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The summer days that had sweetly, gently, turned to next
Holding together as the nights crept their way away
One hot day rolling in to the sultry windblown night
Sleeping and finding that yesterday is back again today

Early morning brings a sweater chill, gone away by ten
Walking hand in hand through crackling autumn leaves
It’s getting late early, seeing our old friend rise to greet us
Sweethearts seen in an unending kiss by the harvest moon

Tasty flakes floating down, caught on waiting tongues
Fluffy snow just begging for new angels to be made
Unusually warm you say for such a cold winter’s day
Looking at you, a little lovin’ like we’d been told Eskimos do

Days are getting longer again, didn’t think they ever would
April is heading in to May and the world comes out to play
You’ve been gone not so very long, only seems like forever
Spring flowers blossom brightly where I’ve laid you to rest

G.R. Hambley ©
April 29, 2016

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The last two lines are what happens when you make a sudden left followed by an immediate down. I don’t so much steer these things, I just record where they go.

The course was plotted and laid in for smooth happy voyage beginning to end. I got to the 2nd last line and it took off like a rocket and I let it go.

For those of you that may prefer an alternative happier ending, enjoy.

Days are getting longer again, didn’t think they ever would
April is heading in to May and the world comes out to play
You making the bed where our favourite flowers will grow
Softly settling beside you to kiss, “I love you” in your ear


Response To “Wicked Witch”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

The Assignment:
Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

The Response:
I understand it better than most. Not only do I have a guardian angel, Lucifer, I am a guardian angel of the arch variety.

I believe I answered quite well on the topic in my piece, “In Perpetuity“.

The poetry is in Acrostic format. Should this be a place where you would like to spend eternity and need help getting there, keep it up!

So y’all know, I also have a witch and a very good friend with magic crystals. While the things they can do are extreme, it aint even close to the level of living undead hell I can put you through. I seem to recall mentioning, “veracity“?

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Neon Medusa

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

An Angel’s rendering of what the eventual home will look like for those that, shall we say, deviate to the deviant.

New World Beginning

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, spirits of heaven, demons of hell, a new world has begun
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, hands of life, claws of chaos, a new world has form
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, day of truth, night of evil, a new world has life


~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

If you’d care to read more of what I have to say, and for your own salvation I strongly suggest you do, visit here, “Random Angel Musings“.

Okay I’m kidding … Maybe.

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved, in perpetuity.
October 08, 2015

PS … I don’t do Halloween

All imagery and writings, mine.



Prance and dance, make pretend romance
There’s one here, one there, two more from elsewhere
Diddling and piddling from Portland to Portland

Beneath the guise of an unending malaise
Nothing and no one stops the fools drool
Knells hell’s only feed the rabid search

Parading through the maize, spreading disease
The ritual of the ride, followed with yapping good riddance
Insecticide rejecticide, fleeting thoughts of suicide

Nave, idol worshipping among the naive
The catch twenty-two, discovery of the truth
Now the evisceration after necessary neutering

G.R. Hambley ©
May 24, 2015

Of the same ilk, Contemn

The Ending

The Ending

Against all better judgment the heart allowed to rule
Caring enough to kiss away the tears of dismay
A gift held up, held out, that was selfishly used and abused
Echoes of truth are not truth, just remnants of what was

One promise, then another and another given
Take care of forsaking this for such will be our death
In what was there are lingering resentments for both
Excuses are for the past, in the past, what was, was

Hand in hand we freely walk together our new path
Looking joyously with love to that which we will forever share
All the hurdles, blocks, impasses and upsets willingly taken
Road to a better understanding, appreciation, delight begun

Day time walks and talks of the way things will be
The night making love in our candle lit lair where none intrude
Soft touches, slow caresses, deep wet kisses
Sinking firm flesh in to soft flesh,
savouring the shared small death

Every small step taken a joyous one
Doubting by each, of each, has faded like sunset
Faith being put to its necessary test looms, it hangs silently tonight
On to bed, on to holding each other tight, on to holding on

Morning of the part time parting breaks, heat oppressive on heart, soul, smile
Under the morning sun, sorting, thinking, pieces to take, pieces to stay
Noon passes high, afternoon no delight, should’ve been just thee and me
Killing time together in mostly quiet, nothing else to say or do but wait

