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In The Quiet Of The Night – Lyric

In The Quiet Of The Night


Half past midnight and finally free
free from the demands of a clamoring world
World moving so fast it’s hard to keep your feet
feet feel like miles and the miles feel like hell
Hell just might be the better place to hang
hang until these blues fade back to black

So so good to be here alone
alone with the quiet of the night

Tryin’ to drift away like in that old song
song in my heart that’ll maybe save my soul
Soul feels like it’s been laid out bare
bare and stripped away from the bone
Bone tired with a mind gone out of touch
touch is something that I’ve been out of too

So so good to be here alone
alone with the quiet of the night

Heart needs to let the head fly free
free to make a little fantasy flight
Flight from here to there with no ticket to return
return for what when there’s no who at home
Home as empty as the liars solemn promise
promise of the wish made on a shooting star

So so good to be here alone
alone with the quiet of the night

Stars fading in and out among the clouds
clouds drifting away to where they go
Go quietly with that good night they do
Do I or don’t I just blindly turn away
Away with the blues and the black too
too many nights left to go on lonely but…

So so good to be here alone
alone and living with the quiet of the night

G.R. Hambley ©
October 27ish, 2016


Witness – Lyric



Looking for a little down time
.     had to get myself away
Monday morning glory
.     wasn’t happening today
Day moving hazily along
.     sun decides not to play

Clouds rolling all around
.     getting themselves together
Hoping the heavens don’t turn
.     slapping a curse on the weather
Catching the first hard drops
.     gonna be more than a shower

heard a song drifting through the rain
hurting voice singing out the pain
hopeless story sung to the angels once again

Couldn’t just walk on by
.     had to see what I hear
Saw the sorrow falling
.     in the rain her pouring tears
Singing softly the longing
.     dancing angel spinning prayers

Sight to silently behold
.     feeling like a thief
Gave everything in her heart
.     had it all was her belief
One day found it was gone away
.     still she smiles through the grief

her song carrying through the rain
her voice singing out from the pain
her story sung to the angels once again

Swaying to what only she hears
.     her body moving slowly round
Turns to give her lips to the wind
.     moving so not to be found
Letting the misery go in cries
.    staying still without a sound

Makes promises to herself
.     never having what was before
Looking close you see
.     dark storm passed over
Sun shine of an angel’s face
.     she’s free to love once more

heard that a song could chase the rain
healing voice singing out freed of pain
hopeful story sung to the angels once again

G.R. Hambley ©
July 19, 2016

The Devil’s Fine Day – Lyric

The Devil’s Fine Day


He done went down from heaven
The boy just up and shuffled off
The Devil took himself a powder that day
He stormed on out as the thunder played

On the Devil’s judgment day…
          the other angels begged him to stay
On the Devil’s fine day…
          the world learned a new way to play

He crashed hard on the soaking earth
The boy’s breath was taken plain away
The Devil clawed himself from that hole
He drank in deep from the muddied water

On the Devil’s judgment day…
          the other angels had begged him to stay
On the Devil’s fine day…
          the world learned a new way to play

He wore out raging at the moon
The boy laid his head on a stone
The Devil tossed in turmoil all night
He woke having found a new role

On the Devil’s judgment day…
          the other angels had lots to say
On the Devil’s fine day…
          the world learned a new way to play

He harped on out the new sound
The boy’s tones met with accord
The Devil revelled in the glory
He looked on up with a smile

On the Devil’s judgment day…
          the other angels had nothing to say
On the Devil’s fine day…
          the world learned a new way to play

G.R. Hambley ©
July 10, 2016

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Beach Bound – Lyric Poetry

Beach Bound


Been working an all night day
Now there’s time for a little fun
Sun’s making its morning run
Blinding in my rear view all the way

Don’t care what’s been left behind
Wheeling this old chevy 57 top down
Wind’s blowing my hair all around
Heading for where the girls are fine

Rolling again along this same old road
Hoping again to find someone of my own to hold

Got the sounds blasting on the radio
Station’s hitting all my favourite tunes
Smiling thinking what’ll be on those dunes
Just another hours cruising to the show

