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Cattitude Christmas 2015

Cattitude Christmas 2015

Featuring Sammy

I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Just so y’all know I am nonreligious and love the spirituality of the season.

From me Gary to all of you, all the best!

Cattitude Christmas 2015

G.R. Hambley all rights reserved


Chronological Order 1 – 330

All Postings From First Posted To Last Posted

My thanks to a good friend for enlightening me on how categories and tags function.

August 26, 2014 beginning date – posts 1 – 330
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1. Two Gifts
Packages, whether tied with satin ribbon or butchers twine

2. Jacked In
I don’t need to be on all the time

3. Recurrence
Awake, alert, alone, the bell tolls twelve

4. The Rules of Life Annotated
As decreed by G.R. Hambley

5. Vision Quest
Lessons learned, holding up, giving back, moving the knowledge onward

6. Mesmerized
Across the pond, from where there got to here

7. That “ME” Day In Boston, January 11, 2000
The plan for the day was to hoof it around in Boston for a bit then Red Line it up to Cambridge and among other things up there, hit Harvard and visit “The Coop”.

8. Coaching a Definition
The stated definition is more clinical than I would use to explain the discipline of Coaching.

9. Our Journeys Path and Journeys End
The story of a dog and his man.

10. The Guardian and The Passing
only to the ones coming naked and pure is it allowed by this way to pass
“The Guardian” is the art and “The Passing” is the poetry.


11. Me And Donne
John Donne, other than myself my most favourite poet ever.

12. The Joining
If you can be true to not only me but to you as well

13. Awoken Heart
Beyond a world that was waits a new beginning

14 .To My Mind
Picking it up, taking it to hand, comfortable feelings

15. Thoughtless Is Good
I had popped out to the local variety store and without even thinking about it got orange juice for who at the time was the other half.

16. The Three R’s
an awakening in three acts
based on a true story

17. New Age
It happens faster than the proverbial speeding bullet

18. Sunken
Once upon a time, not me

19. Stages
Life’s journey, begun with wonder and excitement

20. My Tag Line
Gary Hambley – Certified Professional Coach


21. Beginning
On a night much like today

22. Dodo
Chirp chirp chirp peep peep peep
An unwanted uninvited angering assault on the senses

23. How I Know
I was having a conversation the other day with an individual, and me being one of those things that has a different kind of mind a suggestion was offered.

24. One For One
As one voice rises, another voice falls

25. Veracity
An Angel of the Arch Variety

26. Reflecting
Photography – Swan

27. Oasis
Digital Art

28. Temet Nosce
Know Thyself

29. Attitude
Inspirational Animals Photography

30. Solitary
Inspirational Animals Photography


31. Dominance
Inspirational Animals Photography

32. Star Altar
Digital Art

33. Because You Asked
A blank book. Correction, a new blank book.
A promise made. Not in so many words.

34. Help Finding A Poem
A Bear Story

35. My First
I’m a child of the back end of the 60’s. When I started getting conscious. When I started to really get the world was bigger than my back yard.

36. Another First … Limerick (with photograph)
My very first one … poetry and some prose are my norms

37. A Slice Of Life Of A Life Coach
I’ve been a human busily doing. Reading, researching, pondering, noting, accepting, rejecting, compiling, reading the compilation and repeating.

38. He Said, She Said #1
He said: talked to another woman this morning … walking along I looked up and

39. Ta Ta For Now or Ta Ta For Ever
You ever read “The Dip” … good book … I quit something today … had to be done

40. Sometimes You Just Gotta Shake Your Head
It’s just past 9:00 am my time. It has already been a day and then some!


41. Getting To Know You
He sees she in the same moment she sees he

42. Corridor’s End
Perfectly frozen, staring intently in to the icy eyes of one’s own reflection

43. Contemfutzing – Disturbing The Space
Does trying to find that one word you want in the myriad of words you know aggravate you no end?