Polka dot passions, now slightly crumpled, put temporarily away
Like it or not, got to go, time to go back to go forward
It’s a known, next time we see each other we’ll never part
Not that fears were not made known in the parting moments, left alone to wait

Talking across the miles, across the borders, across a line
East of home, this reality so very far west of an others truth
Something asked for, something for peace, “I’m busy” was sent instead
Utterly startled, very disappointed, it was known why what was wanted mattered so

Small signs, large questions, denials, deference’s, deflections
The princess state of mind displayed with insulting frequency
Actions and conducts and just who’s fiancee are you again
Ring on, ring off, ring on a chain, ring in a box

Suns coming up, time to make the wake her up call
Hearing excuses, refusing to bend, asking the question of no return
Unbelievable, not that the answer to cheating again was yes yes yes
The unforgivable, making hate where none existed, goodbye, forever

G.R. Hambley ©
September 2013 – February 2014

If you need a tune to go with this rendition of mine, try this one.

It was made known to me with great delight that the letter that was sent had massive shock waves. Those shocks didn’t have to happen either. All you have to do is keep schtum.

Demise of a Promise

Demise of a Promise

In love, isolated, afar from the one
Memories, a call from her far away voice
Beyond the dim rim of murky reason
Reassurances rain down from sweet lips

Endless days darken, become restless nights
Aching hearts beat out an endless lament
Knowing she waits lonely, carrying unshed tears
In each lonely being the knowledge, home coming is soon

Nights become days and days become a fortnight
Ghost whispers in a haunted mind become compelling
Small shafts of light illuminate the unspoken truths
Oh so quickly what was promised is taken away

Falling faster and faster through the emotional chasm
Anger, sorrow and despair tinged with a need to hate
She now treats me as he and he as me
Time to reap what was sown, we are dead to each other

September 5,2013

Making My Way (lyric)

This is actually my 3rd lyric piece The 2nd one you’ve already seen and that is “Closing Time“. The first Lyric I wrote was written over a year ago and in the moment although it is visible, I’m just going to leave it where it currently lies.

There is a 4th lyric as well. A collaboration, a marriage between a piece I wrote and a piece someone else wrote. We aren’t sure when or if that one will show up here. A joint effort with consideration by both for a one person veto.

In the moment, enjoy

Making My Way

Walking round and round that house of tells
Your voice comes calling out in the dark
Heard you sayin’ it’d be right for this old heart
Summoning up the courage to go kneel out my hells
Gonna go on in, can’t hurt and there’s so much to lose
Through the doors, reading all that stained glass news

Save me, can you save me? save me from what’s got me
Save me, you can save me? save me from what’s to see!

Came here before, to long ago to remember when
Pages reaching out from your bent and broken books
Tombs filled with the tomes of those who wouldn’t look
Tracts leading down, don’t want to be in those with them
Story told, in time might set this free, resolve is bending
Demon ways, long out of control, mind starts trembling

Want me, can you want me? want me knowing I don’t come clean
Want me, you can want me? want me knowing what I’ve been

Plans of being something else to talk about all went wrong
All the choices that could of lead to different places
Turned away from those that could of helped find other spaces
Everything turned crazy, didn’t take very long
Now it’s getting so close to the very end
Wondering can this be enough to make amends

Take me, can you just take me? take me cuz it wasn’t really fun
Take me, you can just take me? take me cuz now it’s really done

No more making fun

Now it’s just all done

Save me, Want me, Take me, Before I run again

G.R. Hambley ©
March 17, 2015

In Perpetuity

In Perpetuity

Strangely ominous hush, bordering on the edge of hypnotic
Every step up leads further down the road to psychotic
Past the pasts, falling hard, fractured body, mind roiling
Undertones above, mutated sounds from a mourning mass

Lightning strike, the not so dearly departed are awake
Clawing, crawling, mission macabre, a mind to break
Horrors human hung from rotting beams, strung through creeping vines
Remains roasting on raised pyres, boiling down in noxious pits

All round, the perverse trappings of the un-homed dead
Liars in the lair, killers on the kiln, ghosts at the gallows
Supernatural purgatory plight, very real unearthly delight
The spirit cellar stone bare, sweet cherry wine shan’t be served here

