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Random Access Musing Oct 03/15

Random Access Musing Oct 03/15

Being Saturday it is the day I enjoy just taking off on any thought tangent I like. You’ve been told!

Diary? Sure why not. Just one though! Being a guy I’m more open to journal than diary. There was that whole incendiary thing and as we know you can’t have incendiary without diary but that’s a whole other story!

I been readin’ and writin’ and switherin’ and slappin’ and generally just being me. It is what I do and I do it so very well. Can you believe there are people who just put their head in their hands to hide their smirk over some of the things I say? I’m going to need to define a term for this behavioural positioning. Probably gonna have to make up a word for it too. Don’t worry about me I’ll manage. It isn’t like I haven’t made up viable words before.

Let’s just see how this resonates. I thought I’d made up a word but I hadn’t and I sent this up before I knew the word I’d made up I didn’t make it up but Urban Dictionary likes what I said so they published the word I thought I’d made up that I didn’t make up.

Speaking of words, found myself in line with my Doctor at coffee spot. We had spoken previously when I was in seeing him at his office and I pointed him at my blog. Doc told me he went and read me. Doc also said something to me about me and my stuff no one had ever said before and I love it. The word he used is, “prolific”. Yeah I love that a lot!

Today got off to a good start and not. Coffee spot’s Elf In Charge was late. Spot did not open on time and had to go to other spot. Had a chat with the elf who couldn’t get in to spot and perform elf duties. It has turned colder here so me and elf headed to alternative spot together.

We talked about how I speak of the staff as elves. Minions became part of the conversation and yes I like the different memes from time to time. Even found one I can relate to perfectly. Any how, elf asked me why elves and not minions. I told the elf it is because elves is majik folk. Elves is helpers for Santa. And it got cold here quick and I’m thinking the jolly ol’ elf might actually be on the way early.

Minions is word I know well and don’t often use because to my mind a minion is a subservient. My thesaurus and I just looked. one description for the word minion and it is, “a servile or fawning dependant”.

As an illustration I’ll use something I’ve observed at one of my coffee spots. Tall leggy creature with minions in tow visit coffee spot regularly. Her 3 and sometimes 4 male minions that look more like ladies in waiting but hey maybe it’s just me seeing it that way. Nah anyone paying attention sees it but me, well I’ll say so. The girls came in one day without the princess and looked kind of lost. I’m hoping the princess was out buying a new Little Black Dress, cuz the one she’s got looks good until you notice it’s got a pouch like a hoodie. Oh trust me when I tell you it is just NASTY!

To those people head down and smirkin’ I say thank you and you are welcome!

earth two things

I’m glad I fractured myself. The fracture would be the second blog I started up, SPASM. At the time of this writing the last 2 pieces I’ve posted, one for each blog. Both pieces could have gone on one or the other with a different style. WTF LinkedIn and Man O’ Man are the two pieces.

Believe it or not the desire I felt to take a strip off of each party was equal but for different reasons. My disdain was much greater in the more eloquent piece here on the transitionu side.

I went back on to LinkedIn and discovered that the comment I commented on disappeared. I don’t know the workings of the site well enough to say but it appears the individual who made the comment I railed against took their comment off after reading what I had to say. What I said in comment doesn’t show in my activities so I really do think I have the disappearing comment mystery correct.

The photograph of the person who made that comment was part of their profile and the skill set I have allows me to put looks of shock and horror on that face. What the individual said is gone and they got an awakening, That works for me. There were and are other comments that vilified the writer and the piece written. Those words are still there and that works for me too.

Had some exchanges with a good friend on the Dark Continent regarding the killing of Cecil Lion. Talking about what is going on with the Zimbabwe courts and hunter Theo Bronkhorst. Seems this big bad hunter wants the courts to dismiss the charges. Well no kidding huh. The courts will decide by October 15th, this year whether or not to dismiss. My good friend is of the opinion this Bronkhorst guy is a total asshole. I agree. Just so you know, Bronkhorst was arrested for allegedly smuggling rare animals in to South Africa. Yeah this guy is a real sweetheart.

People are sharing my table, young girl of 8 with grandma and conversation briefly goes to age of another kid. Grandma says what 4 years older and young girls say no, 3 ½ . Oh the age when 6 months makes a vast difference. You can have that age. Would I take 20 years younger? Maybe.

I’ll wrap this up with the kids. My friend in South Africa and their sibling know we gotta get the kids because the three of us had that conversation. Real time live the three of us had that conversation. It came out of the wondering why twenty years after the fall of Apartheid things hadn’t changed much.

Someone I know in Alabama knows it too that we gotta get the kids. There is someone I know in the Philippines that also knows we gotta get the kids. This aint new or news folks. Simple stuff that so many of us know. For the world to be a better place we gotta get the kids.

Why aren’t we getting the kids?

The 60’s are long gone but there are many of us who can pass on the feeling of the protest movement. We can share it and shape it with the kids and they can apply it to the problems of today for the betterment of the future.

G.R. Hambley ©
October 03, 2015


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