44. Surprise
Many tried to grab the eye with their own way of sway
An ankle turned, an eye batted, the hair flip with a giggle

45. No Hate By The Numbers
September 29 today, I’ve had this thing in drafts adding a titch and touch for some days.

46. He Said, She Said, #2
HE SAID: i r 2 an old soul

47. Depreciated
After all was said, all was done, all was put shamefully to dead

48. Chaos and order in an Atomic Maelstrom
I’ve said for a very long time, “I’m a master of nonsense,

49. He Said, She Said #3
She Said:   What didn’t u break
HE SAID:   ahhhhhhhhh a psyche or 3

50. Because We Are
In the utterance of a known line played upon


51. The Protectors Way
how to properly escort a lady through a door

52. Knee Jerk Reactions
We all have those moments where we have an immediate reaction to a statement or action made by another.

53. Maxed
Yet again the perspective alters, persistence of singular vision fractured

54. Well Okay Then
Somewhere between the earth and who knows what stars

55. Stirring
Dripping juice of the peach

56. Cruising
(poetry and digital art)
Basking under rainbows, sublime golden delicious glow

57. Remembering November 11th
November 11, 2014, Remembrance Day here in Canada.

58. Chasing Safe
Open on up the door, another one comes struttin’ in

59. They’re All About Crazy Me!
Out of conversation with a very special individual, I’ve made a small list of songs that “are me”.

60. Enveloped
Intimated looks shared across the over populated room


61. This, That and another flippin’ thing or six!
Lots on this thing I call a mind and them hamsters is burning up the wheel.

62. God Calling
I was outside my favourite coffee place and felt this tug to look up to the heavens.

63. Changing
Stunned, disillusioned, moribund, has this mind’s switch finally flipped to mad?

64. And I said! or coping skills while writting
I was puttering around and I was asked Whatcha Doin?

65. One Of My Comments
I was reading a post on Creativity in the Digital Age.

66. Relationship Thoughts No. 1 of who knows!
Serious human relationship stuff here. The relationship failed. Failure is failure and those involved in that failure are culpable.

67. The First Lennon This Morning
December 8 is always a tough day for me. I’m hearing the first of what will be many of this man’s songs today.

68. Pilgrimage
(photographic adventure)
A cruel trick perpetrated by an unkind God

69. Cotton Candy Rose
(photography/digital art)

70. Tis A Season & Joyeux Noel Non
(poetry at end)
The Christmas Season is filled with a wonderment of feelings.


71. December 21st, the 2nd best day of the year!
Here in the northern hemisphere it is the winter solstice. For me the second best day of the year

72. EVIDENCE – Illuminating Sister Madly
It is well documented that a certain Sister Madly aka Wanton Moppet has had bad experiences with lights of the street.

73. Cattitude #1
Featuring Dennis

74. Cattitude #2
Featuring Louie

75. Cattitude #3
Featuring Maggie aka “Magpie”

76. Catalyst and Catharsis
Crashing fearlessly through waves of rampant emotion

77. Turn the calendar page
Well for those of us that put down in words how wonderful or not life is in this world, we’re always turning pages.

78. Quoth Me #1
Humour is subjective, indicative and vindictive of the times.

79. World Apart
Yesterday’s fussings gently tucked away

80. Take Your Vinyl To Work Day
The radio station I listen to said it is, “Take Your Vinyl To Work Day”


81. Full Blown Snark On
or maybe just a strong rebuttal

82. Full Blown Snark on – ADDENDUM
Cyber Discrimination
Why is what this individual stated in his whom not to hire statement still a chip on my shoulder?

83. Show me a WELFIE!
Or … Starting a new craze

84. Chiming In
I had it on good authority. My bells were stolen.

85. On With The Show
Ask just once and you receive

86. Diatribolical or My Head It’s Been A Day!
It has been a day. As yet I’m not certain what kind of day.

87. Asleep In The Jungle
Excluding the Mask and the foliage there a 6 other elements in the piece.

88. Quoth Me #2
Art is about what others tell you they see so you can pin point just to what level of dysfunctional they’re running at.

