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Equal Perspective Please

Equal Perspective Please

Equal Perspective Li

I wasn’t sure on which of my two spots to bring something like this out on. I brought it here because this is about equality and behaviour. Equality in behaviour might be a more apt way to phrase. I haven’t seen much in the way of equality from women and that troubles me greatly because women say that is what they really want, equality. Maybe that position by women is just for show.

Toronto Star, March 26, 2016 – Trial Proves One Thing

It would be beneficial to read the story from “The Star” before continuing on with my piece. The greatest part of what I wrote is in response to the Star story by Catherine Porter.

The events of this trial as it took place spurred highly emotional responses. Not always a bad thing but on this topic and the way it went, checking the tude, and the gender bias would have been a damn good thing for many to do!

You can read two others stories I’ve placed links to at the end.

The bottom line and I’ll give it to you now is this; What took place on the stand led directly to the result.

And I said in response to the story:

Someone has to take the hard line opposite side so I’ll do it. That would be equal treatment.

A real nice one way slant in the Star’s story. Yes, lip service to the male perspective. This piece is written by what can only be a man hating Feminist.

Tell me, how is someone a creep when they’ve admitted prior they like rough? Might not be to the taste of the majority but that doesn’t make someone who practices such a creep. Ever hear of, “Erotic Asphyxia”? While you’re at it have a look at, “Autoerotic Asphyxiation”, maybe try it out!

Tell me, are women (or men) incapable of asking what exactly someone means by rough or only capable of unintelligible cooing?

Tell me, what kind of woman seeks out a man who’s admitted to his tastes, encounters those tastes, reportedly didn’t like it and then goes back? There is no “Stockholm Syndrome” here. No one was held captive.

What I see in this is that every one of those women wanted to land the guy for their own interests after the incident. Men have a few words for women like them but let’s just go with, “Gold Digger”.

Tell me, who doesn’t know that the defence is going to do its job in court? Maybe a woman running on the “boo hoo I can say anything I want and I’m entitled to different treatment” plan?

Tell me, how are these women not responsible for their own slaughter in the court?

Tell me, why shouldn’t the colluding, conniving lying DeCoutere apologize for the damage done? With DeCoutere we know what she did from evidence. What she and the others did made it easy for the defendant not to take the stand. I haven’t seen any women condemning that action.

Tell me, should these women be prosecuted for colluding and contriving to send someone to jail?

Far from perfect is one thing. Colluding, conniving and lying are something entirely different! I’m not seeing a whole hell of a lot of condemnation by women for what those women did. Well then it must be okay by those women who don’t condemn the action for women to conduct themselves in such a manner.

Don’t recall perfectly the traumatic event? I’ve had a few in my life and let me tell you, like most people, I remember that painful more than a good number of pleasurable!

As for the civil route, we’ve seen it in an instance of extreme assault, O.J. Simpson. Most think a whole lot of truth didn’t come out in that endeavour.

Tell me, how is it anyone would be happy for a battle after the war had been lost? Maybe because of some Feminist belief they should just be given everything they want because a man was involved?

Tell me, is it any wonder there is a nasty connotation tied to, “Feminist” that both men and some women just abhor? Look it up.

Tell me, who are the creeps? The women for what they did, or the man who we didn’t have to hear from because of their creepy actions?

Try being an equalist, it works best, especially so in a court of law.

G.R. Hambley March 26, 2015
All rights reserved

The photograph you see was a gift to me for me to use as I see fit from a very good friend, a woman in South Africa. My friend took the shot at Robben Island. The photograph is Madiba’s cell. My piece is about injustice and equality so you’re damn right this photograph fits!

A couple other stories for your reading displeasure, I hope.

Toronto Sun verdict: Poll

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2 responses to “Equal Perspective Please

  1. Roxanne Calver March 26, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    Gary, I agree with you 100% on all points and have said so in many posts on Facebook, which I am sure will not be popular with some friends and family. I am a woman and have raised 2 sons and I can tell you, as will anybody with sons in their age range, that there are some scary chicks out there. I have gone so far as to say that it is not safe for men to be alone with these women in the workplace or any where else. Unfortunate that men will never know if they are in danger of the same type of accusation. Hopefully if they decide to destroy another mans life, the police will do their homework and see what their prior activities have included. It terrifies me to think that if it was my son, and I certainly could not afford the top lawyer in the land, my son would now be in prison being gang raped. I think I would consider myself as a feminist but perhaps I should look the definition up in the dictionary because I certainly do not identify with the raving lunatics outside the court after the verdict was handed down. I am a survivor of many things, have helped a good friend escape a very bad situation and have a sister who survived a horrendous marriage and divorce. I certainly do know what a victim looks like and the women in this case I refer to as accusers, I simply cannot refer to them as victims.

    Liked by 1 person

    • G. R. Hambley March 27, 2016 at 9:12 am

      Thank you Roxanne

      What a wonderful well thought out and heartfelt (emotionally present) response!

      I’m a champion of emotional presence and an enemy to the death of the emotionally controlling.

      The “Feminist” definition in a standard dictionary isn’t enough. I believe it is important to be attuned to the use of words and the societal connotations they can have. I’ve had people denigrate Urban Dictionary. I find those people to be shallow and narrow minded. Well maybe I’m biased because I have a few things on that site of my own.

      There is belief that Feminism is completely as the “Feminist” description says.

      Have a peek at the number of people that have given the definition of a “FemiNazi” the thumbs down. Makes me wonder just what kind of disgusting piece of flesh you are that you cannot support equality. It would be a safe bet that the majority that don’t like the definition provided are exactly what the definition describes and because they are, too arrogant to see it.

      I am an “Equalist”, always have been and always will be. I’m an excellence and merit promoter and decry parity and gender neutral advancement.

      I’m a man and I like and enjoy the company of women. For the longest time I described myself as a “sentient feeling creature and only male in one place”. It was pointed out to me that I’m actually male in two places and when I thought about it, the woman that said that is exactly right!


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