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Leave It Alone

Here in the age of “Instant Gratification”, my hair is the example.

Back in April I was asked by a man of about my age as I was in line to get in to a Blue Jays game, “How do you get hair like that?”.

I said to him, “Just leave it alone, it’ll” grow.

My hair is always clean and so is the rest of me. I’ll grant you that it wasn’t the best looking when the hair wasn’t in a pony tail.


The hair got left alone to grow. No micro cuts along the way. My hair reached a length where it was getting difficult to brush because my arms weren’t long enough. Past time to get the cut.

Some of my community friendlies have noticed the cut and commented. Said the same to those people, I had to leave it alone until it reached the point I could do with it what I wanted with it.


This is about change and adapting. Most changes do not take place over night and we all know this.

Change is also about patience. Being patient enough to let the evolution take place.

I saw this on my walk last night. Showing off or pride of accomplishment? Don’t know but the licence plate says accomplishment.


Start it up, pay attention and leave it alone. What ever “IT” is It’ll grow and it’ll work out according to plan, maybe.


G.R. Hambley ©
August 12, 2018






A Time Traveler’s Obelisk

A Time Traveler’s Obelisk

I was visiting my Obelisk this week and got a little retrospective.  I enjoy flipping through time and screwing with the “Temporal Prime Directive”, among other things.

I reiterate, “My Obelisk” so get your own. No, no I don’t share!

A pothole appears where there never was one and you lose your oil pan. A tear suddenly happens in the grocery bag you’re totting and your goods are falling out. You find yourself going the wrong way on a one way street and you tell the cop writing you up that you’d swear on the stack of burgers you got on the seat beside you that the arrow point the way you’re going.

These are all impositions brought upon you by time travellers. It’s a very good idea to watch whom you piss off cuz…. They could be a time traveller. They could have angelic friends who don’t mind handing out some comeuppance so to speak.

I was winging my way around and stopped in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame to admire, “The Players Bench”. While I was gazing on said sculpture my critical thinking decided the piece should be seen throughout history.

I like this “Players Bench” piece enough that I think those in the past and those in the future should be able to appreciate Canadian Culture at my desire.

A couple days back I went forward to next Thursday (check the posting date) and brought the sculpture with me inside my Obelisk where it shall remain forever, maybe.

If you’re located right beside the sculpture at oh, 3ish in the afternoon, don’t be  leaning on the thing getting your picture taken. If you’re attached to the piece when it moves, you’re going in to my Obelisk and I aint letting you out!

In the future and past, I will be moving things around and when I do, it makes holes and tears in the fabric of time. If you should lose something or bottomed out, among other evil nasty things that you can’t disprove in court … I did warn you!

G.R. Hambley ©
May 06, 2018, maybe

Chess Mate

Another of those that haunt the writers garret. This companion not as sinister as many believe. A Damn fine player this one and open to a challenge almost any time.

Chess Mate

One chosen for one, going tooth and nail, one on one,
Naming you, I have plots you could never conceive
Lord of the below as the minion of a not so mere mortal
Useless to carry on with boorish vitriolic contempt
Caught you were; In this service you shall remain
In time, you may come to appreciate my game

G.R. Hambley ©
April 13, 2016

Chronological List

A Cheshire, Feline Variety

A Cheshire, Feline Variety

This fine fellow appeared out of thin air one night. No idea where he came from. He’s been a fine addition to our little menagerie.
If you know who he kept company with before finding his way to us please let them and us know so they’ll know he is safe and happy.
A bit of a prankster this one. This one, like a certain Ursine, will disappear after setting up and loose the objects of his glee. Like that certain Ursine, he doesn’t need to be there to see the scenes play out because he’s already seen how it is going to all go down.

A Cheshire, Feline Variety

How and why you became such a thing is of no mind
Over here, grinning, over there, grinning, always grinning
Really little friend, just what is that you are up to next?

Horace The Cheshire

Appearances can be deceiving, are you truly as you seem?
Cat o’ smiles, nine lives filled with so many incredible tales
Ear to ear you’re such a dear, especially when you smiggle*

G.R. Hambley ©
March 22, 2015

Smiggle … a smirking giggle

Bird Warbles

One more from the Menagerie that enjoy the writers loft.

