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I Can’t Stay

I Can’t Stay


Your tears fall on the seed you planted
Your plan for the perfect man you wanted
Those words taking me for granted
Those words leaving me haunted

I keep talking and you don’t hear
I keep showing and you aren’t there
Where are you when it’s me that’s laid bare
Where are you when I need the love and care

And I’ve been calling, calling to say

Oh darlin, I’m not just for fawning
     a pet in your garden party
Oh darlin’ I want to dance
     but not in your garden party
Oh darlin’ I ‘m not going to stay
     on display in your garden party

You made our plans without me
You made so many things hard to see
The times I begged you to listen and believe
The times you ignored me when I’d grieve

I tried everything to get through
I had to tell my heart it isn’t you
What happened isn’t some thing new
What happened is only one heart spoke true

And I’m still calling, still calling to say

Oh darlin, I’m not just for fawning
     a pet in your garden party
Oh darlin’ I want to dance
     but not in your garden party
Oh darlin’ I ‘m not going to stay
     on display in your garden party

Oh darlin’ oh oh oh oh darlin’
I can’t stay
Darlin’ I had to say
I can’t stay
Oh darlin
I just can’t stay

G.R. Hambley ©
April 08, 2018


Missing Day – Lyric

Missing Day

Lyric – Duet

Up in the morning and the coffee’s on
Sour dough toasting, golden for me
A little cinnamon sugar reminds of you
Not even seven and there’s the phone

Calling early, they just don’t know
Asking me question after question
This mind is nowhere near clear
After nine and my breakfast cold

Out the door angry again
No time to even hit a spot
Getting used to having to wait
Plans, more than just a few

Between you and me…
          missing you so bad I can’t even see
Been too long away…
          missing you so bad I can barely breathe

People with problems, half past noon
Phone again and it’s not you
It’s getting real easy not to care
Feel like letting the whole world go

Close my eyes and you’re in my head
Just a moment and the moment’s done
What’s been happening here is clear
Back to facing them with no grin

Out the office door angry again
This aint the world I chose
Letting others keep me away
Not for long by my ready plan

Between you and me…
          missing you so bad I can’t even see
Been too long away…
          missing you so bad I can barely breathe

Way over here so very far away
Locked up in this hunk of a car
Steaming in traffic, so many to salute
Gonna be the end of me wait and see

Phone finally lets me say hello to you
                    Tried and tried to talk to you
Words with you and my day’s made
                    Got some news, could hardly wait to tell
One nerve and honey, everybody’s on it
                    When you get back no more going back
Another curve, don’t think I’ll make it
                    I’ve only one feeling so don’t hurt it

Finally you found your way home
They told me you’d never of known
Never more will I hear you sing
Never more will I wear that ring

Between you and me,
          missing you so bad I can’t see
Been gone not long,
          missing you so bad I can’t breathe

G.R. Hambley & Amanda Borhly Grey
May 2017 ©

Angels Obliged Act III

Angels Obliged

Angels Obliged Act I Angels Obliged Act II


Darkness begins its eerie silent descent
Moans with prayers, the wounded lament
Stench rising off seared and rotting flesh

Morning’s breaks early for the two above
Notice made to the two under sacred grove
Readied, willing and oh so capable to kill

Speed the key to having the first heads fall
Swords on a horse’s wings will reduce the thrall
Hell’s keeper rides upon enchanted steed

Angels two, attacking these evil’s doing
Angels two, dispatching those beyond hell

Evils shaking off the debauchery of the night
Unaware, heaven and hell added to their plight
Heaven’s thunder beats, hell begins to quake

Books of prophets false held proudly on high
Zealots unholy, prodding the evils killing drive
Death wings come slicing, guillotine with hooves

Just beginning to learn what they’ve brought
Payment now due in full for what they bought
Bile violently spews as books in severed hands fall

Angels two, horrifying these evil’s doing
Angels two, threshing those beyond hell

One from the depths attacks where the evils creep
Horn of the magical beast impales, blood seeps
Blue fire from the one named Demon erupts

Lightning chains turning the living to charred
Pain and suffering ordered carried to the beyond
Horns of both beasts stained, dripping the evil’s flesh

Some standing stunned among smoldering remains
Others swarm to the call of false prophet claims
Many more to feel the strikes and stings, an absolute

Angels together, razing these evil’s doing
Angels apart, bleeding out those beyond hell

Massing together, evils three in shared horror
Who’s will dare intrude on the destined honour
Cries lifted to the one, deliver them the way rite

Wings from above settle below beside the horned
Back to back and quarter to quarter we’re formed
They come, they fall, the evils and their books no more

Angels scarred, side by side, majikal steeds torn
Retreating through the mutilated evils with scorn
Tears fall gently from the tortured soul of The One

Angels obliged, destroyed the evil’s doing
Angels obliged, new light made beyond hell

End Act III

End all Acts

G.R. Hambley ©
May 12, 2016

Chronological Posting List

Response To “Wicked Witch”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

The Assignment:
Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

The Response:
I understand it better than most. Not only do I have a guardian angel, Lucifer, I am a guardian angel of the arch variety.

I believe I answered quite well on the topic in my piece, “In Perpetuity“.

The poetry is in Acrostic format. Should this be a place where you would like to spend eternity and need help getting there, keep it up!

So y’all know, I also have a witch and a very good friend with magic crystals. While the things they can do are extreme, it aint even close to the level of living undead hell I can put you through. I seem to recall mentioning, “veracity“?

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Neon Medusa

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

An Angel’s rendering of what the eventual home will look like for those that, shall we say, deviate to the deviant.

New World Beginning

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, spirits of heaven, demons of hell, a new world has begun
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, hands of life, claws of chaos, a new world has form
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, day of truth, night of evil, a new world has life


~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

If you’d care to read more of what I have to say, and for your own salvation I strongly suggest you do, visit here, “Random Angel Musings“.

Okay I’m kidding … Maybe.

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved, in perpetuity.
October 08, 2015

PS … I don’t do Halloween

All imagery and writings, mine.

Challenge Response To – From The Top

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From the Top.”

If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

LMAO! This is the piece I released early this morn while the day’s break was still a rumour.

No I wouldn’t choose this way to be. I just found the timing of the topic a scream, so to speak.


Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Number One.”

The #1 song in the US on my date of birth

Well considering I’ve gone on to make, “MAJIK” perhaps the song is highly relevant and poignant.

I do have a great love for “The Word” and for Art. Both my words and art and that of others.

I guess there is something relational to Alvin because I do get in to stuff and can be a smartass. Follow the link and you can judge for yourself.


The Chipmunks also did a version of, “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and I do know alternative words to that little ditty. Yeah, you don’t wanna know! Well I just choose not to put it here but if you ask quietly, remember you asked!

Being Canadian and therefore a Member Of The Commonwealth I checked the UK Chart as well. That just depressed me. NOT. NOT, NOT!

I’ve written lyric poetry that just needs someone to put the dots put to it.

It is just so unfair. Don’t know where Purple People Eater or Love Potion No 9 charted or when but purple is my favourite crayon and I’ve written a bit of eroticism that is very well received.

Winter Freeze is the PURPLE art.

Delight is my best piece of eroticism. The poetry 45 minutes. The art, 8 hours.

John Donne is an other I love.

Well Thanks Much!

Well Thanks Much!

I’d just like to take a minute to say you’re welcome to The Muses, The Fates, my brethren Angels and The Gods who’ve had just a wonderful time today at my expense!

Laugh it up the lot of you and while you’re at it, keep in mind I know how to play too so considers yourselves told!


harumph, harumph, HARUMPH!

That feels much better!