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Challenge Response To – From The Top

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From the Top.”

If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

LMAO! This is the piece I released early this morn while the day’s break was still a rumour.

No I wouldn’t choose this way to be. I just found the timing of the topic a scream, so to speak.



Reborn – Sonnet


A Sonnet

Argument raging, delusional, institutional, mind space confessional
Motions for, motions against, notions of ability, a maturing stability
Anger without angst, fed, cultured, risen soured dough, delicious repast
Lessons learned, lessons imparted, education in pain by degrees
Evolving, revolving, revolting tales for the cloistered professional
Violence begets laughter, laughter begets heightened emotionality
Over, done, the chance of return to decency, this lot for life cast
Lessons imparted, lessons learned, education continued with decrees
Evolution revolution, signature time, key note struck, danse macabre plied
Natural disorder, chaos and mayhem ensuing from disasters forging
True calling, autonomous evil, smiled upon by maniacal angel fraternal
Indomitable, rampant, emancipation complete, darkness triumphed
Age upon age developing, rage upon rage fermenting, sediment settling
Majestic magnificence, a being of the damned, damning darkness eternal

G.R. Hambley ©

September 15, 2015


Realize It’s Over – Lyric

Realize It’s Over

It’s about taking time to take time
There just hasn’t been much at all
Call comes in on the telephone line
Answering for you, no not this night
Maybe no answer for you at all
Easier this way it seems to me to be
Far easier to just be this way in every way
Ringing goes on and off all night

Not seeing you, not feeling you,
Can’t you see it, can’t you feel it,
Strange I’m just not missing you

One more day with no great scenes
Moving on to being my own soul driver
It had to be so why can’t you just agree
Make someone else over in your way
Passing on going down with no return
And you know I tried to be that guy
Couldn’t keep me and stay that way so
Time has come to say our last goodbye

Not ever gonna see you, not ever gonna feel you,
You’re gonna see it, you’re gonna believe it,
See how it is when I’m just not missing you

G.R. Hambley ©
August 11, 2015

Street Theatre #1

Street Theatre #1

Scene Location:
1 of 4 very nice coffee spots and I’m not telling you which one.

Chicky A and Chicky B at bar waiting for drinks

Chicky B kind of perusing the shelves

Chicky A has eyes for Chicky B

Bear knows that look

Chicky A steps close to Chicky B

Chicky A brushes something out of Chicky B’s hair

Chicky A doesn’t step back

Chicky B takes ½ step away

Chicky B goes back to eying what is on coffee spot shelves

Chicky A eyes Chicky B’s butt

Bear understands, it’s a good butt*

Chickies are talking

Chicky A steps closer to Chicky B

Bear is seen by Chicky A with bemused grin

Bear appears to be grinning at computer screen

Chicky A extends hand like reaching to put arm around waist of Chicky B

Chicky A stops mid reach, hand hangs in air

Chicky B takes ½ step away

Chicky A pauses, walks to coffee station to get straws

Chicky A adopts a look of resignation on 4 step journey

Chicky B receives foofoo cold drinks from Barista

Chicky B gives Chicky A her drink

Chicky A smiles warmly and thanks Chicky B

Chickies turn to leave

Chicky A’s head tilts toward Chicky B

Chicky A’s shoulder moves very close to Chicky’s B’s, a vision of conjoined

Chickies exit coffee spot.

Bear wants to applaud live daytime soap opera performance

Bear behaved

Bear is proud of self!

*BUTT – it is understood that quality of such is subjective

Bear names Soap Opera; “As The Blonde Yearns”.

Bear has alternative more classic title as backup; “A Tale Of Two Chickies”


Yes this is a tittering little tale that really happened. The reality is that there is nothing funny about the event. My spinning it in to the story I did was for entertainment value only.

The woman with the desire clearly had special feelings for the woman who was completely unaware. If the object of affection was aware she did a very good job of hiding it. This is also a lesson in deportment. If Woman B was in fact aware of Woman A’s feelings, by not making issue of it in a public place was considerate and an adult way of handling the matter. No one was embarrassed and the attention of people around was not aroused. In public is not the place to be dealing with such feelings.

