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Quoth Me #11 – Righteous!

Quoth Me #11 – Righteous!

Watch what you write so you get it right so a wright won’t have to be sent to perform a rite on you!

I sent that sentence to a colleague a number of years ago in response to an error made by one of the individuals in the department my colleague was in charge of. I wasn’t pleased that someone didn’t do their job and I had to straighten out the problem caused by the individual who made the error.

So you know, it wasn’t the first time I’d had to do that. The way I conveyed my displeasure, making the point with consideration. The individuals boss was my boss at one time and knew from dealing with me for a few years that I was supremely perturbed. The manner in which I conveyed the matter was also very much appreciated. Point made without a rant or anyone being embarrassed.

It is about paying attention to what you do. Bad enough that being inattentive can cause you grief. Even worse when your inattention causes a problem for someone else.

And if you wanna have some fun with people, ask them to spell, “write” and then tell them, “no, not that one”.

G.R. Hambley, September 8, 2015 – All rights reserved

Originally Titled – Quoth Me #11 – How Many?

Introducing SPASM

Introducing SPASM

I started a second blog on the weekend.SPASM and that stands for, “Some Poignancy And Smartass Musings”.

The first real piece on SPASM is about learning to walk and I hope you like and will pass it around as it is one of my pet peeves!

There are self imposed constraints here on “transitionu” and that is as it should be. I bring my art and my work to this place. I bring much of myself as well. I bring some of my smart ass ways here mixed in with life lessons and coping skills.

I bounced the idea of the new site and the separation of church and state so to speak off a good friend and friend agreed I need a place to be freer and what I do with that facet of myself doesn’t belong here on the poetry and Life Coaching blog.

The poetry at times are extensions of life lessons and coping skills in an artistic format. A recent poem that is life lesson as well as being a sonnet is, “False Witness” and is about an action and a reaction.

I hope you’ll enjoy a more acerbic space as much as you enjoy the artsy and thoughtful.

My best regards to all.

G.R. Hambley
August 24, 2015

Ladies, Pull Up A Commode!

I have never seen the need to reinvent the wheel. Having just gone in to a washroom at one of my coffee spots after a woman has just left the washroom and finding today’s prompt (June 19, 2016) on return to my table, does AIMLESS ever fit!


Ladies, pull up a commode!

Girls there is no pleasant way to say this. Some of you are getting guys blamed for your tinkle sprinkle on toilet seats in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Coffee spots I visit, the bathrooms are unisex and it is first come first relieved.

Those coffee spots also have coffee elves that take good care of me. I’m hoping this P.S.A., Public Service Announcement of mine will also make their jobs a little easier!

I’ve noticed a few times recently when I’ve had to wait to gain access to a bathroom and gone in after a woman, on occasion there has been urine on the seat and spotting or a small pool of urine on the floor. Not enough on the seat or in the right place for it to be a guy. Too much of it on the floor to have been a guy who wasn’t completely off balance drunk.

And lets be realistic here, were that mess there when you went in, ladies you’d come flying out of there making noises about the conditions and rightfully so!

FYI ladies, most guys will leave the seat up when complete if it is a stand up procedure.

I know there are women that for what ever reason, and I do not care thing one or thing two what that reason is, that will straddle the commode rather than sit. If that is your chosen position to relieve yourself, so be it. If you’re going to straddle the toilet then you are responsible for cleaning up any mess you make.

Those same coffee spots I visit also have grab bars for those with physical difficulties. The positioning of those grab bars make it real easy to hang on and straddle the commode. No I didn’t try it! I have an extremely elevated spatial perception.

If you can carry a $20.00 lip pencil or stick you can carry a $1.00 bottle of hand sanitizer as well! That little bottle will sanitize things other than hands!

This leaving the mess and letting it be thought some man didn’t lift the seat must stop!

How To Use A Public Bathroom
1. On entry, lock the door and make sure all the paper products you’ll require are present
2. Get a piece or three
3. Adjust the seat for up or down using the paper from step 2.
3A. Line seat if desired
4. Assume the position
5. Make use of the commode
6. Use paper product if required
7. Paper product disposal, drop in commode, not on the floor!
8. Stand up, pull up, button up, clean up paper if used
9. Flush the damn toilet!
10. Go to wash basin (sink)
11. Turn on water
12. Wash hands (face if needed)
13 Get paper
14. Dry hands
15. Turn water off with the paper you dried with
16. Go to door of washroom
17. Open washroom door with the paper you used to dry your hands and turn off the water
17A. Hold door open with foot if necessary
18. Put paper in garbage can
19 Exit washroom

If you can’t respect the facilities and those that are going to make use of those facilities after you, THEN DON’T USE THE FACILITIES!

