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PINK in October, I opt out.

PINK in October, I opt out.

A friend of mine posted up an item on Facebook that I decided to take part in. This is what was posted by my friend Johnny Sinclair, “I intend to fill Facebook with comic book heroes for Childhood Cancer Awareness, Give me a like and I’ll assign you a character.“.

A truly worthy cause. Awareness is one of my categories on WordPress and I use an awareness category on Linkedin as well. Filling up FB with comic book heroes also appeals to me as a wonderful alternative to some of the remanufactured crap that is passed off as newly profound and is so prolific on FB.

Johnny’s posting also got me thinking about something else on the cancer awareness front that will be with us for the month of October and that is breast cancer awareness. Again a very worthy cause and from what I’ve seen a terrific way to sell merchandise. Buy our stuff and part of your purchase price goes to the fight against breast cancer.

About a year ago a purveyor of home furnishings was brought to my attention on FB that was doing exactly what I just said. You buy from them and part of the purchase price goes to the fight against Breast Cancer. I went over to that retailers FB page with a purpose.

Everywhere you look in October something is pinked. Well almost everything because I choose to opt out of the pink. The truth is I’ve opted out on the pink for a number of years.

Included in the list of being PINKED for breast cancer awareness is, The National Football League, The National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, The NBA and MLS Soccer and here in Canada the CFL is for awareness for women’s cancers.

A deadly, ugly disease with what is an incredibly cute cause. The pink merchandise you can buy sporting your favourite teams logo is vast and I know this because I went and looked. Lots of other merchandise out there you can buy to support the cause as well.

I went to that furniture retailers FB page with the same purpose of mind that causes me to question the motivations of the major sporting leagues that serve Canada and the United States. The beauty of FB is that unless you take down what you put up, it stays there. You just have to scroll back far enough.

I went scrolling back on that FB page looking for something specific and was not the least bit surprised to find that what I was looking for wasn’t there. I sent that retailer an email asking very nicely about why what I was looking for wasn’t there. I received an email back that said in the future what I was looking for would also be something they would show cause for.

The Toronto Argonauts at one time showed cause for what I was looking for and I don’t know if they do anymore.

I don’t see any of the major sporting leagues doing anything for the cause I was looking for and you think they would. I don’t see much in the way of visible cause at all for what I was looking for. Maybe that’s because you can’t put something cute like “Save The Ta Ta’s” like I saw on a t-shirt for this cause so it just don’t fly.

Johnny assigned me “Thor” as the comic book hero.

And just so you know, April is awareness month for testicular cancer.

Gary “HAMMER” Hambley – all rights reserved
September 24, 2015

Toronto Argonaut Norm Casola and a small tribute to the man.

From one artist to another

From one artist to another, damn good stuff!

Artists talk and share and bounce off of each other. Artists give back. Artists support one another.

Chris is an artist who I met and “The Commoners” is the band he sings and plays in. They are real good!

When you’re checking out this tune hang around and give, “Shakin’ At The Knees” a listen.

Quoth Me #3

Quoth Me #3

We who love the word, we don’t get to decide what our power lines or impact moments are. That is decided for us by those that really read what we have to say and move the word on.

All of us who write, impact is what we hope to achieve. We want to impact our readers with our tales and points of view. If you’re writing and not looking to make the impact it’s probably a manual or reference material. Not to denigrate the writers of those materials who for the most part do a wonderful job.

Power and Impact lines, I know I have them because people have told me so.

Like everyone I’m also struck by the lines I read. Lines that trigger an immediate in mind response. Lines that can stand alone and resonate in the context of the piece.

I’ve also told those whose lines have slapped my attention fully awake that they moved me.

This is one of those lines that stuck struck me recently and the individual who wrote it was told about it. I’ve run this line by a few people and the responses that have been returned to me have all come with conscience. “With defiance we challenge Every absolute”   You can find the whole piece with the link. An absolutely wonderful piece of poetry.

My own poetry analyzed by yours truly, its edgier, grittier, a word in the right place is worth a thousand pictures. That’s what I’m going for. The stick it in and leave it in, I’m all for it. That said I don’t get to say what the killer line is in what I wrote. Sure I got favourites of mine that are mine.

For all of you and for all of us I humbly suggest and request you keep this one close to your heart and mind and move it on! I believe it. I live it. I move it on. I am honoured and duty bound to do so. The link takes you to a wiki about the writer.
You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

There are more. There will be more. Yours, mine and ours together will empower all the lovers of the word with what the word can do.