89. Fixation d’un Bell de notre Marie
A statement had been made. In return a challenge was laid down.
You can see the challenge of the “BELLS” by clicking the link that is the title in translation.

90. Theatre Left
Reruns playing eerily in a memory flicka show


91. Quoth Me #3
We who love the word, we don’t get to decide what our power lines or impact moments are.

92. Among the Maddening Crowd
Animal Inspirations Photography
When all appear the same

93. It’s A Cultural Thing
Had some chatter going back and forth with a player in Barrie, Ontario. This is how it went.

94. Do You
Let it all go, believing there’s good hold on the reins of control

95. I’ll Believe
(Animal Inspirations Photography)
I’ll believe you … Thousands Wouldn’t … But I will

96. Ms Moppet
Little Ms Moppet was hard at her blogit

A little background. The genre is “Acrostic” and there is some information on the genre with links at the end.

98. The World Turned Over
The world turned over today. It happens every year, twice. I’ve been waiting for this one. I can see it, I can sense it and I can feel it.

99. Not Having A Good Day!
Most things are just pissing me off to almost no end today. Sit down with my coffee and my cookie and drop the damn cookie

100. FrickUary 2015
FrickUary is done. Well it is the last day so close enough.


101. Niagara Falls In Winter
The majesty of Niagara Falls can speak for itself

102. Real Time
Insistent footsteps, tiptoeing on gentle imagination

103. Make That 26 Years and Life To Go
I’ve shown some of what goes on with this animal human. Today is an anniversary date and not a good one.

104. From Inside Out
Wounds, welts, buried in furthest recesses, closed to prying eyes

105. Yeah it’s a day, mmmmmmmmm good!
Clocks went ahead last night. I got up at the same time but different.

106. Our World
There are those that think Aus is the top of the world.

107. Never Enough
As it was always told, shown, deeply learned, what would always be

108. Grumbling with evil looks of intent!
Usually my rants are thoughtful and constructive. Not today!

109. Hush
Take it away, if even for only a minute, an hour, take it away

110. Incendiary
I have been known to pee in the soup


111. Cattitude #4Cattitude #4Cattitude #4
featuring Scarlett Suzanne Sugarbaker O’Hara

112. Masterpiece
Many molds were made

113. From one artist to another
Artists talk and share and bounce off of each other. Artists give back. Artists support one another.

114. Cattittude #5
Featuring Dennis

115. Rolling Over
Qualifying the day a day every day

116. Practicalities
Sense processes differently in this place

117. In Perpetuity
Strangely ominous hush, bordering on the edge of hypnotic

118. Contributing
I wanted this to be my first piece for the magazine as it shows the work Coaches do.

119. Feathered Friend
Until a certain point in life ~ We want someone to complete us

120. Rudy’s Gang With Musing
This piece ties to a few others of mine. I wrote it after some observations.


121. One of my comments – 001
A response to National Poetry Writing Month

122. Closing Time
Another time, another place,
you’d become not just another face

123. Cattitude #6
Cattitude #6 – Featuring Linus

124. Quoth Me #4
Some in science are saying the universe is doughnut shaped

125. Quoth Me #5
Maximum realization cannot be achieved when…

126. Predator or Prey?
Cattitude of a different kind

127. Introducing “The Little Bear” with 2nd and a long way down
Time to semi formally introduce, “The Little Bear”. You can call him CTB or CT if you like.