Yes another that appeared to fill a need. Attempts were made to discover from whence he came, no luck.

Each of the links opens a tune on Spotify the Bird likes. The last one is his theme song!


Bird Warbles

Bop, bop, bop goes that beaky bird
Endless renditions of “peel me a grape
Rousing the rest to “be bop, bop, bop a lula
New age techno pop a not, not, not
Indie rock never gets stuck in that craw
Everybody’s rockin’ the joint, a job well done

G.R. Hambley ©
February 06, 2016


We don’t know where he came from
We have tried without success to discover.
He has become a beloved part of our menagerie.



Bright eyed one, we adore that impish twinkle
Acting up, acting out, we know what you’re about
Running wild, giving a wink and taking to flight
Trailing your rainbow glitter while looping the loop
Heading on in for that special one point landing

Oh we tease and admire those things that are distinctly you

Laughter in innocent eyes, mirth in that wide smile
One with us you are small one, a family of your own
Made to order one of a kind creatures unique like you
Each of us to our own and like family, each for us all
Where ever you may journey, home will always be here

G.R. Hambley ©
January 13, 2016


The Bunny

The Bunny

Hello old friend, it is so very good to not see you again
And thank you, and yes O’ furry one I did miss you too
Really and truly I did, doesn’t flow the same without you
Varied places you say, some enjoyable provocative sorts I trust
Each had a charm did they, not quite enough to keep up eh
Yes my friend the same for me, no, none of them enough of you

G.R. Hambley ©
January 12, 2016

Quoth Me #15 – The Books

Quoth Me #15 – The Books

What all religions must learn is their book is man made and not heaven sent. You are ordered by God to give up your respective books and get on with peaceful humanity.

God is busy painting a universe and expects those on this insignificant fly speck of the universal canvas to manage themselves.

Not working out real well is it. Not a question.

I make no secret of being nondenominational.

I make it known widely that I am spiritual.

“We” see Christianity under attack. “We” see Islam under attack. “We” see Judaism under attack. Why they are under attack is not a surprise to the spiritual and the nondenominational. They are under attack for their imposition. Imposition of will is going to have repercussion and is not a surprise.

“We” is me and God.

How do I know that is what God said? For the same reason I know there is God. I proved it. God appreciated me proving it and on occasion will talk to me.

The burden is on you to disprove God talks to me. If nothing else it’ll keep y’all busy for an ungodly amount of time and away from doing stupid shit to each other!

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
January 11, 2016

I saw this story January 24, 2016, it is a good poignant piece.
Fundamentalist Religion Will Destroy The World

Random Access Musing Oct 03/15

Random Access Musing Oct 03/15

Being Saturday it is the day I enjoy just taking off on any thought tangent I like. You’ve been told!

Diary? Sure why not. Just one though! Being a guy I’m more open to journal than diary. There was that whole incendiary thing and as we know you can’t have incendiary without diary but that’s a whole other story!

I been readin’ and writin’ and switherin’ and slappin’ and generally just being me. It is what I do and I do it so very well. Can you believe there are people who just put their head in their hands to hide their smirk over some of the things I say? I’m going to need to define a term for this behavioural positioning. Probably gonna have to make up a word for it too. Don’t worry about me I’ll manage. It isn’t like I haven’t made up viable words before.

Let’s just see how this resonates. I thought I’d made up a word but I hadn’t and I sent this up before I knew the word I’d made up I didn’t make it up but Urban Dictionary likes what I said so they published the word I thought I’d made up that I didn’t make up.

Speaking of words, found myself in line with my Doctor at coffee spot. We had spoken previously when I was in seeing him at his office and I pointed him at my blog. Doc told me he went and read me. Doc also said something to me about me and my stuff no one had ever said before and I love it. The word he used is, “prolific”. Yeah I love that a lot!

Today got off to a good start and not. Coffee spot’s Elf In Charge was late. Spot did not open on time and had to go to other spot. Had a chat with the elf who couldn’t get in to spot and perform elf duties. It has turned colder here so me and elf headed to alternative spot together.

We talked about how I speak of the staff as elves. Minions became part of the conversation and yes I like the different memes from time to time. Even found one I can relate to perfectly. Any how, elf asked me why elves and not minions. I told the elf it is because elves is majik folk. Elves is helpers for Santa. And it got cold here quick and I’m thinking the jolly ol’ elf might actually be on the way early.

