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Encountering Sammy

Encountering Sammy

I was playing with a good friend. Both of us being devoutly warped, we had some good stuff going on. We bounce off of each other and it is so much fun!

Friend: Exploring xxxxxxxxxxx? That sounds like fun!

Me: I don’t know hon. I seriously grossed myself out about an hour ago. Ew!

Friend: Do I dare ask how you did that?

I told my friend the how and the why of how I’d upset myself. When I had related the tale and at the end wondered to my good friend if this should be a tale to take public.

Friend: I think it’s worth telling. The method with which you related it to me is certainly tasteful enough- it’s not vulgar yet leaves only what is necessary to the imagination.

Me: Thank you. I shall.


This is how my relating the story to my friend went.

I don’t mind telling you. I do mind how I say things any way. It matters more to me how what I relate goes across to you.

 I will tell you. I care to be as urbane as possible because this “EW” is real and it is you I am relating this to and in the moment I can’t get past “EW EW”!

I had to stop for a minute there and said so to my friend.

There is an individual, a woman of the street. Her attire is revealing, extremely so, always. The woman also has delusional issues. Tattooed she is. Not that I mind tattoos as you know. She has stocking seams tattooed up her legs that run in to giant bow things just below always exposed cheeks.

Someone who shall remain me gave this woman a nickname.

Someone who shall also be me had about 30 second interaction with this woman when he was coming out of a store one early evening.

It seems this woman never sleeps except on odd occasion when prone on a sidewalk. I’ve seen it a few times and once was far more than enough.

Now there were others who wondered about this woman and have said so after seeing her and her 4″ wide skirts and 3: wide tops and her always over exposed bits.

Anyone who saw wondered, they couldn’t tell if the person was male or female. We don’t need to be getting in to the speculative conversations here.

I nicknamed this individual, “Sammy The Tranny”. The nickname got around among people I know and has stuck. I’ve heard others I don’t know refer to the individual by that nickname. I’m not real pleased with myself for that one.

That individual was at a coffee spot this morning when I walked in. She was perched on one of the bar height chairs. She was not perched daintily. She was creating a disturbance of true diva proportions. She was asked repeatedly to leave by the elf in charge and continued her entitlement performance. Elf had to call the police. The woman was not only told the police were called but that it was being done. She completed her performance, picked up her shoes and left.

I was waiting to get coffee and related to elf in charge the interaction I’d had with this woman on a previous occasion. Elf in charge had the same reaction outwardly that I’d had in my encounter with this woman and contained.

I told my friend that I started thinking about ways to spin a street theatre as story or maybe poetry. I said to her, “You know how I look to piece things together and as the wheels spun I hit sonnet on the 14 letters of “SAMMYTHETRANNY”. Soon as I thought it my brain went EW EW NO!

My interaction with this woman was this. When I came out of the store she asked me what I was up to and I immediately went in to leave me alone smart ass mode and said, “about 6 feet”. She responded, “I want my kids to be about 6 feet”. Inside myself I had a major “EW” and kept on going.

The Unfortunate that had the turkey leg episode and Space Ship Dude who I see a couple times a week. SSD, he always smiles and asks how I am. He is genuine and wants to know that you’re good. He appreciates when you ask him how he is. I am good with those people and I don’t mean in a not just tolerate them manner.

Others, tolerant of not so much and yet they all have disconnects too.

Yes I know Space Ship Dude’s name and use it every time I talk to him. I do not know the Unfortunate’s name and I am uncertain whether or not to ask him. This woman, I will not be asking her name.

I think for me, not even think, I know for me it comes down to consideration. There are those with disconnects that are considerate of others and I’m good with them.

You can argue this is the core of the city.

I’ll argue back, it’s the heart of the city too.

Happy Thanksgiving

G.R. Hambley ©
October 12, 2015

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