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Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Making an enchanting statement with every smile she makes
A casual night time morning attire, only adds to her charm
Graceful strides go sliding by, fuzzy warm slipper clad feet
Gripping entrance, completely sweetly, without pretension
Images of the darlin’ of the dreams roll through many minds
Enchanting voice, soft lilt beguiles man and woman alike

Showing the pearls, corners turn to an infectious playful grin
Mellow motion, swaying softly to the waltz of the tea time fairy
In to her favourite counter seat, the laughter follows banter
Listens too, you can see it in how she looks when others talk
Easing down, with smiles, off she goes, elegance in jammy pants
Seductive she is, in that “what a sweetheart” way everyone loves

G.R. Hambley ©
December 28, 2015

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Counter Cutie – Lyric

Counter Cutie

Lyric, maybe.

Climbs herself up on that chair, gives up a little high thigh
Overtly lets them legs cross, grey skirt makes a swift shift
Uncrossing them, a small curvy push, tilting back the cool stool
No girl no, don’t be tugging that bunched up gown down

Cool legs sliding, hot lips smiling, red tresses flying

Tawny angel so desired, yeah she knows in how her glow shows
Every guy watching only you, all gone redheaded stepchild wild
Running fingers through that mane, nails a French tip trip
Captivating eyes blazing up, she’s caught someone’s crooked look

Cool legs sliding, hot lips smiling, red tresses flying

Under table knees just a knockin, girl’s got the rockin’ walkin’
Takin’ a glance this way, eyes meet eyes, smile beguiles
In a stride she’s by my side, totally insane, all gone a hazy crazy
Exchanging whispers, hair flip giggle, number goes in to a glad hand

Cool legs gliding, hot lips smiling, red tresses flying
          Cool girl waving, hot guys dying, me, I’m just admiring

G.R. Hambley ©
October 24, 2015

Smiles In The Moment

Smiles In The Moment

In to each life some smiles from surprise must fall
Now a touch of surreal, a she can’t believe it and I can coming
Making her indomitable way, funky little strut step
A woman on a mission, grace and verve

Right and left and right on top of where the wind blows, up
It’s happened just that fast, the Marilyn moment comes real
Look out! that cute skirt’s flyin’, the “uh oh” expression of surprise
Yes, you were indeed seen, no, there was not a thing obscene


Now wasn’t that such a thing to be, a memorable site for a guy to see
Makin’ the face she is of wondering how it could happen to me
Open the door, come inside, bemused looks pass between
Make reality truth, nonfiction fantasy, just believe, it’s easier

Edging on by, eyes straight ahead, face tinged embarrassed red
Needing from the island, cream and sugar, got her own spice
This way she’s a coming, with purpose and goodies to go
She smiles slow with a head shake, her smile returned with a nod

G.R. Hambley ©
July 10,2015