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Princess Down

Harper Lee passed yesterday at 89. Her book, “To Kill A Mockingbird” and the film it became have special meaning. The film is on my 5 films to take that mythical island and always will be.

Puttering around a few days ago a click bait got me. What novel defines your life. Yes the return sent me tripping.

Novel That Describes Your Life

The passing in this piece took place some time ago. Time to let it join the rest of that stories history.

The prosecution finally rests.

Princess Down
an antithesis

That one could be so utterly fooled by a love
Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but
Every shake of this head turns disbelief to a deeper anger
Screeching hatred in the bubbling of a volcanic mind

In reflection, being so badly fooled shouldn’t be a surprise
No way to know what went around was never to come around
Kiss of parting with a “soon my love, soon” to soon kissed off
In those parting moments a feeling of great loss was spoken

Night turns to day, the miles grow more and more distant
Go quickly, safely, I’ll make you come back faster was said
Out of sight, the actual truth, really REALLY out of mind
Flippant it must have been that on return a half ring be shared

Oh the lie, oh that smiling lie, “we got this”
How holding tight a manifestation helped love and hope live
Even taking to pen to bleed back home the unknown lie
Learning a crushing truth, it had been always, lie upon lie upon denial

All the minutes and hours and day following day of red hatred, blue tears
Scorn, a good word, just far to little to convey the whole feeling
The cold dark realization this woman is not, was not, a masterpiece
Honest truth is that this woman slithers lower than the serpent of Eden

Early signs show of resurrection, the return to life of one so broken
New wings sprout, majestically unfurl, soaring, seeking, refilling this heart
The last line of the heartfelt, heart wrenched, heart strong from one who just loved
For every day left, it is wished upon you, that day be dark, its night malevolent

G.R. Hambley

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