Drifting along the passing white lines
Summer heat raising up road shimmers
Beach girl thoughts giving me shivers
Gotta get some of those flashing smiles

Still rolling along this same old road
Still hoping to find someone of my own to hold

Sound’s get that pedal dropping down
Baby Blue rolling like she’s gonna fly
Her lullaby rocking me through the ride
Getting closer to that sea side town

Slow curves ahead says the yellow sign
Mind thinking that warning is wrong
Parked her right by a beauty with a song
Hopped out and she stops me with a line

Won’t stop driving that same old road
Won’t stop hoping until I’ve one of my own to hold

G.R. Hambley ©
June 03, 2016

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Won’t You Tell Me – Lyric

Yes I hear music when I write. The interlude is very short.

Won’t You Tell Me


Baby I got these thoughts going on
Sitting all by myself at home
Sitting here feeling all alone
Baby waiting for you to bring it on
drum interlude
Girl why am I thinking of only you
Girl just what am I going to do

Tell me, oh won’t you tell me tell me if I’m your fire
Tell me, oh won’t you tell me tell me if I’m your desire

Baby it’s just one more blue day
Sitting here watching your picture smile
Sitting knowing I’d run all those miles
Baby will you maybe see it my way
drum interlude
Girl if you could see me doing this time
Girl if you felt my heart you’d be mine

Tell me, oh won’t you tell me tell me if I’m your rising
Tell me, oh won’t you tell me tell me if I’m your shining

Baby everything you keeps me awake
Sitting here with my feet on the floor
Sitting here thinking I’ll head for the door
Baby I feel like I’m going to break
drum interlude
Girl I know it’s only you who’ll do
Girl I’m making my way to you

Tell me, oh won’t you tell me tell me if I can be your sun
Tell me, oh won’t you tell me tell me if I can be your one

G.R. Hambley ©
May 28, 2016

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Little Black Dressed; Together

LBD 4 LI Header

Little Black Dressed; Together

There are two stories and a resultant lyric poem here. One story is about relationship. The other is a story of a couple collaborations that came as a result of the relationship. How two people’s mutual likes begat more.

I’ve brought the Life Coach and Artist and Another Artist to this piece but you can scroll down to the lyric poetry if you so choose.

These two people encountered each other as peers. A real relationship formed from their encounter and they became and shall always be good friends.

More simply I liked her goodies and she liked mine. No, you don’t have to send the kids out of the room. This is a family hour tale and would be a good one to share with the kids. The kiddies might not be ready for the lyric poetry.

Both of us write, well. Two writers got together and something very good happened. The fact is 3 very good things happened on the writing level. Yes friendships are good things too but those are beyond being good and have special place as this friendship does.

You may have seen “Little Black Dressed” differently. If you haven’t you can read the exercise in poetry that Lady Anonymous and I did. Poetry for an Acrostic phrase I came up with, “Little Black Dress”. The first letter of every line when read down like a crossword puzzle make the phrase. Together we gave the readers the perspective from both a woman and a man on that item of apparel. Lady Anon was kind enough to give it up for me when I asked her to write the woman’s perspective.

Looking at things differently led to collaborating with Lady Anon again to this time make lyric poetry. We got to know each other better and a friendship grew. Grew in the same way all relationships grow, by getting to know each other.

Early on in the relationship me and Lady A, we’d say the exact same thing to each other but different. She’d send me things with a consideration and I’d do the same for her. She’d say something like, “if you’ve seen this, sorry for sending it”. I’d send things and say, “I don’t know what you know, I know what I know” for something she might already know. My friend and me, we haven’t used those disclaimers for a long time now. Some things become a given and some givens in relationship are comfortable.

After that interlude, back to collaboration.

I was reading the poem by Lady Anon and saw something that got me thinking. I gave her piece a little spin, flipping the 3rd and 4th stanzas. Then I headed over to a piece I’d written, “Corridor’s End” to ponder on the chorus in that poem.

I checked in with Lady Anonymous on whether or not I’d shown her just the flipping of the stanzas or moved the piece along to her after I’d added the chorus in. She is of the mind that I put it together and then sent along what I’d done for her consideration so we’ll go with that.