128. Engaged
There are times when you just have to be fully engaged.

129. Triple “D” Part 1
Part 1 of 3 in a behavioral series

130. Making My Way
Walking round and round that house of tells


131. Quoth Me # 6
Life’s Chapters

132. Triple “D” Part 2
Part 2 of 3 in a behavioral series

133. Demise of a Promise
In love, isolated, afar from the one

134. Quoth Me #7 – Bored?
Bored? I’m never bored.

135. Roses and Sunshine
With all the other things I’ve had going on

136. Fate & Majik
A letter from a Lord to his Lady

137. Alien Shores
It was a strange day indeed along the water front

138. Bella Memoria
Beautiful Memory
Sun’s great light hidden behind the sombre grey

139. Your Survival
This is also a life lesson from a Life Coach

140. Masturbation … And In Public Too
Yesterday as I was scrolling down on FB there was an article posted by IFLScience


141. Unto Thy Self? STOP IT!
I encountered an individual the other night that I’ve done some work with

142. The Ending
Against all better judgment the heart allowed to rule

143. Teddy Bear Quotations
Start with a couple of my own.
The only ones I have expectations of are myself and my Teddy Bear.

144. Surfing Lake Ontario In February

145. God Has Parents!
I was having a conversation with an individual and somehow a twist in the conversation

146. Delight
Poetry and Art – One of my best and favourites

147. For Lucky
Too many that beguile with wink and sparkle

148. Stolen
All I want is the beauty that is mine, that is me

149. Worlds Old and New
The art piece is a very special one. Been around a long time.

150. Not On My Box!
Public Service Announcement


151. Walking The Talking
In my travels I heard a quote used, attributed to St Francis of Assisi

152. Ethereal – sonnet with art
Storm clouds gathering slowly, steadily, hot summer night

153. Mr Sideshow
Way down anywhere isn’t much different than way up anywhere

154. Someday I Will
When I have a Moonbow that is mine, this is how it will be.

155. Random Angel Musings #1
I went out and had a run through some of the online tests. I made some interesting discoveries and I thought I’d share them.

156. Contemn – sonnet with art
Old familiar music comes muffled through apartment door
New smile takes shape upon vermilion tinted lips

157. Triple “D” Part 3
Part 3 of 3 in a behavioural series

158. Cur
Prance and dance, make pretend romance

159. From The Stars
Long before there was sin
Way out where the souls begin

160. C’s and D’s in Coaching
I am a Certified Professional Coach. I see those behaviours in people often.

161. Beyond
This one is for someone who at times, unbeknownst to herself has said or held something up that I’ve fed on.

162. Decide
Inspirational Moment


163. Currents
Looking away from siren eyes impossible

164. ew GPS “N” Technology Announced
GPS “N” Canada LLC announced today that their new device has been thoroughly tested.

165. One Night
This piece requires a description in to the mindset of me your presenter and an existing double standard.

166. Singular
Seems I’ve always been here

167. Sanity
I’ve put up some off the wall stuff. Yes there is method behind my madness.

168. Polarized – poetry with art
Winter worked majik, resplendent greeting on awakening
Invitation to paint the scene written on warm breath wisps

169. Somewhere – a sonnet
Sometimes, every once and a while
Only every now and then it shows

170. Quoth Me #8 – Spirituality
Religion is eschewed for the good found in others


171. Stained Glass & Jade
Digital Art

172. Five and Only Five
I haven’t been feeling my usual unusual self for a couple weeks. Goes that way and I manage to cope just fine.

173. 3 Bears – A Truth
What Baby Bear really said.

174. It’s Dominion Day, Happy Birthday Canada!
Beginning in 1958, the Canadian government began to orchestrate Dominion Day celebrations.

175. Well Thanks Much!
I’d just like to take a minute to say you’re welcome to

176.We Have One Now – Lyric
Happens once and a while, only for one man smile
An angel face, melting eyes, her sweet breathy sighs


177. Quoth Me #9 MAJIK
This quoth me was derived from a response I made to the following comment on LINKEDIN

178. Kindred
Moving around on a new piece of ground
Every turn, something gets you good

179. Weapons Of Mass Persuasion
Attacking For The World

180. Distressing Love – Sonnet
One the only answer in the in love heart’s equation
Children a given, any future holds definite addition


181. The Way – Sonnet
Deliciously infectious, inflection of an irreverent ones glad madness

182. Smiles In The Moment
In to each life some smiles from surprise must fall
Now a touch of surreal, a she can’t believe it and I can coming

