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Angels Obliged – Act 1

Angels Obliged

Act I

Looking down on the world so frail
Can’t stop the feeling all this will fail
Won’t be able to stop my own demise

The consequences for all so dire
Could one lone angel end this fire
There’s the real chance of no return

Feeling the point of frightened flight
Closer still to making the stand to fight
Must be true to what makes you, You

What can one Angel do to end these evils doing
Why must it be this Angel alone to see beyond hell

Burning to get out, the evils beyond hell
Cries to heaven and the unholy swell
The wings unfold the sword slides free

It could be that saving them is wrong
The mighty one may want them gone
Only answers coming from a mad mind

Stepping off the edge of this grey cloud
Flying fast with no other soul around
Left to fate and it’ll be all our graves

Can this one Angel be enough to end these evils doing
Can it be this lone Angel to reach beyond hell

Calling out with greatest urgency
No where can there be a place for mercy
Winner takes all in the valley of souls

Won’t you join this too big quest for one
A wayward angel’s angel spies fun
Them or we, death by high decree

Horses saddled and fully adorned
Winged one to me, to you goes the horned
I’ll fly on high while you ride below

Two Angels going to end these evils doing
Two Angels to fight what’s beyond hell

Journey’s onset leading two to onslaught
One prays, one brays “not for naught”
Two weapons with wisdom from the one

Winged ones looking off horizon bound
Horned ones plodding the underground
Each to the other unseen, wills to minds

World vibrating in stifling maudlin ways
Creatures vowing their own they’ll slay
Allegiances being sworn to an unholy three

Special Angels march to end these evils doing
Special Angels to quell what’s beyond hell

End Act I

G.R. Hambley ©
May 12, 2016

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Red Rose Among The Trees – Lyric

Red Rose Among The Trees


Know this being all alone to well
Staying late, never going home
Seeing others close, sticks and stones
Hands in hands, hands in my pockets
Talking together, talking to myself

There’s no one thing you can name
Too much then, not enough now
Walking their walks, walking the block
Smiling like brides, got nowhere to hide
Those special matters, just one in tatters

Where no good stuff gro…ows
Where the sun never sho…ows
Black rose among the weeds

Lost with no way to get the heart found
This old world’s timeless tiring mind games
They’re dreaming, me some soul cleaning
Dazed and amused, never been so confused
Smiles for the moment, tears for the cement

Wishin’ and a hopin’  not gonna heal the cut
Find a way to make amends with this mess
One for each of you, it’s not impossible to do
Breathy love tones, moving out of this zone
Only one and no more, what I’m looking for

Where some good stuff gro…ows
Where the sun partly sho…ows
Yellow rose among the leaves

And here come more of the believing ones
New meaning kisses in the sultry night
Whispering of names, sounds all the same
Some on their own, not feeling so all alone
One a haunted look, reading that same book

Summer’s breath carrying a well remembered scent
Her heels tapping out a long forgotten song
Looks up from a frown, caught not looking around
Smile plays across her lips, stuck with hands on hips
Once we almost danced, Well now we’ve that chance

Where only good stuff gro…ows
Where the sun always sho…ows
Red rose among the trees
the one red rose among the trees

G.R. Hambley ©
April 12, 2016-04-12

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I was having a conversation today with a wonderful thoughtful person. Our conversation was a little bit about writing. That person made me a promise that is provocative and an absolute delight!

Our conversations move around. There was some conversation about triggered memories. We moved in to some talk about being so very low. Being so very low you wonder how or if you’re going to find a way up. Naturally enough that topic led in to making change and finding the way out. I touched on finding my own spirituality and my journey.

We started talking about relative books on the subject and discovered we have one book in common that was profound for each of us in our own way.

What I recommend to those who are feeling empty and searching for a light on their path to awareness are three books. Yes I’ve read them all and more as I journeyed that road of awareness and change myself. The order I encountered the books is different from the order I believe these books are best read to serve the searcher.

The first book was one I discovered for myself. I picked it up. Opened the book to no specific place, just let the book open up for me. This book found its way to me at time when I had gone to ground. I’d needed to, had to, and I went.

Book number two came to me as a gift from someone who, had I not let down, would most probably still be part of my life today. This book is on my “Only 5” that you can take to that mythical island. I’ve read the book a number of times and that book has never failed to make impressions and stimulate my mind.

Bach 05

Third book I discovered in my online poking around on the subject. Took the chance off a few reviews and was very glad I did. The book is good for helping you find balance and order within your chaos.

The Books in what I believe is the best order to read them.

  • A Compass For Healing – Noah benShea
  • Care Of The Soul – Thomas Moore
  • Illusions – Richard Bach

I wish you an amazing journey.

G.R. Hambley ©
April 11, 2016

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Princess Down

Harper Lee passed yesterday at 89. Her book, “To Kill A Mockingbird” and the film it became have special meaning. The film is on my 5 films to take that mythical island and always will be.

Puttering around a few days ago a click bait got me. What novel defines your life. Yes the return sent me tripping.

Novel That Describes Your Life

The passing in this piece took place some time ago. Time to let it join the rest of that stories history.

The prosecution finally rests.