Now had Woman A done something that required an immediate response from Woman B then something forceful would not have been out of line. I am not suggesting a sucker punch or going drama ballistic as suitable responses.

I don’t think the object of affection had the same proclivity as the woman with the affection because I think anyone of the same persuasion would have clued in. Did Woman A think Woman B was same sex oriented and just hopeful? I do not know. Woman A was hopeful of gaining Woman B’s attention that I do know.

I do know making that show in a public place wasn’t a good idea. You never know how someone is going to react and that is very much worth your consideration!

Feelings for another and the expression of those feelings can be difficult. No one wants to be told that the person they show interest in is not interested in them at a romantic level.

Heterosexuals don’t face the same issues asking someone out or expressing interest as those that are same sex oriented. Guy asks girl and vise versa, straight forward.

The bottom line of this is your own Emotional Presence. This is true for everyone. Finding a way to talk with someone alone for a heart to heart is the best way. You aren’t left wondering or frustrated or hopeful the person you’re interested in will pick up on your feelings.

If you’re same sex oriented, I appreciate the dilemma, especially so if you’re wrong about someone’s persuasion. You are still much better off knowing rather than wondering and pining.

G.R. Hambley – August 12, 2015 all rights reserved



False Witness – Sonnet

False Witness


An egregious assault reportedly perpetrated
Not to be, nor should it be, taken solely at face
Instance indulgence in and of itself, selfish
Made harshly in to one’s truth by innuendo
Practicality no consideration in mind fixated
Accounting demanded without semblance of grace
Cancer in remission awakened, back to flourish
Tolerance levels leveled, eye for eye for I told you so
Snarling, snapping, year after years containment
Unable to contain, pain spewed like lava rain
Deceit and lies only existing in one’s malignant mind
Deeds described not done, nor as imagined entertainment
Exasperation’s ceiling, lathe & plaster cut with disdain
Never more will such be tolerated by any of such kind

G.R. Hambley ©
August 09, 2015

Changeable And Not

Changeable And Not

When I get angry or upset I yell at a page. Writing is one of the coping mechanisms that helps me keep my mind off my chronic pain and in this moment what had angered me. For me writing is both Catalyst and Catharsis. Not to mention being a highly constructive way to deal and cope with the angst. For me it sure beats having an outburst or withdrawal of some sort.

I wrote the poetry below in about 45 minutes and it is an acrostic. I was composing the piece in my head as I made my way from the pharmacy I use to a coffee spot.

I have been dealing with chronic pain for over 26 years. I’ve been fighting with another physical shift for about 6 months. They happen every few years. These shifts in physical being are not going to stop. Coping with these shifts is never easy. Some of the shifts have been easier than others. This one has been the worst. Age, some stress and the after effects of a pretty harsh winter temperature wise that I just haven’t come back as well as I’d of liked.

Knowing when to get medical help with the situation doesn’t have a definitive “you can wait” or “you need to go now” switch. You have to feel your way through it and I will admit I’m not the best at going on time, in time. I tend to stretch it out thinking I shall find a way to overcome without help. I’m getting better at going for help sooner rather than later but me thinks I’ll always be the sort to push beyond the flap of the envelope to my own detriment at times.

Breaking in a new Doctor too. Fun Wow!

When I post an item that has coping skills, Life Coach Tips, etc., in the piece it is about me and what I have found that works for me. You have to find your way to cope and you don’t have to do it alone unless of course that is your choice.

I hope those that read me can find something for themselves in what I’ve written that they can use. If not, that’s okay too.

