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PC Language, Women Are To Blame!

PC Language, Women Are To Blame!

This began as something I was going to offer a quick comment on. The more I thought about our current communication standards the longer I went.

My narratives are mostly story telling with lessons. The language flows in the form of me just telling the reader a story as if I was telling the tale verbally. I do not concern myself with being politically correct.

So many people, women and men alike are just sick of the politically correct hyperbole. You can count me among those that are not only sick of it but just not doing it anymore. I didn’t worry about the political correctness much in my own discourse any way. I don’t need to.

The language has reached new heights of emotionless. I’m feeling it and quite frankly it pisses me off. Gone too far and because of it people including myself feel pent up and frustrated. They think and feel they cannot express freely because it doesn’t fit the acceptable PC method of communication.

We in Canada have Mr. Feminist in the PM’s chair saying everybody should be a feminist. Just wonderful that is everybody thinking feeling and talking one way. Excuse me while I have as George Carlin put it, “an involuntary protein spill”.

Hell no! Everybody should not be a Feminist! No one should be a Feminist and everybody should be an EQUALIST!

Feminist can have an offensive connotation. Some, male and female alike will see it as marginalizing men and promoting women over men based on gender regardless of merit. This word will drive the Equalists who believe completely in merit appointment batshit crazy and is a sure way to start an argument with the Uber Feminist. There goes your touchy feely don’t ever even give the hint of offense to those looking to be offended language right down the crapper!

I don’t see much PC consideration in the use of that word so it becomes a one way word that isn’t fair to either sex.

The Prime Minister defined himself as a Feminist so don’t be getting all over me for opting to use the term!

I as an “Equalist”, contributed to a storm this Feminist created and you can read what I said about Mr Feminist’s PC “gender neutral cabinet” should you be so inclined.

Women are the reason for this soft indirect language. This language that teaches people to shut off emotion, avoid any contradiction or confrontation while teaching everyone how to be offended.

I started out my adult life in a trade. At the time it was all men in the Union Local I was in. The only woman I ever countered in a trade was an iron worker. She was job foreman too. She had her apprentice who is her brother on the job. The poor bastard. Oh I’m sorry, for the PC folks who are no doubt offended, a bastard is a type of file. Yeah, she’d file him good at times.

The language of the trade was created by the people in that industry. No right or wrong.

This paper was written 10 years ago. See page 4; point 3. “Estimates of the mental health workforce”.

The mental health professions: Workforce supply and demand, issues, and challenges

I had a quick look for more recent data and not finding what I was looking for fast enough, I’ll use my own observations. Nothing stopping you from going and looking for yourself. I wish you would.

I am an accredited Life Coach. My contacts include, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, other coaches and those in related health and wellness fields. I look at the fields and the number of women in the industry noticeably outweighs the males when contacts are suggested to me.

Most of my contacts are women. There are a couple women I have chatter back and forth with from time to time. In our communication they have no issue that I’m freer and male speak. We have had some talk on how men and women use different words to describe the same feeling. Yes this would be exploring our feelings and doesn’t come in to the PC Domain.

Much of the language in the industry is driven by women. I’m part of it and I get it. This is especially so with the nature of the industry, you have to be softer and more tactful. It is the nature of the beast and again, no right or wrong.

The biggest culprit for the indirect soft language is H.R., Human Resources. That is a field that is dominated by women. Simple stuff, those in majority in any industry are going to produce the language.

Male dominated or female dominated, how those dominants think is how the descriptive language and the components of the field are going shape and be communicated. No right or wrong.

I’ll offer this up as further evidence of the statement I made that women drive the soft PC language. A piece written in 2012 entitled, “Why Human Resources Isn’t Just For Women Any More”.

I read an item posted on LinkedIn and it led me to writing a response piece using my argument responses, to “Gottman’s Repair Checklist” responses regarding arguing in relationship. When I read the Gottman, it screams written by a woman at me.

Women being the majority in those fields created the language. Again, no wrong and no right. The one’s doing it are going to make the dialect, simple stuff.

The language that those females created made it’s nefarious way in to every day usage and became the standard for interpersonal communication. I understand how that language in personal doings can make people ill at ease.

If the number of people that say they’ve had it with the PC is so large why do we keep using that language? I think that language is used out of fear. We fear when we talk and that upsets us.

Now we are hitting the right and the wrong. If something makes you feel wrong then there is something bad going on. When those bad feelings occur you must explore them and discover why. Might be a damn good idea to stop doing what’s making you feel wrong.

People I’ve worked with appreciate that I’m earthier without being profane. Men and women alike appreciate how I convey. If you want a different description, I talk straight. If you don’t understand, “talk straight”, you have reading to do.

Men and women, while the same species are very different animals. There is no right or wrong in this. We see differently, we think differently and we express differently. We do this because we are different. That is how we are supposed to be or we’d all be the same with a very different means of procreation.

I am an “Equalist” and always have been. I’ve always liked the girls too. What that means is I enjoy the company of women and what they bring as women. I like that we’re different and we can express a mutual feeling with different words. I hope we never all “become one way” with expression.

One of those women I have chatter with, talk to, and yes we talk. I haven’t asked her if she considers what we do, “sharing” and if I did I don’t think she would use that word to describe what we do together. I think and believe this because she has told me she enjoys how I express myself. I like what she says too. Neither of us encumbered by the PC Language.

We both saw something we liked and felt the same about that thing. Her key word was, “Resonate”. My key word was, “Impact”. The feminine and the masculine, together and equal.

Together and equal. Men and women together without having to give up what we are to accommodate a language none of us like.

Together equally, men and women can make this despised correctness and fear that goes with it end. I am so good with that!

FYI …. My “E” IQ is 10 points higher than my “G” or “S” IQ 100 times out of 100.

G.R. Hambley ©
March 29, 2015

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