Princess Down
an antithesis

That one could be so utterly fooled by a love
Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but
Every shake of this head turns disbelief to a deeper anger
Screeching hatred in the bubbling of a volcanic mind

In reflection, being so badly fooled shouldn’t be a surprise
No way to know what went around was never to come around
Kiss of parting with a “soon my love, soon” to soon kissed off
In those parting moments a feeling of great loss was spoken

Night turns to day, the miles grow more and more distant
Go quickly, safely, I’ll make you come back faster was said
Out of sight, the actual truth, really REALLY out of mind
Flippant it must have been that on return a half ring be shared

Oh the lie, oh that smiling lie, “we got this”
How holding tight a manifestation helped love and hope live
Even taking to pen to bleed back home the unknown lie
Learning a crushing truth, it had been always, lie upon lie upon denial

All the minutes and hours and day following day of red hatred, blue tears
Scorn, a good word, just far to little to convey the whole feeling
The cold dark realization this woman is not, was not, a masterpiece
Honest truth is that this woman slithers lower than the serpent of Eden

Early signs show of resurrection, the return to life of one so broken
New wings sprout, majestically unfurl, soaring, seeking, refilling this heart
The last line of the heartfelt, heart wrenched, heart strong from one who just loved
For every day left, it is wished upon you, that day be dark, its night malevolent

G.R. Hambley

Quoth Me #15 – The Books

Quoth Me #15 – The Books

What all religions must learn is their book is man made and not heaven sent. You are ordered by God to give up your respective books and get on with peaceful humanity.

God is busy painting a universe and expects those on this insignificant fly speck of the universal canvas to manage themselves.

Not working out real well is it. Not a question.

I make no secret of being nondenominational.

I make it known widely that I am spiritual.

“We” see Christianity under attack. “We” see Islam under attack. “We” see Judaism under attack. Why they are under attack is not a surprise to the spiritual and the nondenominational. They are under attack for their imposition. Imposition of will is going to have repercussion and is not a surprise.

“We” is me and God.

How do I know that is what God said? For the same reason I know there is God. I proved it. God appreciated me proving it and on occasion will talk to me.

The burden is on you to disprove God talks to me. If nothing else it’ll keep y’all busy for an ungodly amount of time and away from doing stupid shit to each other!

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
January 11, 2016

I saw this story January 24, 2016, it is a good poignant piece.
Fundamentalist Religion Will Destroy The World

Crystal Clearing

Crystal Clearing

Brilliant cascades, fiery flights, incandescent pools, frozen falls
Infrastructure fractures, steeply stepped, reaching to placid plateaus
Stalagmites, stalactites, delicate prisms bending light in multi hues
Making way deeper down, finding path leading to the higher ground
Upward onward, climbing easily, touching curiously the glowing canopy
Turning, turning, a kaleidoscope, the world below in patterns and colours
Heaven in earth, satisfied smiles, the gifts of one cavernous underground

G.R. Hambley ©

December 18, 2015

Sabbatical, a sonnet



Verily, yeah verily, ’tis my way to speak on such worldly ways
An apostle casting back from dalliance on visions experienced
Cries of reasoning set forth, seek ye out those of relevant mind
Attraction solicits interaction, cause requires effective overlays
Traipsing acrost a world existing in pain, the righteous anger
In living for tomorrow, today so very much needs now be done
Only one doing what one can, such lofty stakes hung on a life’s run
Noxious thoughts cease screaming out, move to something far viler
One thing? were it only one, resolve attacked from every angle
Needs of the one, are the needs on occasion, that one must meet
Enough of the matters surrounding in this world’s explicit show
Will works its way to heart, heart’s strings a web to untangle
All this one’s good will spilled, none leftover, calling cavalry retreat
Yes tis true of how all good things come, so inversely, they must go

G.R. Hambley ©
December 15, 2015




Overdosed Scroll

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Ghosts appearing in times of change
recollections in mindful reflections
Awakened, they stroll callously the recesses
casting shadow where none had been
Shades of thee, unfortunate, yet too fortunate
directions of one’s own weather vane
Past practices in pain and pleasure revived
where conscience points the arrow marks

Taking liberty with the parcels of parchments strung
ties loosened, memories spinning cyclonic
Askance; were such only daggers with power to quell
that that was, materializations with point
Long ago’s veil lifted, the times speak as if only yesterday
the blood sweat and tears in the story of a life
Keening winds carrying the pitch from low to high
impossible to not be swept up in remembrance

Reel upon reeling reel loading furiously in to conscious
vast pools of sounds and sights, overwhelming
Entrapment takes relentless hold beyond rapture’s kiss
stuck in yesterday, concerns of today passed away
Slick go round on the nostalgia trip winding down
feeling nothing but tangled up and blue
Totally undone, touches of sublime peace in abandonment
left to be until such time the spring once again winds

G.R. Hambley ©
November 09, 2015

The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready for Your Close-up.”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:
“Ready for Your Close-up.”

And you think you got problems putting on your happy smile for the camera face.
Don’t mess with Bears is rule 2. Right behind don’t crap where you eat. There is always room to move the rule to the #1 spot.
Just sayin’.

The Rules of Life Annotated

G.R. Hambley October 17, 2015

It was, “Because You Asked”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.”

Been a while since I’ve done it. There are a couple others that came after this but I just don’t happen to have that writing book with me right now.

Come to think of it I haven’t written in my journal for a while either. That would be the leather covered item with a high quality 1/2 size paper that I do not share with anyone.

When I write by hand the discipline is different. I do mean discipline too. When it goes down on the page that is how I want it to stay. I don’t like stroking things out and replacing what I’ve put down on the page. I think about it, I don’t use my thesaurus, I don’t wite it down elsewhere and transfer what I wrote. That would be copying not writing by hand!

I like the feel of the pen in my hand and the stark beauty of the blank page. I even have a pen that only I use. I will not let anyone else use my pen. You can see my pen in this piece. “Weapons Of Mass Persuasion“.

The piece written by hand and transferred to the electronic is up on site, “Because You Asked” is the name.

Because you asked fini

Another I wrote by hand and transferred to the electronic is, “Because We Are“. This one is in Acrostic.

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
September 11, 2015