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Beach Bound – Lyric Poetry

Beach Bound


Been working an all night day
Now there’s time for a little fun
Sun’s making its morning run
Blinding in my rear view all the way

Don’t care what’s been left behind
Wheeling this old chevy 57 top down
Wind’s blowing my hair all around
Heading for where the girls are fine

Rolling again along this same old road
Hoping again to find someone of my own to hold

Got the sounds blasting on the radio
Station’s hitting all my favourite tunes
Smiling thinking what’ll be on those dunes
Just another hours cruising to the show

Drifting along the passing white lines
Summer heat raising up road shimmers
Beach girl thoughts giving me shivers
Gotta get some of those flashing smiles

Still rolling along this same old road
Still hoping to find someone of my own to hold

Sound’s get that pedal dropping down
Baby Blue rolling like she’s gonna fly
Her lullaby rocking me through the ride
Getting closer to that sea side town

Slow curves ahead says the yellow sign
Mind thinking that warning is wrong
Parked her right by a beauty with a song
Hopped out and she stops me with a line

Won’t stop driving that same old road
Won’t stop hoping until I’ve one of my own to hold

G.R. Hambley ©
June 03, 2016

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