183. Coffee and a 90 Second Sonnet
I’d had to go outside one of my coffee spots to warm up, got looking at the sign and 90 seconds

184. Purple Passionate
Digital Art / Photography

185.Quoth Me #10 … T + W +T = TNT
Everyone knows how deep the spoken word can cut. A word spoken in the heat of argument

186. Edge Walking – Part 1 of …
Waking to another day, already on the knife
Always at the ready, keep staying honed

187. Bridge To Nowhere
Photography – Metaphysical – Challenge Piece

188. Just Fly
Digital Art – Metaphysical Moment

189. Changeable And Not
When I get angry or upset I yell at a page. Writing is one of the coping mechanisms that helps me

190. Left Brain Right Brain Balance
I took a test a while back and it came back exactly 50/50 Left/Right Balance.


191. One Of Those Days
We All have one of those days for a number of reasons.

192. Singing Bear
The Little Bear – Blatant Self Promotion

193. Pan American Games 2015, a few observations
The Games finished up their two week run here yesterday. From where I sit and live there was much ado

194. Crescendo
Cause and effect, effects from the cause, exponential

195. Brushing Silk
Seeing you walking through the room

196. Meteoric – Woman In Art
Laura Bruj’s Original Photograph and my Art Piece from the photograph.

197. Ladies, Pull Up A Commode!
Girls there is no pleasant way to say this. Some of you are getting guys blamed

198. Beneath My Feet
Photography Challenge

199. False Witness – Sonnet
An egregious assault reportedly perpetrated
Not to be, nor should it be, taken solely at face

200. Street Theatre #1
Scene Location:
1 of 4 very nice coffee spots and I’m not telling you which one.
Chicky A and Chicky B at bar waiting for drinks


201. Realize It’s Over – Lyric
It’s about taking time to take time
There just hasn’t been much at all

202. Dragon Loyalty Award
My thanks to Laura Bruj for nominating, and bringing me this award.

203. Argument Respones
Argument Responses To “Gottman’s Repair Checklist”
The first thing I want to touch on for those reading this is that a fight and an argument

204. Saturday Pontificating And Selective Musing
Been a bit since I’ve just randomly and not mused for the benefit of myself and those who read me. Those of you who read me, thanks! Those of you who don’t read me, why not?

205. Introducing SPASM
I started a second blog on the weekend.SPASM and that stands for, “Some Poignancy And Smartass Musings”.

206. My Baby Is 1
Got notice yesterday of my first anniversary here at WP. For those of you new to the site WP doesn’t stand for, “Word Perfect” and yet it does too.

207. Angel Beach – Lyric Poetry
We were just walkin’ along that beach
Seeing the ripples, rise higher and higher

208. Once Upon A Sky
This like most of what I write has poignancy. This is for a lion named Cecil killed by a man in Minnesota named Walter Palmer with a major disconnect. I have a lot to say after the poetry on photograph.

210. Quoth Me #11 – Righteous!
Watch what you write so you get it right so a wright won’t have to be sent to perform a rite on you!


211. It was. “Because You Asked”.
Been a while since I’ve done it. There are a couple others that came after this but I just don’t happen to have that writing book with me right now.

212. Core Sampling # 1 – Market Day
Photography & Poetry
The title comes from me living right in the core of my city. For those that don’t know that city is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love this city and its diversity.

213. Quoth Me #12 – Successful Result
The more people that know of the true condition of those they have to work with, the better the chances of a successful result.

214. Reborn – Sonnet
Argument raging, delusional, institutional, mind space confessional
Motions for, motions against, notions of ability, a maturing stability

215. Challenge Response To – From The Top
If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

216. Consider The Elves
I’m a people too people and as a people please keep in mind this quote I saw and wished I’d written; “Don’t mistake my attitude for my personality. My personality is what I am. My attitude depends on what you are.”

