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Baby Be Mine


This piece shows more than others of it’s kind do. More on that after the piece.


Baby Be Mine

She’s colder than northern winds
She’s hotter than original sins
Gonna be there and bide my time
Do right and make that girl mine

Dropping her bags she perfectly sits
Staring out in silence she sips
Mere boys making their attempts
Sent on their way with contempt

Something wanting in her sighs
There’s a need she can’t disguise
Baby I can see how you want it to go
What it’ll take to make that smile show

Baby I see how you make others go
I see what you don’t want to show
Baby I’m gonna be there and bide my time
I’ll do it right and make you mine

Baby can’t you feel, baby can’t you feel, can’t you fe~~~el;
feel me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~e
Baby let it be, baby let it be, let it be~~~e;
be me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~e

Breathed in scent romances a tune
Rose petal pictures swimming through
Head sees her roses turning to words
Song written by heart for love birds

Never really looking much her way
Glancing over this way on the sly
Knowing how to get her eyes
Mystery growing with soft smiles

A beckoning nod for me
The words coming so easily
Telling her there’ll be no regrets
We both felt it, destined to have met

Baby I saw how you made others go
I saw what you don’t want to show
Baby I was there and bided my time
I did it right to make you mine

Baby can’t you feel, baby can’t you feel, can’t you fe~~~el
feel me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~e
Baby you know it’s only, baby you know it’s only, you know it’s only~~~y
only me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~e

G.R. Hambley ©
January 10, 2016

I probably look a little strange to people when I’m writing. When I write for lyric I hear melodies and chord changes. Progressions of rises and falls. There is a large amount of guitar and piano in my head. It comes out through my hands. When looking and thinking about the next line or reading and titching, my hands and head never stop moving.

No I don’t write music but I have enough knowledge, experience, passion, love and ability to hear it in my head as I feel my way through.

I hear voice as I write the lines. When I go back through to edit is when the voice sings for me.

Nah, no probably about it, I do look strange to the people who see me while I write. No they don’t get to see what is written as I write. Yes I have a sounding board as I have noted before. My sounding board and our chatter, that is the reason this one comes to light as it does.

The chorus is where you can get a good look at how it sounds in my head as I write.

This baby is pure 70’s rock. Not metal. Not pop. Not glam rock. Big hair and some serious guitar in the instrumental breaks, some wailing in the chorus, you bet!

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