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My Baby is 1

My Baby is 1

Got notice yesterday of my first anniversary here at WP. For those of you new to the site WP doesn’t stand for, “Word Perfect” and yet it does too.

I started this blog to showcase my talents and tastes, personal and professional. I’ve said it in other pieces that part of being a “Life Coach” is having and having had a life. I use stories and poetry and musings to share life lessons and coping skills.

I am some what miffed that the powers that be here at WordPress didn’t send me flowers on this special day so I’ve brought one of my own gathered on one of my lunch time walks. I only picked it photographically and left the flower where it was growing for others to enjoy. This flower has been shared with one other person who I met here and has become an important part of my life. The image makes a darn fine desktop wallpaper and you dear reader are free to use it as a wallpaper on your computer.

Flower - Yellow Rust - Desktop01 SGN

I do have Facebook and Linkedin accounts. Those places don’t get anywhere near the amount of time from me that my WordPress account gets.

In my time here I’ve had the chance to enjoy the works of others. WordPress along with being a place I can show my works to the world has become a major source of entertainment for me. Like everyone here there are some I follow with email notification and some that appear in my reader. I make use of and enjoy the Freshly Pressed as well.

I love the word. I love ye olde words too. One of those that I’ve really clicked with here at WP would tell you of my love for the olde if I were to tell you whom that individual is. Not gonna happen. I will tell you that here among your peers there are chances to establish real relationships just as you establish real relationships in other facets of your life.

One of the options I haven’t put in to practice is making use of the widget that allows you to display a number of your own favourite pieces. I love all my creations equally and yes there are a few that are more equal than others. If you get that reference leave me a comment.

I keep a chronological list of my postings with a wee blurb from or about the piece.

My goal when I started this Blog was to post something every two days. I look at the chronological list and the number I achieved is 205 postings. Poetry, Photography, Lyrics, Coaching, Digital Art a touch of Eroticism and a few from my Poignant Pen.

I am more than satisfied and pleased with what I’ve done on this Blog in the last year.

On Saturday past I started a second Blog, SPASM. That one is a place where I can conduct myself differently. I did it because I felt constrained. I just wanted a place that can be a different kind of voice. You can use the link and see for yourself.

I haven’t defined goals for the next year. I don’t know if there is a need to define a specific number of postings for this blog. I have gotten used to something posted for the most part, every couple days. The day in between postings leaving a gap should there be something I wish to place at the moment.

The certainty is this, I’ll keep posting and reading and enjoying my time here and wishing I had more time to spend writing and reading.

Regards to you all.

G. R. Hambley


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