217. Pink In October, I Opt Out
A friend of mine posted up an item on Facebook that I decided to take part in. This is what was posted by my friend Johnny Sinclair, “I intend to fill Facebook with comic book heroes for Childhood Cancer Awareness, Give me a like and I’ll assign you a character.“.

218. Street Theatre – An Unfortunate
As change goes this one is reasonably mundane as we’ve just gone from Summer to Fall. Here in Canada Thanksgiving is the 2nd Monday in October and there are already signs about for that holiday.

219. Must Not Fail Challenge
Question: What is the one thing at which you are the most afraid of failing?

220. Man O’ Man, Buy A Clue Or Six!
Morning and I get myself going, coffee, news feed a few barbs with a morning coffee buddy and open my email. I see a request from an individual to be added to my network on LinkedIn.


221. Random Access Musing Oct 03/15
Being Saturday it is the day I enjoy just taking off on any thought tangent I like. You’ve been told!

222. Nella Notte Cieca – Lyric Poetry
Believing with all her heart someday it’ll come true
Letting the living lie slide on out the way it came

223. Glory Day
Soaking it in, shirt sleeves, sun dresses, smiles brilliant, given, returned
Everyone in every step enjoying, hoping for just one more like this

224. Response To “Wicked Witch”
The Assignment:
Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

225. Street Theatre #2

Public Displays of Affection
Scene time: 7ish on a Saturday night.

Door opens:
Miss Blonde Semi Big Hair and later day Mr Saturday Night Fever enter

226. Encountering Sammy
I told my friend the how and the why of how I’d upset myself. When I had related the tale and at the end wondered to my good friend if this should be a tale to take public.

227. Ready For Your Close Up
And you think you got problems putting on your happy smile for the camera face.

228. LinkedIn Lookup; The Creepy Crawly App
LinkedIn has managed to creep me out with their new Lookup app. They did a good job of ticking me off previously as I noted in a previous post.

229. writing prompt: “Right to Brag.”
Every day in every way. I do not deviate from the path.

230. Memory Data Packets
For those that don’t know data packets are pieces of information of a whole of information. The whole is fractured in to smaller pieces for easier transfer.


231. Counter Cutie – Lyric Poetry
Climbs herself up on that chair, gives up a little high thigh
Overtly lets them legs cross, grey skirt makes a swift shift

232. Hallow Desire – Poetry
Reading all the signs, feelings running hard in the night
Ready beyond words, been so long can’t even see straight

233. Quoth Me #13 – I’m Never Wrong
Coping Skills
Bold statement that, “I’m Never Wrong”. I’m certain there were more than a few raised eye brows among other things raised looking at the title.

234. Remembrance Day 2015
My thoughts for this day and on other days when appropriate I will talk of what my knowledge is and I call it knowledge because I’ve never had to put my life on the line in service.

235. Overdosed – Poetry x 24
Ghosts appearing in times of change
recollections in mindful reflections

236. Thank You Amazon
Amazon is taking heat for selling that book and from what I know of the process to sell a book on Amazon this is blatantly unfair. It is also just plain wrong and short sighted.

237. Overdosed, The Creation Of
Special Poetry and on further review 24 separate poems
The poetry is about being overwhelmed by a series of events sounds and images that are relevant to age. Relevant to my age and my travelling through time.

238. Quoth Me #14 – Mindful Creation
The brain is just a support mechanism for the mind. Nothing can be real

239. The First Lennon This Morning
Today my first is “Imagine”. Now it is 35 years since he was killed. The world is visibly much worse in 2015 than it was 2014.

240. Cattitude Christmas 2015
Featuring Sammy
I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.


241. Sabbatical – A Sonnet
Verily, yeah verily, ’tis my way to speak on such worldly ways
An apostle casting back from dalliance on visions experienced

242. Crystal Clearing
Brilliant cascades, fiery flights, incandescent pools, frozen falls
Infrastructure fractures, steeply stepped, reaching to placid plateaus

243. Ho Ho Muttering Ho
December 21, 2015 and it is an absolutely pissy day here in Toronto. It is rainy and not that cold. Cold you can dress for. You cannot dress for the damp.

