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Overdosed Scroll

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Ghosts appearing in times of change
recollections in mindful reflections
Awakened, they stroll callously the recesses
casting shadow where none had been
Shades of thee, unfortunate, yet too fortunate
directions of one’s own weather vane
Past practices in pain and pleasure revived
where conscience points the arrow marks

Taking liberty with the parcels of parchments strung
ties loosened, memories spinning cyclonic
Askance; were such only daggers with power to quell
that that was, materializations with point
Long ago’s veil lifted, the times speak as if only yesterday
the blood sweat and tears in the story of a life
Keening winds carrying the pitch from low to high
impossible to not be swept up in remembrance

Reel upon reeling reel loading furiously in to conscious
vast pools of sounds and sights, overwhelming
Entrapment takes relentless hold beyond rapture’s kiss
stuck in yesterday, concerns of today passed away
Slick go round on the nostalgia trip winding down
feeling nothing but tangled up and blue
Totally undone, touches of sublime peace in abandonment
left to be until such time the spring once again winds

G.R. Hambley ©
November 09, 2015

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