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Red Rose Among The Trees – Lyric

Red Rose Among The Trees


Know this being all alone to well
Staying late, never going home
Seeing others close, sticks and stones
Hands in hands, hands in my pockets
Talking together, talking to myself

There’s no one thing you can name
Too much then, not enough now
Walking their walks, walking the block
Smiling like brides, got nowhere to hide
Those special matters, just one in tatters

Where no good stuff gro…ows
Where the sun never sho…ows
Black rose among the weeds

Lost with no way to get the heart found
This old world’s timeless tiring mind games
They’re dreaming, me some soul cleaning
Dazed and amused, never been so confused
Smiles for the moment, tears for the cement

Wishin’ and a hopin’  not gonna heal the cut
Find a way to make amends with this mess
One for each of you, it’s not impossible to do
Breathy love tones, moving out of this zone
Only one and no more, what I’m looking for

Where some good stuff gro…ows
Where the sun partly sho…ows
Yellow rose among the leaves

And here come more of the believing ones
New meaning kisses in the sultry night
Whispering of names, sounds all the same
Some on their own, not feeling so all alone
One a haunted look, reading that same book

Summer’s breath carrying a well remembered scent
Her heels tapping out a long forgotten song
Looks up from a frown, caught not looking around
Smile plays across her lips, stuck with hands on hips
Once we almost danced, Well now we’ve that chance

Where only good stuff gro…ows
Where the sun always sho…ows
Red rose among the trees
the one red rose among the trees

G.R. Hambley ©
April 12, 2016-04-12

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