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Street Theatre #1

Street Theatre #1

Scene Location:
1 of 4 very nice coffee spots and I’m not telling you which one.

Chicky A and Chicky B at bar waiting for drinks

Chicky B kind of perusing the shelves

Chicky A has eyes for Chicky B

Bear knows that look

Chicky A steps close to Chicky B

Chicky A brushes something out of Chicky B’s hair

Chicky A doesn’t step back

Chicky B takes ½ step away

Chicky B goes back to eying what is on coffee spot shelves

Chicky A eyes Chicky B’s butt

Bear understands, it’s a good butt*

Chickies are talking

Chicky A steps closer to Chicky B

Bear is seen by Chicky A with bemused grin

Bear appears to be grinning at computer screen

Chicky A extends hand like reaching to put arm around waist of Chicky B

Chicky A stops mid reach, hand hangs in air

Chicky B takes ½ step away

Chicky A pauses, walks to coffee station to get straws

Chicky A adopts a look of resignation on 4 step journey

Chicky B receives foofoo cold drinks from Barista

Chicky B gives Chicky A her drink

Chicky A smiles warmly and thanks Chicky B

Chickies turn to leave

Chicky A’s head tilts toward Chicky B

Chicky A’s shoulder moves very close to Chicky’s B’s, a vision of conjoined

Chickies exit coffee spot.

Bear wants to applaud live daytime soap opera performance

Bear behaved

Bear is proud of self!

*BUTT – it is understood that quality of such is subjective

Bear names Soap Opera; “As The Blonde Yearns”.

Bear has alternative more classic title as backup; “A Tale Of Two Chickies”


Yes this is a tittering little tale that really happened. The reality is that there is nothing funny about the event. My spinning it in to the story I did was for entertainment value only.

The woman with the desire clearly had special feelings for the woman who was completely unaware. If the object of affection was aware she did a very good job of hiding it. This is also a lesson in deportment. If Woman B was in fact aware of Woman A’s feelings, by not making issue of it in a public place was considerate and an adult way of handling the matter. No one was embarrassed and the attention of people around was not aroused. In public is not the place to be dealing with such feelings.

Now had Woman A done something that required an immediate response from Woman B then something forceful would not have been out of line. I am not suggesting a sucker punch or going drama ballistic as suitable responses.

I don’t think the object of affection had the same proclivity as the woman with the affection because I think anyone of the same persuasion would have clued in. Did Woman A think Woman B was same sex oriented and just hopeful? I do not know. Woman A was hopeful of gaining Woman B’s attention that I do know.

I do know making that show in a public place wasn’t a good idea. You never know how someone is going to react and that is very much worth your consideration!

Feelings for another and the expression of those feelings can be difficult. No one wants to be told that the person they show interest in is not interested in them at a romantic level.

Heterosexuals don’t face the same issues asking someone out or expressing interest as those that are same sex oriented. Guy asks girl and vise versa, straight forward.

The bottom line of this is your own Emotional Presence. This is true for everyone. Finding a way to talk with someone alone for a heart to heart is the best way. You aren’t left wondering or frustrated or hopeful the person you’re interested in will pick up on your feelings.

If you’re same sex oriented, I appreciate the dilemma, especially so if you’re wrong about someone’s persuasion. You are still much better off knowing rather than wondering and pining.

G.R. Hambley – August 12, 2015 all rights reserved



2 responses to “Street Theatre #1

  1. Tweak and Shout August 13, 2015 at 6:25 am

    You’ll make a great detective, TBear! LOL

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