Yes, there was some concern on my part how what I had done would be received. At the time I did what I did, the relationship we have hadn’t been going on for all that long. You start playing with someone’s work, there is damn good reason for you to have concern!

I’m never comfortable with begging forgiveness rather than asking permission. Fortunately Lady Anonymous really liked what I did. She also assuaged my slightly guilty conscience and assured me no harm and there was no concern because it was me.

We take a little sideslip back in to the relationship here. This relationship began in a place common to both of us. Two people out doing things they like to do in a place they like to do it. There are others who do the same. We are talking about the Internet and not a local writers circle. The specific location we both hang out on the web is WordPress.

I’ve shared this little tidbit with people for a long time and frequently with people wondering why they can’t meet someone, why they can’t find relationship. Simple stuff really. You only meet people in 2 places and 2 places only. The 2 places you meet people are at work and in your activities. That’s it.

If you live to work you’ll probably find someone in your work environment like you and the two of you will be quite happy. If you work to live, it means “you” getting out there and doing the things “you” like to do in the places those things happen. Means you might be going places on your own but the bright side is, when you get there you’ll find other people doing that same thing you like to do!

Lady A knew me well enough to know that I see differently, I go delving in to works from different angles. You can see for yourself what I mean by the different angles by reading, “Overdosed, The Creation Of”. FYI, Lady Anonymous was an incredible sounding board as that piece of poetry came to life.

We talked about why I flipped the stanzas. By flipping the stanzas we had the tale of a woman who just couldn’t take the charade anymore. A woman who couldn’t be what she’d become. A woman who has reached her emotional end. The original poem in its acrostic form wouldn’t have stood up just by giving it a chorus. The tale would of been disjointed.

Lady Anonymous in her version of, “Little Black Dress” showed the woman in both 1st person and 3rd person. We had a good amount of chatter back and forth between us during the titching and the result is all 1st person and oh so very personal!

Lady A’s woman’s touch was especially helpful when I was punching up the chorus. It was in consultation with Lady A that I took the masculine harder hit out for a softer landing.

For all of you, Lady Anonymous will always be, Good Friend.

We hope you enjoy this collaborative work as much as “WE” enjoyed its creation!

G.R. Hambley ©
May 26, 2016

Little Black Dressed

Living out life in a gleeful rage
Innocence in this smile, tricks in another
The sweetness of the slaughter upon the lips
The second-hand silk is only a tease

Nowhere to be, what flew from heaven at your sound
Hoping and praying, the sound of the wings just not around

Looking for approval while asking for criticism
Emotions raw beneath the reflection
Betraying the cards up this sleeve
Lucky that mirrors always forget

Nowhere to be, what flew from heaven at your sound
Kneeling and praying, the sound of the wings just not around

Returning home alone once more
Every morning it’s just the same
Salting the wounds with a shot of Jack
Sleeping past noon in last night’s silk

Nowhere to be, what flew from heaven at your sound
Falling and praying, the sound of the wings just not around

Assaulting jealousy with laughter
Concealing the weariness with wit
Killing time in exquisite ways
Dying, one day, with memories instead of fantasies

Now it’s gone, no more when you call is an angel found
No angel can save you when your body touches down

Now it’s gone
No angel around
Now it’s gone
No angel found

Lady Anonymous & G.R. Hambley ©
March 12, 2015

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On That Jersey Shore

On That Jersey Shore


Started out like any other day
Woke up with the waves calling
Wanted to just lie there numb
Stay right there drinking them in
Shook myself out of that warm bed
Ran my fingers through my hair
Pulled on yesterday’s clothes
Headed out to do the morning thing

On that Jersey shore under the summer sun
On that Jersey shore thinking how we’d begun

Thinking of that favourite coffee spot
Leaving footprints in the wet sand
Skipping stones in to the wide blue
Those Jersey beach babies in flight
Been up and down this long beach
Looking for a certain tan in tie-dye
Watching for that devilish behind side
Waiting for that flashing that angel smile

On that Jersey shore drifting along with the ocean’s song
On that Jersey shore where we’d met after way to long

