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St James Spire – Toronto

The Spire of St. James Cathedral here in Toronto.

I love walking around my city. Got a couple other things in the works too.

IMG_20180522_134508 enhanced signed

I am standing on, “The Esplanade” looking north. The white automobile you see is on “Front Street. Those are condos in front of the Spire.

G.R. Hambley May 23, 2018 ©



B&W Challenge Day 6


7 days, seven black and white photos of your life. No people, no explanation. Challenge someone new each day and tag the person who tagged you.

Day 6

G.R. Hambley © December 05, 2017

Curves and Lines

Curve Challenge

Toronto and I live in the core. Some of the architecture is gorgeous. Some not so much!

Me I do love the craftsman ship and beauty of Cathedrals and Churches.

Metropolitan United Church

To the left you see the needle of the CN Tower

Toronto July 29 2015 LMEA 0010007

The curves of the Cathedral and the straight lines of office boxes

Toronto July 29 2015 LMEA 0010011

Spire of St Michael’s Cathedral

The straight lines of the scaffold during restoration

Toronto July 29 2015 LMEA 0010004

G.R. Hambley – June 17, 2016
all rights reserved

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Singing Bear

Singing Bear

The little bear is versatile and blatantly self promoting.


Stone Bear Your Message Complete

I like doing different things with the little guy.
G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved

Stained Glass & Jade – Art Piece

Stained Glass & Jade

Digital Art



G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved

Currents – poetry & art


Looking away from siren eyes impossible
Embraced by soft magnetic soul
Currents charge takes direct hold
Top of the heart where from the aura grows

Rose frosted lips draw to a lovers smile
In one heart beat cold goes to pure heat
Cause of the effect painless terminal shock
In those blue eyes spirit set on fly


Take me to the place where you go
Yesterday wasn’t ready for such to be
Stretch out a finger, seal fate
Only for this and the forever life

Between heaven and earth and back again
Living and loving the alternating waves run
Under sea abyss, over mountain range
Each day, every day, held in the arc of life

G.R. Hambley ©
June 10, 2015





Triple “D” Part 3

Triple “D” Part 3

Part 3 of 3 in a behavioural series

This series consists of the three words I would have to use with a certain individual. That individuals response to my calling them on their actions or lack there of. Time and time and time again, I would have to call the individual for the denials, the deflections and the deference’s.

There is nothing any individual Bullshitting likes less than being called on their Bullshit!

I wasn’t going to use that word but I did read the book, “On Bullshit” which is a nice little read. By Harry G Frankfurt, “Chapter One ON BULLSHIT. One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit. Everyone knows this. Each of us contributes his share. “

Well all except me and you of course. We have alternative realities don’t we?

And aint that the truth!



Contemn – sonnet with art

Contemn – sonnet with art

There were thoughts exchanged between myself and a friend on the art. What does the art say. The friend and myself were in the same thought passage on what the art was saying. Friend was a few doorways ahead but in the same passage.

Many thanks to my friend for the input. Very much appreciated!

There was also an exchange of thoughts on music. I sent along what I hear when I look at the piece and my friend sent back what they heard. Those pieces of music are at the end.

I call the art, “Eyes On Fire”. The piece was done late 1990’s.




Old familiar music comes muffled through apartment door
New smile takes shape upon vermilion tinted lips
Way made from door to where from the music slips
One step, heel follows toe, dancing the corridor floor
Melodic way changes rapidly, eyes afire, stupefied mind
Enjoined, enraptured, oblivious to the lost love’s eye
Noticed, sight meets sigh, voice unable to join the eyes that cry
Such a thing to see, impossible to even have considered such a find
Clouded thoughts in concert with battered tortured heart
Overburdened, under slept, burning questions, all answer depart
Running makeup tissued away, a make-up not this or any day
Need in the moment, realization the need is to be forever away
Eyes shed the last tears for remembrances of joy and sorrow
Disdain, last look left behind, smile ahead to the new tomorrow

G.R. Hambley ©
June 06, 2015

Contemn: Looking down on with disdain.

What I heard, predominately the first 2:40 of the piece.

What my friend heard looking at the art.

Etheral – sonnet with art


a sonnet

The art piece was done in the late 90’s.
I call the piece, “Spectral Beauty”.

window002moonStorm clouds gathering slowly, steadily, hot summer night
Pushing in on, over the others, patches of moonlight
Eerie, ominous, air electric surrounds, heard as much as felt
Crawling on the flesh, whisper a breeze lest charged skin melt
Thunder beats, echoes, rolling, bowing the heather plain
Rain mysteriously hangs, suspended below forming frame
Angry billows clash, circle, swirl, above the turmoil, Luna’s mirth
Lightning brilliantly bolting in chains from heaven to earth
Brought to ground, exploded ozone, scent lingering
Enervating, visceral, wanting to believe with a whole heart
As time stands still, shape takes form in front of shadow
Unreal, surreal, drifting along the path of moon’s beaming
Those days of nights remembering the promise of never part
You, here, lovely, lovingly, watching, smiling through window

G.R. Hambley ©
June 02, 2015