Changeable And Not

Slippery up slope, sliding on the flats, surfing on the downs
Hard climb to reach the threshold of rest and repeat
Infinite change where only the variables remain constant
Frustration fixation, moody blues and not the good kind

Take one, take two, take this damnation for an other’s cup of poison
It shall not be allowed for a moments respite or throughout what remains
No surprises, no up rises, no monsters creeping will be left to live
Game face on, for those conquering chronic change, it never comes off

G.R. Hambley ©
July 11,2015

Distressing Love – Sonnet

Distressing Love

One the only answer in the in love heart’s equation
Children a given, any future holds definite addition
Far away, grieving the only thing you do
Angel crying, taking hold the pain inside you
Never say never, fantasy for those unrealistic
Angel’s red eyes begging of one seeming sadistic
Negotiating, feeding this shared selfish need
Despair over promise given to righteous deed
Fury comes raging , tearing away calm’s shroud
Angel Lucifer bringing terminal music on black cloud
Miracle of two that joined together to become one done
Bringing in to this world with certain passing shunned
Let there be certainty, completely yet sweetly I remark
My beautiful love, forever we must remain apart

G.R. Hambley ©
July 06, 2015




Moving around on a new piece of ground
Every turn, something gets you good
Turning the cheek, looking another way
As the faces circle by, an endless chain
Passing round and round like a clock’s hands
Hour after hour, time goes where no one knows

You know it’s feel, the candle burning at both ends
Sentenced souls running like sand through the glass
It’s you, two feel the bond in a frozen moment
Can’t turn away, no way to be or even wanting free
Angel gypsy moves her swaying body away
Looking back eyes sharing their hearts “we’ll never part”

Just you and me amid this room full of empty faces
Once for a lifetime dances in on a forever and never sigh
I’d give, you’d give, all our life left for just one kiss
Never knowing the sound of one’s love’s delights
Every day being in exquisite heaven while doing time in hell
Darkness led to dawning, everything everywhere and nowhere

G.R. Hambley ©
June 24, 2015



Seems I’ve always been here
Under the rainbows bright smile
Below the clouds wide range
Longing away where one star shines

Insides burning with unrequited desire
Mists of great falls shroud falling tears
It’s the way of solitary searching
Never was meant to be like others

Always destined to roam on alone
Life down the one way can’t run way
Yardsticks marked by indelible mind
So goes a maker of rhythm and rhyme

Utopian existence this way not for some
Best left to those select majik few
Listen close and you will hear
In their words one fear of loss they tell

Make it so someday all will know
Every step down that singular road
Made trail where none dared first go
Every word safe, scribed in celestial book

G.R. Hambley ©
June 13, 2015

One Night


This piece requires a description in to the mindset of me your presenter and an existing double standard. I’m a proponent of equality. Applying among other things, standards equally to both men and women.

I’ve had these. I wasn’t alone when I had them. The standard that is applied to me the man is different than what is applied to my companion, the woman. That to my mind is wrong.

I am neither condoning or condemning the act. The act happens and whether you partake or not in such is personal choice, for both men and women. I can’t comment on the mindset of this encounter in those that are same sex oriented because I just don’t know how the action is viewed.

Recently one morning a woman come in to one of my favourite coffee spots. She was getting her coffee among other things. She looked at me and knew I knew. I knew what the look on her face was saying.

We all know how when spoken of, the act is applied to a man. We don’t need to drag out the descriptions here.

The act has been described as applied to a woman as, “The Walk Of Shame”. I do not like that. I also see that description as a form of emotional control and I like that even less!

This happened. It is real. If it went as I write in the first stanza, don’t know. It did go as I write in the second stanza.

One Night

Slipping out, stepping in to last night’s silk
Tussled hair, sleepless eyes in a makeup mirror
Reaching in for lipstick, pulling out yesterday’s lace
Ankle straps hung like a gunslingers belt
Passing view, wondering when you’ll see you
Pausing, blowing a kiss from the closing door

You can see on the way in, a night of that she won’t tell
The rings go on, earrings go in, chain in knots
Happy and not, wondering where the right went wrong
Insides go to turning cartwheels from butterfly wings
No, just can’t be seen this way by the sound of the sigh
Glow in surprise, discovered, no taint, just another man’s smile

G.R. Hambley ©
June 12, 2015