I have considerately provided a link to a viable alternative to using the public washroom.

Ladies Alternative Device

I feel much better now that I have relieved myself!

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
August 04, 2015

Quoth Me #10 … T + W +T = TNT

T + W + T = TNT

Our TOOLS, our WEAPONS, and our TOYS are all the same, words.

Everyone knows how deep the spoken word can cut. A word spoken in the heat of argument can be forgiven but it never gets forgotten. Most of us have had at least a couple of those heated word instances in our lifetimes on both the giving and receiving side. Sometimes even both at the same time, the war with words.

Yeah I know, and war of words is different so let’s just keep it at war with words. I will give you close encounters of the worst kind as an alternative.

Out here in the Blogosphere, the word only happens with purpose and on purpose. You have the ability to back out of what you put down in words. Thoughtless just doesn’t apply because the writer has the ability to take the bullet out of the chamber before pulling the trigger to post.

Some of us writers even play in the same sandbox together. We play in the Blogosphere. We play hard, we play irreverent. We play nice and we play not to hurt. We play with conscience and understanding.

Sometimes we hurt without intent. We don’t need to be told that we hurt or stung in so many words either. We see it in the responses of the people we play with. I’m not talking about reading tone in to email. We perceive hurt and we fix it, fast. Sometimes we are wrong about what we’ve perceived and we learn as we communicate with each other.

There are those professing communication skills I’ve seen on a certain specific site that could learn much from spending time at WordPress. They might even discover originality and move away from mindlessly rehashing quotes by others in their attempt to appear sensitive and profound. Maybe they are sensitive but the lack of originality and the frequency with which the works of others are spit out, seriously makes me wonder about their motivation.

There are bullies and manipulators in our sandbox just like anywhere and everywhere else.

I have taken a few to task on what I read in their post. I have been questioned a couple times on items in my posts by people looking for clarification. I have not been taken to task and I do my best with what I write to ensure that me being taken to task never happens. That doesn’t mean I’m not of opinion because I am. It does mean I am considering and considerate.

I am happy, and not, to say I’ve taken more to task off that other certain specific site than I have at WordPress. In some ways that seems and feels backwards. By the nature of the two sites you’d almost expect there’d be more reason for a full blown snark on or addendum snark on than there would be at a site that is business centric.

Something I never forget or overlook is that it is real people and not fairies or elves putting the posts up to be read.

As we move around in our sand box we learn about our playmates. You’d better learn it or you’ll find yourself off playing by yourself. Hey give me marks for not saying, “Playing with yourself”. True, it is the same but way different and the different would be the irreverent. The double entendre has its place just not here at this time.

Some of us, and I include myself in this and are overly sensitive. We’ll read things in to responses or commentary that simply isn’t there. Better to err to the side of caution and clarify if you have any question.

Tools with which we craft our tales, tribulations, hopes and dreams and oh so very much more. There are some damn good crafters out here. Some I follow by reader and a few I follow by email notification. Not only are we more fun than television, we are far more entertaining!

I truly wish I had time to get to more of the pieces by my fellows.

Weapons of mind destruction are at our fingertips. We all believe when we let loose that we use our powers for good. We can be incendiary. It is those that read us that determine the validity of what has been unleashed.

Toys we have been blessed with the greatest toys known to humankind, words.

Sharp minds, fertile imaginations and real feeling shape the words. The Blogosphere is a fine place to find reality and escape “Business Psychosis” too.

G.R. Hambley © – all rights reserved
July 13, 2015

Purple Passionate

Purple Passionate

I had been out for a lunch time walk and was thinking about a friend being a little blue.

My friend likes purple and silver. The flower I shot is pure purple.

I wanted the flower for my friend to have my special touch.

So I made the green leaves purple and silver.

I’m pretty certain that blue got chased away if only for a little bit.


Purple Passionate01sgn

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved

Weapons Of Mass Persuasion

Attacking For The World

I don’t have or want access to these Russian T 90’s


Don’t happen to have any Chinese ASBM’s either

Nope not even one American Fighter Jet


I do have other weapons at my disposal to attack for the world

GRH Artist Hand 02

My attacks are made with my mind and the point of “MY” poignant pen

GRH Artist Hand 01

I know how to use my weapons and will use them
I will use them to help make those other weapons unnecessary


G.R. Hambley – July 2015

USAF Fighter – G.R. Hambley Photograph @ Edwards AFB
Photos of my hands – Pete Tate
Russian T 90 –
Chinese Missile –

Five And Only Five

Five And Only Five

Five Paragraphs

I haven’t been feeling my usual unusual self for a couple weeks. Goes that way and I manage to cope just fine. The physical issues started acting up and there is a new level to come to terms with. An accompanying stress issue is exacerbating the problem.

