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Quoth Me #11 – Righteous!

Quoth Me #11 – Righteous!

Watch what you write so you get it right so a wright won’t have to be sent to perform a rite on you!

I sent that sentence to a colleague a number of years ago in response to an error made by one of the individuals in the department my colleague was in charge of. I wasn’t pleased that someone didn’t do their job and I had to straighten out the problem caused by the individual who made the error.

So you know, it wasn’t the first time I’d had to do that. The way I conveyed my displeasure, making the point with consideration. The individuals boss was my boss at one time and knew from dealing with me for a few years that I was supremely perturbed. The manner in which I conveyed the matter was also very much appreciated. Point made without a rant or anyone being embarrassed.

It is about paying attention to what you do. Bad enough that being inattentive can cause you grief. Even worse when your inattention causes a problem for someone else.

And if you wanna have some fun with people, ask them to spell, “write” and then tell them, “no, not that one”.

G.R. Hambley, September 8, 2015 – All rights reserved

Originally Titled – Quoth Me #11 – How Many?

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