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Consider The Elves

Consider The Elves

And consider others too

I thought of posting this on SPASM and decided against it because as unflappable as I am, I’m human too. There are things that others do that make me want to go off on them for their behaviour(s). I made the decision rather quickly to bring this piece here to the transitionu blog.

I’m a people too people and as a people please keep in mind this quote I saw and wished I’d written; “Don’t mistake my attitude for my personality. My personality is what I am. My attitude depends on what you are.”

I’m on real good terms with the elves at my coffee spots. They take good care of me and I am very considerate of them. My consideration extends to talking with the elves singularly on occasion as they know I am a Life Coach.

I also like to write and believe it or not, have coffee at my coffee spots. My coffee spots are not only functional, they are observational. I see the crap that frustrates the elves. I don’t blame them one damn bit and often wonder how they manage to be as gracious as they are.

The elves have shared their feelings with me on occasion and I decided to write about some of the things that frustrate them no end.

You see an elf, any of the fine service elves for that matter and you encounter agitation, try being a good and compassionate customer and see where that gets you. Maybe that dumb ass a couple of spots in front of you did something really over the top. If you smile and say, “having a tough one?” the elf generally comes down and appreciates that someone noticed.

As an illustration I’ll use an instance I was involved in. The elf is talking to me and the dumb ass beside me who had ear buds in, figured the elf was talking to them. This individual wasn’t pleased. After all they had to stop looking at the dam device and take one of the buds out. I admit that was quite the inconvenience! Having to actually pay the hell attention to what you’re doing is a terrible burden.

Poor elf has to tell the dumb ass she wasn’t talking to them and felt obliged to apologize to me. The look the elf got from the dumb ass wasn’t pleasant.

Dumb ass is lucky the elf interjected because I would of went off on them. Yes I will give you a dressing down if your behaviour causes unpleasantness for me for those that are unable to retort. I’m not afraid to confront those that are completely wrapped up in themselves and by consequence, treating others without consideration.

The coffee spots I go to are not restaurants. It is not take a seat and receive full service with someone to wait on you. Most of the people they serve are on a walk through. Just like a drive through but on foot.

FYI, those spots aren’t phone booths for you to duck in to off a noisy street either. Just so you know, if I could of found the nattering fools spouse, I’d of told them what I heard for subjecting me to their yapping!

To show you without question just how much the coffee spots I go to are not restaurants, you can’t get horse radish mayo for the beef brisket sandwich or mustard for the damn pretzel. I am so not pleased! But, that displeasure is an argument for a different place!

There is the odd person that has no idea on how to conduct themselves in a line up. I don’t care if all you want is something simple and straight up. The elves don’t care what you want either. The elves and me and the other people in line care about getting served in turn. Wait your damn turn and shut the hell up. The elves don’t need the abuse of the entitled who figure their time is more important than any other person’s time!

I and others do not want to listen to your entitled whining. There are some who will tell you about it when you’re misbehaving. I’m one of those that will.

Some customers stay and make use of the establishment after getting whatever it was they wanted from the walk through. Most are good about putting their waste in the garbage cans but there are a few that leave their shit behind when they leave.

I’m not a frequent user of fast food establishments but it seems every time I’ve gone in to one some self centred slob has left their garbage behind on a table. This not only bugs the elves of that establishment, it bugs me too. I really resent having to clean some thoughtless and selfish slob’s garbage off a table to use it.

The elves at these establishments aren’t real thrilled about having to clean up the crap that should of been disposed of by the customer either. I’ve seen food scraps, newspapers, lipstick tubes, business cards, coffee cups that are half filled, soiled napkins, product packaging and not from the establishment I’m in to name some.

Clean up after yourself and if you can’t do that go eat at home and leave the shit wear ever you like so I and others don’t have to clean up after your lazy dumb ass.

Next time you encounter an agitated elf, consider just maybe the elf had to be off doing something they shouldn’t have needed to do. Off doing because some thoughtless dumb ass customer with an inflated sense of entitlement didn’t pick up after themselves!

The elves of the establishments are neither indentured servants or slaves. My time is more valuable to me than your time is to me. Kindly remember these facts and govern yourself accordingly.

Just one more thing, you were in the line. You passed the display case and saw the menu boards. Have your damn mind made up when you get to the front of the line. As a general rule of thumb, you got about 30 seconds to make up your damn mind if you haven’t done so already before people behind you start getting antsy when you get to the front of the line. This living a film scene repeatedly will somewhere, sometime, cause someone behind you to ream your dumb ass and you’ll deserve it!

Gary Hambley

Certified Professional Coach
Sometimes I’m a human being. Sometimes I’m a human doing.
I’m always humane unless you put me in a position where I have to be something else.


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