244. Morning Glory
Making an enchanting statement with every smile she makes
A casual night time morning attire, only adds to her charm

245. transitionu – 2015 review
It was a long strange year. I added a 2nd blog to my public life. I found the need to separate church and state so to speak

246. Now Begins Forever – Lyric
We’ve been going round and round
exchanging our half smiles

247. Quoth Me #15 – The Books
What all religions must learn is their book is man made and not heaven sent. You are ordered by God to give up

248. Baby Be Mine – Lyric
She’s colder than northern winds
She’s hotter than original sins

249. Paws For The Cause
The world keeps showing up and I find myself obligated to look and read and participate. What else anyone does or doesn’t do, their own volition. Me, I do what I can.

250. Unibutterkitty
We don’t know where he came from
We have tried without success to discover.
He has become a beloved part of our menagerie.


251. Majik
Must have been born under a wayward wizards spell
Old school learning of the new age wanding ways

252. Water Pony
Jousting playfully for positioning with your companions new
Electric eel the game of choice, precocious you are when instigating

253. Bird Warbles
One more from the Menagerie that enjoy the writers loft.
Yes another that appeared to fill a need.

254. Princess Down
Harper Lee passed yesterday at 89. Her book, “To Kill A Mockingbird” and the film it became have special meaning. The film is on my…

255. She Said and He Laughed
This is a variant on my “he said, she said” stories. Someone I know where the relationship transcended the working. The friendly, working relationship became friend.

256. Now It’s Twenty Seven Years!
Celebrating the unhappy anniversary number of twenty and seven. I generally do a bells check at the anniversary date. By bells I mean the state of me physically and emotionally.

257. Why And Why Not
It has been an absolutely shitty year for death in the music industry and it’s just mid March. The latest, a couple days ago was Keith Emerson of ELP.

258. A Cheshire, Feline Variety
This fine fellow appeared out of thin air one night. No idea where he came from. He’s been a fine addition to our little menagerie.

259. Equal Perspective Please
I wasn’t sure on which of my two spots to bring something like this out on. I brought it here because this is about equality and behaviour. Equality in behaviour might be a more apt way to phrase…

260. PC Language, Women Are To Blame!
This began as something I was going to offer a quick comment on. The more I thought about our current communication standards the longer I went.


261. Journeying
Our conversations move around. There was some conversation about triggered memories. We moved in to some talk about being so very low.

262. Red Rose Among The Trees
Know this being all alone to well
Staying late, never going home

263. Chess Mate
Another of those that haunt the writers garret. This companion not as sinister as many believe.

264. Flammables
Sir; I implore thee pay heed to that of which I bring you notice
Harkin I say, lend thy ear, give grace with quiescent presence

265. If You Dare
Once in a time
that was better than anything in your mind
Not so strange
in a world where love’s made such a change

266. Recollections
The summer days that had sweetly, gently, turned to next
Holding together as the nights crept their way away

267. Angels Obliged Act I
Looking down on the world so frail
Can’t stop the feeling all this will fail
Won’t be able to stop my own demise

268. Angels Obliged Act II
Distant fires of camps seen from on high
Reverberation of drums quaking the mire
Steeds tremble in wave after wave of hate

2.69 Angels Obliged Act III
Darkness begins its eerie silent descent
Moans with prayers, the wounded lament
Stench rising off seared and rotting flesh

270. On That Jersey Shore
Started out like any other day
Woke up with the waves calling
Wanted to just lie there numb


271. Little Black Dressed; Together
(lyric) duet

Living out life in a gleeful rage
Innocence in this smile, tricks in another
The sweetness of the slaughter upon the lips
The second-hand silk is only a tease

Nowhere to be, what flew from heaven at your sound
Hoping and praying, the sound of the wings just not around