Minions is word I know well and don’t often use because to my mind a minion is a subservient. My thesaurus and I just looked. one description for the word minion and it is, “a servile or fawning dependant”.

As an illustration I’ll use something I’ve observed at one of my coffee spots. Tall leggy creature with minions in tow visit coffee spot regularly. Her 3 and sometimes 4 male minions that look more like ladies in waiting but hey maybe it’s just me seeing it that way. Nah anyone paying attention sees it but me, well I’ll say so. The girls came in one day without the princess and looked kind of lost. I’m hoping the princess was out buying a new Little Black Dress, cuz the one she’s got looks good until you notice it’s got a pouch like a hoodie. Oh trust me when I tell you it is just NASTY!

To those people head down and smirkin’ I say thank you and you are welcome!

earth two things

I’m glad I fractured myself. The fracture would be the second blog I started up, SPASM. At the time of this writing the last 2 pieces I’ve posted, one for each blog. Both pieces could have gone on one or the other with a different style. WTF LinkedIn and Man O’ Man are the two pieces.

Believe it or not the desire I felt to take a strip off of each party was equal but for different reasons. My disdain was much greater in the more eloquent piece here on the transitionu side.

I went back on to LinkedIn and discovered that the comment I commented on disappeared. I don’t know the workings of the site well enough to say but it appears the individual who made the comment I railed against took their comment off after reading what I had to say. What I said in comment doesn’t show in my activities so I really do think I have the disappearing comment mystery correct.

The photograph of the person who made that comment was part of their profile and the skill set I have allows me to put looks of shock and horror on that face. What the individual said is gone and they got an awakening, That works for me. There were and are other comments that vilified the writer and the piece written. Those words are still there and that works for me too.

Had some exchanges with a good friend on the Dark Continent regarding the killing of Cecil Lion. Talking about what is going on with the Zimbabwe courts and hunter Theo Bronkhorst. Seems this big bad hunter wants the courts to dismiss the charges. Well no kidding huh. The courts will decide by October 15th, this year whether or not to dismiss. My good friend is of the opinion this Bronkhorst guy is a total asshole. I agree. Just so you know, Bronkhorst was arrested for allegedly smuggling rare animals in to South Africa. Yeah this guy is a real sweetheart.

People are sharing my table, young girl of 8 with grandma and conversation briefly goes to age of another kid. Grandma says what 4 years older and young girls say no, 3 ½ . Oh the age when 6 months makes a vast difference. You can have that age. Would I take 20 years younger? Maybe.

I’ll wrap this up with the kids. My friend in South Africa and their sibling know we gotta get the kids because the three of us had that conversation. Real time live the three of us had that conversation. It came out of the wondering why twenty years after the fall of Apartheid things hadn’t changed much.

Someone I know in Alabama knows it too that we gotta get the kids. There is someone I know in the Philippines that also knows we gotta get the kids. This aint new or news folks. Simple stuff that so many of us know. For the world to be a better place we gotta get the kids.

Why aren’t we getting the kids?

The 60’s are long gone but there are many of us who can pass on the feeling of the protest movement. We can share it and shape it with the kids and they can apply it to the problems of today for the betterment of the future.

G.R. Hambley ©
October 03, 2015

Introducing SPASM

Introducing SPASM

I started a second blog on the weekend.SPASM and that stands for, “Some Poignancy And Smartass Musings”.

The first real piece on SPASM is about learning to walk and I hope you like and will pass it around as it is one of my pet peeves!

There are self imposed constraints here on “transitionu” and that is as it should be. I bring my art and my work to this place. I bring much of myself as well. I bring some of my smart ass ways here mixed in with life lessons and coping skills.

I bounced the idea of the new site and the separation of church and state so to speak off a good friend and friend agreed I need a place to be freer and what I do with that facet of myself doesn’t belong here on the poetry and Life Coaching blog.

The poetry at times are extensions of life lessons and coping skills in an artistic format. A recent poem that is life lesson as well as being a sonnet is, “False Witness” and is about an action and a reaction.

I hope you’ll enjoy a more acerbic space as much as you enjoy the artsy and thoughtful.

My best regards to all.

G.R. Hambley
August 24, 2015