G.R. Hambley
February 13, 2015

Fixation d’un Bell de notre Marie

A statement had been made. In return a challenge was laid down.
You can see the challenge of the “BELLS” by clicking the link that is the title in translation.

In my humble opinion I do believe the challenge is won but that is not for me to decide. That decision on whether the challenge is won rests with, and I feel certain she will chime in, Sister Madly

I give for your consideration

Fixation d’un Bell de notre Marie
Attaching a Bell to our Marie

Many come, many go, by trail, by air, some at Fair Medieval
One here, one there, none knew interest lay not in breasts puffed
Nods with feigned smiles, mind miles from hell, pondering untaken trips
Keen edged wit, antonyms disguised as synonyms fall from lips rose pink
Each whisper, every sigh, small wishes for something far from there

Yawning afternoons become the eons of nighttimes’ dreamy yearnings
Slow to wake, quick to turn, sudden smile, a warming tolling from the glen
Sliver of Luna’s light through yon window, reflection on a shining bauble
Amid the images of the minds heart, a pause to take up the shimmering chain
Yen’s end, freely, joyously, willingly in the donning of a single silver bell

G.R. Hambley ©
February 03, 2015

EVIDENCE – Illuminating Sister Madly

EVIDENCE – Illuminating Sister Madly

It is well documented that a certain Sister Madly aka Wanton Moppet has had bad experiences with lights of the street.

A special investigative unit was dispatched to ascertain whether said incidents were real or imagined.

The findings of that investigation are now available under the freedom of information laws of several countries, one Anti-socialist Regime and a Herd of Flamingos.

Photograph 1 shows an over view of the scene.
The buzz going round was not electric and therefore not coming from what further investigation determined were the still terrified victims of the heinous act. Questioning the victims proved useless as in their non-shocking state they were only able to reply with unintelligible berrrrrraaps and kerrrrrrfizzles.

In the lower right of photograph 1 you will see that the assault did not reach either of the intended targets. This also raises question regarding a certain batting cave, errrr cage incident. After interviewing “The Professors” it was established that their sole purpose for the outing was to determine if “Sister Madly” was all field and no hit.


Photograph 2
you are given a better view of the “Weapon of Choice”. Your investigator is pleased that said weapon wasn’t a pair of Jimmy Choo Sling Back Stilettos as those things could put an eye out and will scuff terribly when hitting pavement from a great height.


Photograph 3
This shows that it would indeed take quite an arm to reach such a height.

We conclude, and rightfully so that the professors testified verily when stating they were actually trying out Ms Madly to see if she would be a good right field replacement on their softball team and were not just torturing Ms Madly as she proclaimed at the batting cave, errrrr cage that day for their own amusement!

Photograph 3 also shows us that for some strange reason nary a sole is to be seen.


Photograph 4
The photo shows clearly that the shoes which were hurled at the poor lights were golf shoes. Sister Madly, aka Wanton Moppet has also previously stated she had a rather provocative and unfulfilling encounter previously with the game of golf. Ms Madly did in fact mention the hurling of objects during that encounter.

Exhaustive efforts were made to canvas the area for witnesses but all complained of being driven under their beds in fear and forced to cover their ears by some strange high pitched scream. When asked if the sound reminded them of a Banshee, to a man, woman, child and flamingo the answer was YES!

The answer to that question in the affirmative made this investigator question if the Banshee previously complained about by Ms Madly was in fact a sound emanating from herself when provoked.


The investigation has determined Sister Madly, aka Wanton Moppet is provoked by round objects as well as the previously noted sharp objects.

There are a few other items worthy of mention that were uncovered during this investigation and will be released at a later date. In the moment there is a pressing need for some Merry HO HOing!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a, don’t provoke Sister Madly!

The First Lennon This Morning

The First Lennon This Morning

December 8 is always a tough day for me. I’m hearing the first of what will be many of this man’s songs today.

What’s playing is, (Just Like) Starting Over.

I can remember, see where I was when I heard.

A usual morning, up and in to the bathroom to get the day going. Flip on the radio and start brushing my teeth and then I heard. John Lennon was shot and is dead. I can still see my face in the mirror. If there is a look for shock and loss, the look on my face was it.

My best friend at that time and I used to go back and forth on who do you like better and why. Lets be real clear here, we like them both, a lot! For him it was McCartney and for me it was, and still is Lennon.

Don’t want to get to morbid here but just so you know, I still “Imagine”.

Thanks John

G.R. Hambley
Dcember 8, 2014