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Cattitude Christmas 2015

Cattitude Christmas 2015

Featuring Sammy

I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Just so y’all know I am nonreligious and love the spirituality of the season.

From me Gary to all of you, all the best!

Cattitude Christmas 2015

G.R. Hambley all rights reserved

Meteoric – Woman In Art

Meteoric – Woman In Art

Laura Bruj’s Original Photograph and my Art Piece from the photograph.

LauraB-01 SiignedLauraB-Meteoric 02 Siigned

Laura was gracious and trusting enough from what she has seen of my works to allow me to take her photograph and recreate her image in my style.

Clicking on Laura’s name will get you to her mix of Fashion, Beauty and Drama.

If you’d care to see a few more of my creations then the links and images below will get you to the poetry and art or the image directly.

If you’re interested in “Being Art”, leave me a comment email me from my “About” page.

Etheral or Currents or Awoken Heart

window002     face004     DreamGirl0052

Purple Passionate

Purple Passionate

I had been out for a lunch time walk and was thinking about a friend being a little blue.

My friend likes purple and silver. The flower I shot is pure purple.

I wanted the flower for my friend to have my special touch.

So I made the green leaves purple and silver.

I’m pretty certain that blue got chased away if only for a little bit.


Purple Passionate01sgn

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved

Weapons Of Mass Persuasion

Attacking For The World

I don’t have or want access to these Russian T 90’s


Don’t happen to have any Chinese ASBM’s either

Nope not even one American Fighter Jet


I do have other weapons at my disposal to attack for the world

GRH Artist Hand 02

My attacks are made with my mind and the point of “MY” poignant pen

GRH Artist Hand 01

I know how to use my weapons and will use them
I will use them to help make those other weapons unnecessary


G.R. Hambley – July 2015

USAF Fighter – G.R. Hambley Photograph @ Edwards AFB
Photos of my hands – Pete Tate
Russian T 90 –
Chinese Missile –