Ravens plucking chords, demon pawns sing lamenting chorus
Under currents of fear, hanging putrid amidst the dead’s acrid air
Chiselled in the facade, stories of the ill fated, a grave place held for you
Turbulent twisted images displaying behind sardonic toothless smiles

Unending labyrinth, risers to the dreary haunted homes of the interned
Returning down, stumbling on, searching every discovered grey shaft
Encountered minion, crooked fleshless finger beckoning, insisting
“Sorry to disturb, for the Master’s ledger, we didn’t get your name”

Misery’s acid river, flesh dissolves, channels form in eroding bone
Yellow marrow leaks, red pool creeps, blue tears fall, sinners remorse
Anguish hand in hand with self pity, penitence strangely remiss
Blurted, desperate, a bereft soul in an after death confession

One last chance around, deepening shadows, impossible to hide
Dim threshold appears, brightens, beckons, door blows open wide, sanctuary?
Entrusted messenger met, a finger raised, the ascension halted
“Sorry to disturb, from the Lords ledger, you have no name”

G.R. Hambley ©
April 08, 2015

Never Enough

Never Enough

As it was always told, shown, deeply learned, what would always be
Less than a few, less than some, less than many, less than any
Wailing inside in silent despair, wailing outside with accompanying tears
Asking, asking and asking of myself and those that said, why? what? How?

Yesterdays slowly turning, falling, spiraling down into yesteryears
Same sad song seared into consciousness by those that matter most
Same sad heart’s lament reprises over and over the insidious choirs chorus
Eschewing the words of all those that rose up to denounce the choir

Crumbling a little more, cracks kept filled by a beautiful smile
Old lessons keep reverberating in what is a beautiful mind
Needle sticks over and over and over again to a beautiful heart
Doubting must not continue to fester in such a beautiful soul

Beliefs long learned take oh so much longer to dispel, discard, demolish
Each day in oh so many ways those that do just love shine back light
Stepping from what was never true, realizing what the truth has always been
The insight widens the smile, beautiful and never to be never enough again

G.R. Hambley ©
July 11, 2013

From Inside Out

From Inside Out

Wounds, welts, buried in furthest recesses, closed to prying eyes
Eternally shut, folded inward, fester, feed upon the self
Raw silent rage, nail imprinted palms, blood drips
Encrusted, stained, gnawed pierced lips, blood runs
Tormented, lash marks festering in psyche’s deepest dungeon

Held captive, hostage heart beats corrosion through icy veins
Eyes blinded to the flesh rotting from the inside out
Insatiable cancers feeding greedily upon bone marrow
Nerves inflamed, agony from below, unreachable from above
Steady decay, gangrenous maggot filled sores appear, run green

Incessant ravage, pieces die, fall away unnoticed
Drip becomes deluge, pieces become chunks
Essence of life fleeing, host refusing to give credence
Oppressed functions accompanied by mindless gibberish
Unconscious venting fails purpose, putrid stench remains

Toxic internal disease escapes, spores of evil erupt into space
Suspended, horrendous deadly still life hung above carnage
Indeterminable damage set in motion by Satan’s heated laugh
Decimated putrid carcass left lifeless, parasitic fodder
Evil unleashed, freed to infect, all from one pure being, broken

G.R. Hambley 06/2000 ©

On With The Show

On With The Show

Ask just once and you receive
Best watch what you’re fishing for
On that short road to ecstasy
Made the move that sets you flying free

In that corner, Rebecca and Roshanne
Nodding and talking, feeling the clench
And they’re lookin’, lookin’ to give a glad hand
They gotta pay that monkee man

It’s a trip in the palm of your sweaty hand
Open wide, let that slide on down start the ride
New heights, new hells, all right there for the taking
So the good stone starts, rolls on up your insides

Stepped up, hopped on, keep on spiraling round
Next time in that fix you add a little mix
Open up that chamber, let the brown bullet load
In a main vein, the good times reign

Thinkin’ aint a trip you let yourself take
Acid yet to have you running the litmus test
New lines laid down, easy to fall in and drown
Insides start churning, turning the up side down

Movin’ on down to a corner view, lost in your own moans
One for feeling crummy, two for the nose so runny
But now its three and you know by four you’re gonna need more
Ashes from stashes, dusted to encrusted, your life’s dreams, busted

G.R. Hambley ©
January 25, 2015