I’ve managed to keep the presence fresh because I have well stalked vaults at both WordPress and Linkedin. Call it whatever you like. Making hay while the sun shines, going Boy Scout by being prepared. I got goodies at the ready.

I have pieces in progress, coaching awareness pieces as well as a couple poems and a couple that are being written as lyrics. I found a comfort with rhyme scheme that I didn’t use to have and am now finding myself having to make conscience act to not use rhyme scheme in my writing.

Coping Skills is what it really is. Knowing what you can expect to rear its ugly head and take a bite out of your usual and normal way of functioning. We all have those days no matter our age or physical condition.

I’ve stated previously I just don’t buy in to the 110% mentality. All the things I have in reserve are in place because on those days where my 100% was more than the norm, I did more.

Five Sections For The Mythical Stranding

For some reason I found myself as I was heading for coffee the other morning thinking about those things you’d take if you were to be stranded on an island. Gotta stimulate the mind on that island so you don’t go crazier than an outhouse rodent.

Yup, it is a strange and beautiful mind I have.

Five Things You Can’t Take
GPS/Satellite Phone
Majik Folk
Your momma
Your Pet

Five Albums (no greatest hits or compilations)
Bruce Springsteen – Greetings From Asbury Park
Bob Dylan – Street Legal
Alan Parsons Project –Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Crosby Still Nash & Young – Déjà Vu
Carole King – Tapestry

Five Books (trilogy style is allowed)
Richard Bach – Illusions
Stephen King – The Stand
Farley Mowat – The Boat That Wouldn’t Float
Sun Tzu – The Art Of War
John Donne – Anything that his a vast amount of Donne’s writing in between its covers

Five Films
To Kill A Mockingbird
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Wizards (Bakshi Animation)

Five Items
KnifeCrocodile Dundee style, “Now that’s a knife!”
Magnifying Glass
CD/DVD Player Solar Powered with built in speakers
Fish Hook
Sewing Kit


I would be delighted if you desire to leave your thoughts on what you’d take and why. If you brought your “B.A.”, kindly take it with you when you leave.  😉



I’ve put up some off the wall stuff. Yes there is method behind my madness. Yeah, no surprise.

This is a wonderful space to ply the aspects of my life that are most rewarding and most frustrating.

My “SANITY” is never in question. Is yours?


G.R. Hambley
June 19, 2015

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Seems I’ve always been here
Under the rainbows bright smile
Below the clouds wide range
Longing away where one star shines

Insides burning with unrequited desire
Mists of great falls shroud falling tears
It’s the way of solitary searching
Never was meant to be like others

Always destined to roam on alone
Life down the one way can’t run way
Yardsticks marked by indelible mind
So goes a maker of rhythm and rhyme

Utopian existence this way not for some
Best left to those select majik few
Listen close and you will hear
In their words one fear of loss they tell

Make it so someday all will know
Every step down that singular road
Made trail where none dared first go
Every word safe, scribed in celestial book

G.R. Hambley ©
June 13, 2015

One Night


This piece requires a description in to the mindset of me your presenter and an existing double standard. I’m a proponent of equality. Applying among other things, standards equally to both men and women.

I’ve had these. I wasn’t alone when I had them. The standard that is applied to me the man is different than what is applied to my companion, the woman. That to my mind is wrong.

I am neither condoning or condemning the act. The act happens and whether you partake or not in such is personal choice, for both men and women. I can’t comment on the mindset of this encounter in those that are same sex oriented because I just don’t know how the action is viewed.

Recently one morning a woman come in to one of my favourite coffee spots. She was getting her coffee among other things. She looked at me and knew I knew. I knew what the look on her face was saying.

We all know how when spoken of, the act is applied to a man. We don’t need to drag out the descriptions here.

The act has been described as applied to a woman as, “The Walk Of Shame”. I do not like that. I also see that description as a form of emotional control and I like that even less!

This happened. It is real. If it went as I write in the first stanza, don’t know. It did go as I write in the second stanza.

One Night

Slipping out, stepping in to last night’s silk
Tussled hair, sleepless eyes in a makeup mirror
Reaching in for lipstick, pulling out yesterday’s lace
Ankle straps hung like a gunslingers belt
Passing view, wondering when you’ll see you
Pausing, blowing a kiss from the closing door

You can see on the way in, a night of that she won’t tell
The rings go on, earrings go in, chain in knots
Happy and not, wondering where the right went wrong
Insides go to turning cartwheels from butterfly wings
No, just can’t be seen this way by the sound of the sigh
Glow in surprise, discovered, no taint, just another man’s smile

G.R. Hambley ©
June 12, 2015