Salt wind carries her perfume along
Making her dreamy way this way
Morning sun shining on her sleepy face
Rainbow draping her shoulder to shoulder
Settles herself right where my cup sits
Captured my heart’s desire with those eyes
Sank my will with her breaking smile
Girl stole my last breath with her kiss

On that Jersey shore we became more than friends
On that Jersey shore we found a love that won’t ever end

G.R. Hambley ©
May 21, 2016

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Overdosed Scroll

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Ghosts appearing in times of change
recollections in mindful reflections
Awakened, they stroll callously the recesses
casting shadow where none had been
Shades of thee, unfortunate, yet too fortunate
directions of one’s own weather vane
Past practices in pain and pleasure revived
where conscience points the arrow marks

Taking liberty with the parcels of parchments strung
ties loosened, memories spinning cyclonic
Askance; were such only daggers with power to quell
that that was, materializations with point
Long ago’s veil lifted, the times speak as if only yesterday
the blood sweat and tears in the story of a life
Keening winds carrying the pitch from low to high
impossible to not be swept up in remembrance

Reel upon reeling reel loading furiously in to conscious
vast pools of sounds and sights, overwhelming
Entrapment takes relentless hold beyond rapture’s kiss
stuck in yesterday, concerns of today passed away
Slick go round on the nostalgia trip winding down
feeling nothing but tangled up and blue
Totally undone, touches of sublime peace in abandonment
left to be until such time the spring once again winds

G.R. Hambley ©
November 09, 2015

Counter Cutie – Lyric

Counter Cutie

Lyric, maybe.

Climbs herself up on that chair, gives up a little high thigh
Overtly lets them legs cross, grey skirt makes a swift shift
Uncrossing them, a small curvy push, tilting back the cool stool
No girl no, don’t be tugging that bunched up gown down

Cool legs sliding, hot lips smiling, red tresses flying

Tawny angel so desired, yeah she knows in how her glow shows
Every guy watching only you, all gone redheaded stepchild wild
Running fingers through that mane, nails a French tip trip
Captivating eyes blazing up, she’s caught someone’s crooked look

Cool legs sliding, hot lips smiling, red tresses flying

Under table knees just a knockin, girl’s got the rockin’ walkin’
Takin’ a glance this way, eyes meet eyes, smile beguiles
In a stride she’s by my side, totally insane, all gone a hazy crazy
Exchanging whispers, hair flip giggle, number goes in to a glad hand

Cool legs gliding, hot lips smiling, red tresses flying
          Cool girl waving, hot guys dying, me, I’m just admiring

G.R. Hambley ©
October 24, 2015

Making My Way (lyric)

This is actually my 3rd lyric piece The 2nd one you’ve already seen and that is “Closing Time“. The first Lyric I wrote was written over a year ago and in the moment although it is visible, I’m just going to leave it where it currently lies.

There is a 4th lyric as well. A collaboration, a marriage between a piece I wrote and a piece someone else wrote. We aren’t sure when or if that one will show up here. A joint effort with consideration by both for a one person veto.

In the moment, enjoy

Making My Way

Walking round and round that house of tells
Your voice comes calling out in the dark
Heard you sayin’ it’d be right for this old heart
Summoning up the courage to go kneel out my hells
Gonna go on in, can’t hurt and there’s so much to lose
Through the doors, reading all that stained glass news

Save me, can you save me? save me from what’s got me
Save me, you can save me? save me from what’s to see!

Came here before, to long ago to remember when
Pages reaching out from your bent and broken books
Tombs filled with the tomes of those who wouldn’t look
Tracts leading down, don’t want to be in those with them
Story told, in time might set this free, resolve is bending
Demon ways, long out of control, mind starts trembling

Want me, can you want me? want me knowing I don’t come clean
Want me, you can want me? want me knowing what I’ve been

Plans of being something else to talk about all went wrong
All the choices that could of lead to different places
Turned away from those that could of helped find other spaces
Everything turned crazy, didn’t take very long
Now it’s getting so close to the very end
Wondering can this be enough to make amends

Take me, can you just take me? take me cuz it wasn’t really fun
Take me, you can just take me? take me cuz now it’s really done

No more making fun

Now it’s just all done

Save me, Want me, Take me, Before I run again

G.R. Hambley ©
March 17, 2015