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Starring in to the shadow of yourself, ’tis somewhat like starring in to the abyss.



Got changes on the mind
Not making them blind
Need a plan that’s been defined

Figured out some things
Left others behind to die
If we’re telling the truth
Knew them both long ago

Rainbows over waterfalls
Heartaches under sunbeams
Smiles pasted on never wear off
Lookin’ for space in between

Somehow someway says the reason
Key inside of me keeps turning
Wound tighter than I’d ever been
Visions aren’t hallucinations

Got changes on the mind
Not making them blind
Now a plan that’s been refined

Theory worked real well
Putting it in to practice
Read all the detour signs
Even heeded the damn things

There aint no battle cry
I’m all out of quiet desperation
Door got closed on the what it is
Wide open to a siren dream

Still a pile of things to do
Goodbyes ‘ill maybe get sent
There’ll be a few to see
Done it all and now I’m free

Those changes on the mind
Didn’t make them blind
Got a plan that’s perfectly mine

G.R. Hambley ©
June 27, 2018


2 responses to “Changes

  1. Bill Shorten June 29, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    Good to see that you are still sharing your thoughts with the world. You are a man who has excepted the fact that you are the combination of both your right and left brain, both chaos and order. Never stop writing.

    Some people you might find compelling:
    Jordan Peterson, U of T Prof.
    QualiaSoup & TheraminTrees (YouTube brothers)

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