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Singing Bear

Singing Bear

The little bear is versatile and blatantly self promoting.


Stone Bear Your Message Complete

I like doing different things with the little guy.
G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved


One Of Those Days! #1

One Of Those Days! #1

We all have those day for a number of reasons
We all me thinks have this feeling on those days


The feeling of being run over by a train!

Click on the image for larger


Original Shot

Tracks are in the Mojave Desert near the Boneyard.



Bonus Shots



You can see just a hint of the Boneyard in the shot below.


G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved

Coffee and a 90 Second Sonnet

Coffee and a 90 Second Sonnet

I’d had to go outside one of my coffee spots to warm up, got looking at the sign and 90 seconds later I had an acrostic sonnet.

Okay so it isn’t classic sonnet style but it’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Something I want to make very clear. The coffee elves are very good about turning the A.C. off when it gets real frosty. The problem isn’t the care and concern of the good elves. The problem is a poorly designed system that won’t shut off because there is no proper sensing of the environment.

And how do I know this you ask? Sheet Metal was my trade. Commercial / Industrial air systems more specifically.

Next, I want my “Canadian Dragon Fish”! A while back coffee spot was running short of all 3 of their brews. They asked if I’d like a combo of what they had. I said sure just give me a 1/3 of everything. Not unusual for me as I’d make my own blend when going to the grocery store.

The blend of the 3 was really good so I just stuck with that mix when I’d come in. I liked it so much I gave it the “Canadian Dragon Fish” name. Coffee elves at the couple spots I frequent liked that I named the blend and they really liked the name I gave the blend.

The 3 coffees in the blend are, True North (Canadian), Pike Place (pike is a fish) and Komodo Dragon (Dragon).

Coffee spot hasn’t had that blend for a while and the current blend is quite good but it just aint as good as my blend. Yes, the coffee elves got to calling it, “Gary’s Blend” and Gary wants it back!

G.R. Hambley © July 11,2015


It’s Dominion Day, Happy Birthday Canada!

Dominion Day
Happy Birthday Canada

The Dominion Of Canada

July 1 is Dominion Day

Beginning in 1958, the Canadian government began
to orchestrate Dominion Day celebrations.

I do not care thing one or thing two what was enacted years ago by a Liberal Government without quorum.

I am proud of my Country and its heritage.

Conservatively inclined commenters saw the change as part of a much larger attempt by Liberals to “re-brand” or re-define Canadian history. Columnist Andrew Cohen called Canada Day a term of “crushing banality” and criticized it as “a renunciation of the past [and] a misreading of history, laden with political correctness and historical ignorance. Wiki Page History

There is photography and art below the poll

The image is a 2 shot compilation.
The Flag and the CN Tower are one shot.
The Snowbirds shot is 1 of 10 from a loop sequence



Yes “The Little Bear” is patriotic too!

CTB Heart Lake FiniSZ

We’re certain our American friends wouldn’t stand for July 4
being anything but Independence Day!

CTB Lincoln FiniSZ

If you’d care to make
The Rules Of Life
a desktop wallpaper you may



3 Bears – A Truth

3 Bears – A Truth


CTB baby bear tigger free badge finiSZG.R. Hambley June 2015


Triple “D” Part 3

Triple “D” Part 3

Part 3 of 3 in a behavioural series

This series consists of the three words I would have to use with a certain individual. That individuals response to my calling them on their actions or lack there of. Time and time and time again, I would have to call the individual for the denials, the deflections and the deference’s.

There is nothing any individual Bullshitting likes less than being called on their Bullshit!

I wasn’t going to use that word but I did read the book, “On Bullshit” which is a nice little read. By Harry G Frankfurt, “Chapter One ON BULLSHIT. One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit. Everyone knows this. Each of us contributes his share. “

Well all except me and you of course. We have alternative realities don’t we?

And aint that the truth!



Roses and Sunshine

Roses and Sunshine

With all the other things I’ve had going on, in the moment
I just wanted something up that is pretty and fun!

Believe it or not, only one yellow rose was used.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

The Little Bear goes rosy