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Angel Beach – Lyric

Angel Beach

We were just walkin’ along that beach
Seeing the ripples, rise higher and higher
Stopping to stare into that setting sun
Holding each other in the twilight
Watching the waves on fire dance

Feeling my desire, your finger on my lips
Feeling your heat, my hand on your cheek
And you say, you say, you say, you love me

Moving on down the darkening shoreline
Our footsteps left behind on the water’s edge
Stopping again to watch the fire waves go dark
Listening to the surf gently kiss the sand
Tide getting higher, footsteps fading, our fires rising

Feeling your desire, my finger on your lips
Feeling my heat, your hand on my cheek
And I say, I say, I say, I love you

Night came full when we weren’t watching
Fires springing up all round our romance
Chill in the air can’t damp our flame
Moonlight casting long our one shadow
Pressed close together under angel wings

          Feeling our desire, lips to lips
          Feeling our heat, like no other fire
          And we make, we make, we make, our way home

G.R. Hambley ©
August 26, 2015


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