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Nella Notte Cieca – Lyric Poetry

Nella Notte Cieca

Believing with all her heart someday it’ll come true
Letting the living lie slide on out the way it came
Inside where she hides from herself and the pain
Nothing she hasn’t heard and won’t let be seen again
Deceiving no one but her own closed and lonely self

Never here, never there, feels like
there’s some shadows of old fear

Inside voice calling for any love to come home
Needing so bad to be held by willing arms
The music plays on and on, no one comes to dance
Holding her own hand pretending it’s really not
Every shuffling step lead by her lonely heart

Never here, never there, feels like
there’s no one nowhere near

Nothing’s right and nothing’s wrong the old sad song
In to the darkened bedroom turning half hearted twirls
Goes to turn down the covers of her double bed for one
Her hands linger in places longing to be woken with a touch
Tears no one will ever see start and won’t stop falling till dawn

Never here, never there, feels like
there won’t ever be anyone here

G.R. Hambley ©
October 02, 2015


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