272. Won’t You Tell Me
Baby I got these thoughts going on
Sitting all by myself at home
Sitting here feeling all alone
Baby waiting for you to bring it on

273. Beach Bound
Been working an all night day
Now there’s time for a little fun
Sun’s making its morning run
Blinding in my rear view all the way

274. Departure Gate
Fretting over it hour after hour
Worrying about it night after night
Feeling it fall week after week
Been knowing it for months now

275. Train Of Thought
Sitting on this sweltering city roof
Far below people roaming around
Sweating and swearing as they go
Every day more joining the parade
Glad to be up here with cold beer

276. Stoney Lonesome
We’ve a new friend in the writers Menagerie. Our new pal has made him self quite at home with me and the others. He has

277. Curves and Lines
Toronto and I live in the core. Some of the architecture is gorgeous. Some not so much!

278. One Day; Perhaps
Each one, every one, thinks, believes, it is within them
Little do they know, men know, such for all is just not so

279. Succubus
One night holy shared by two, silver sliver moon below stars
Nestled under heaven, joining of hearts, quenching passions thirst

280. Mystical
Long look provocative legs below her always stylish short dress
Always looking straight ahead, seeing everything and nothing


281. A Lady’s Dignity
This is a how to on getting in to the back seat of a car on a busy street when accompanied by a woman who’s wearing a short skirt or dress.

282. It’s My Rite Right!
Me and the elf were talking about faces, specifically faces in our Provincial and Federal politics. We are talking leaders here and the elf nailed it, I don’t like anybody.

283. The Devil’s Fine Day – Lyric
He done went down from heaven
The boy just up and shuffled off
The Devil took himself a powder that day

284. Be Relevant
This is a political piece. I could have easily put this on the poignant side, SPASM. I chose here because this is also about being aware, being involved, being relevant.

285. Witness – Lyric
Looking for a little down time
.     had to get myself away
Monday morning glory
.     wasn’t happening today

286. Not Caring Is Endearingly Canadian
Why do you care? Why is it important to you that I must care about your cause or what you believe?

287. Disturbing – Sonnet
But necessary how are those of the ilk demented to those cerebral
Any one in full flight uproar draws the kindred to the scene obscene
They’re beyond brash, removed from rash, seemingly just mean

288. Ranking Points Relevantly
The Ranked Ballot System
I’ve yapped about what I’ve seen that I don’t like with the current flavour sticks on Canada’s political scene. I’ve made points on what I see as flat out wrong and wrote them up in to a place anyone can see. When I see something I like, I say that too.

289. Crashing Down – Lyric
Day slides it’s way to the end
Not looking forward to going home
Turning in at that bend in the road

290. Fallen Angel – Lyric
Newly fallen she wakes to a different world today
And she’s never
never been on her own before
Went from home on the hill to a home on loan


291. In The Quiet Of The Night – Lyric
Half past midnight and finally free
free from the demands of a clamoring world
World moving so fast it’s hard to keep your feet
feet feel like miles and the miles feel like hell

292. You No More – Lyric
I’ve stood down and I’ve stood up
stood up when others talked down
down when I knew you lied again

293. Yank A Dandy Doodles! – politics
Tomorrow is the day we see an end to the race for POTUS. Well we hope the end cuz who knows what the Electoral College will do. The winner as chosen by the people doesn’t necessarily win right Mr. Gore?

294. Remembrance Day 2016
Remembering what those that went before us gave so that we enjoy the freedom we do. Remembering that fighting for freedom is still necessary. I have family that was in service including one I never met.

295. Girls Rite – Lyric
You hear them, it’s the shame every time
They’ve all had it happen, been torn apart
Now another one’s got the no romance blues
They’re together to get another over a him
Started out like any other day
Woke up with the waves calling
Wanted to just lie there numb
Stay right there drinking them in



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Predator or Prey – cattitude of a different kind

Predator or Prey?
cattitude of a different kind

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Cattitude #6

Cattitude #6 Featuring Linus

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Cattitude Number 6 featuring Linus