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One Of Those Days! #1

One Of Those Days! #1

We all have those day for a number of reasons
We all me thinks have this feeling on those days


The feeling of being run over by a train!

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Original Shot

Tracks are in the Mojave Desert near the Boneyard.



Bonus Shots



You can see just a hint of the Boneyard in the shot below.


G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved


Coffee and a 90 Second Sonnet

Coffee and a 90 Second Sonnet

I’d had to go outside one of my coffee spots to warm up, got looking at the sign and 90 seconds later I had an acrostic sonnet.

Okay so it isn’t classic sonnet style but it’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Something I want to make very clear. The coffee elves are very good about turning the A.C. off when it gets real frosty. The problem isn’t the care and concern of the good elves. The problem is a poorly designed system that won’t shut off because there is no proper sensing of the environment.

And how do I know this you ask? Sheet Metal was my trade. Commercial / Industrial air systems more specifically.

Next, I want my “Canadian Dragon Fish”! A while back coffee spot was running short of all 3 of their brews. They asked if I’d like a combo of what they had. I said sure just give me a 1/3 of everything. Not unusual for me as I’d make my own blend when going to the grocery store.

The blend of the 3 was really good so I just stuck with that mix when I’d come in. I liked it so much I gave it the “Canadian Dragon Fish” name. Coffee elves at the couple spots I frequent liked that I named the blend and they really liked the name I gave the blend.

The 3 coffees in the blend are, True North (Canadian), Pike Place (pike is a fish) and Komodo Dragon (Dragon).

Coffee spot hasn’t had that blend for a while and the current blend is quite good but it just aint as good as my blend. Yes, the coffee elves got to calling it, “Gary’s Blend” and Gary wants it back!

G.R. Hambley © July 11,2015


Smiles In The Moment

Smiles In The Moment

In to each life some smiles from surprise must fall
Now a touch of surreal, a she can’t believe it and I can coming
Making her indomitable way, funky little strut step
A woman on a mission, grace and verve

Right and left and right on top of where the wind blows, up
It’s happened just that fast, the Marilyn moment comes real
Look out! that cute skirt’s flyin’, the “uh oh” expression of surprise
Yes, you were indeed seen, no, there was not a thing obscene


Now wasn’t that such a thing to be, a memorable site for a guy to see
Makin’ the face she is of wondering how it could happen to me
Open the door, come inside, bemused looks pass between
Make reality truth, nonfiction fantasy, just believe, it’s easier

Edging on by, eyes straight ahead, face tinged embarrassed red
Needing from the island, cream and sugar, got her own spice
This way she’s a coming, with purpose and goodies to go
She smiles slow with a head shake, her smile returned with a nod

G.R. Hambley ©
July 10,2015

Well Thanks Much!

Well Thanks Much!

I’d just like to take a minute to say you’re welcome to The Muses, The Fates, my brethren Angels and The Gods who’ve had just a wonderful time today at my expense!

Laugh it up the lot of you and while you’re at it, keep in mind I know how to play too so considers yourselves told!


harumph, harumph, HARUMPH!

That feels much better!

Five And Only Five

Five And Only Five

Five Paragraphs

I haven’t been feeling my usual unusual self for a couple weeks. Goes that way and I manage to cope just fine. The physical issues started acting up and there is a new level to come to terms with. An accompanying stress issue is exacerbating the problem.

I’ve managed to keep the presence fresh because I have well stalked vaults at both WordPress and Linkedin. Call it whatever you like. Making hay while the sun shines, going Boy Scout by being prepared. I got goodies at the ready.

I have pieces in progress, coaching awareness pieces as well as a couple poems and a couple that are being written as lyrics. I found a comfort with rhyme scheme that I didn’t use to have and am now finding myself having to make conscience act to not use rhyme scheme in my writing.

Coping Skills is what it really is. Knowing what you can expect to rear its ugly head and take a bite out of your usual and normal way of functioning. We all have those days no matter our age or physical condition.

I’ve stated previously I just don’t buy in to the 110% mentality. All the things I have in reserve are in place because on those days where my 100% was more than the norm, I did more.

Five Sections For The Mythical Stranding

For some reason I found myself as I was heading for coffee the other morning thinking about those things you’d take if you were to be stranded on an island. Gotta stimulate the mind on that island so you don’t go crazier than an outhouse rodent.

Yup, it is a strange and beautiful mind I have.

Five Things You Can’t Take
GPS/Satellite Phone
Majik Folk
Your momma
Your Pet

Five Albums (no greatest hits or compilations)
Bruce Springsteen – Greetings From Asbury Park
Bob Dylan – Street Legal
Alan Parsons Project –Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Crosby Still Nash & Young – Déjà Vu
Carole King – Tapestry

Five Books (trilogy style is allowed)
Richard Bach – Illusions
Stephen King – The Stand
Farley Mowat – The Boat That Wouldn’t Float
Sun Tzu – The Art Of War
John Donne – Anything that his a vast amount of Donne’s writing in between its covers

Five Films
To Kill A Mockingbird
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Wizards (Bakshi Animation)

Five Items
KnifeCrocodile Dundee style, “Now that’s a knife!”
Magnifying Glass
CD/DVD Player Solar Powered with built in speakers
Fish Hook
Sewing Kit


I would be delighted if you desire to leave your thoughts on what you’d take and why. If you brought your “B.A.”, kindly take it with you when you leave.  😉