs a little easier!

I’ve noticed a few times recently when I’ve had to wait to gain access to a bathroom and gone in after a woman, on occasion there has been urine on the seat and spotting or a small pool of urine on the floor. Not enough on the seat or in the right place for it to be a guy. Too much of it on the floor to have been a guy who wasn’t completely off balance drunk.

And lets be realistic here, were that mess there when you went in, ladies you’d come flying out of there making noises about the conditions and rightfully so!

FYI ladies, most guys will leave the seat up when complete if it is a stand up procedure.

I know there are women that for what ever reason, and I do not care thing one or thing two what that reason is, that will straddle the commode rather than sit. If that is your chosen position to relieve yourself, so be it. If you’re going to straddle the toilet then you are responsible for cleaning up any mess you make.

Those same coffee spots I visit also have grab bars for those with physical difficulties. The positioning of those grab bars make it real easy to hang on and straddle the commode. No I didn’t try it! I have an extremely elevated spatial perception.

If you can carry a $20.00 lip pencil or stick you can carry a $1.00 bottle of hand sanitizer as well! That little bottle will sanitize things other than hands!

This leaving the mess and letting it be thought some man didn’t lift the seat must stop!

How To Use A Public Bathroom
1. On entry, lock the door and make sure all the paper products you’ll require are present
2. Get a piece or three
3. Adjust the seat for up or down using the paper from step 2.
3A. Line seat if desired
4. Assume the position
5. Make use of the commode
6. Use paper product if required
7. Paper product disposal, drop in commode, not on the floor!
8. Stand up, pull up, button up, clean up paper if used
9. Flush the damn toilet!
10. Go to wash basin (sink)
11. Turn on water
12. Wash hands (face if needed)
13 Get paper
14. Dry hands
15. Turn water off with the paper you dried with
16. Go to door of washroom
17. Open washroom door with the paper you used to dry your hands and turn off the water
17A. Hold door open with foot if necessary
18. Put paper in garbage can
19 Exit washroom

If you can’t respect the facilities and those that are going to make use of those facilities after you, THEN DON’T USE THE FACILITIES!

I have considerately provided a link to a viable alternative to using the public washroom.

Ladies Alternative Device

I feel much better now that I have relieved myself!

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
August 04, 2015


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