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Almighty Bound – Lyric

Almighty Bound

Softly creeping comes the light
seeping through your prison’s glass
Masking out the stations of the cross
along your rotting creaky floor
Memories leaking from the dripping faucet
that’s really your beleaguered mind
Swirling slowly away you, cry
washing them down the drain

Hey you, you up there,
     can you feel her stare?
Hey you, you listening up there,
     can you take her despair?
Hey you, you watching up there,
     can you show you care?

Once there shone glimmers of hope
now there’s only the hanging hemp
Taking your place in the stations
last light the signal of descent
The shrieking beams might as well
be your muted screams
Alone in your corner you swing
twisting over all the years left unspent

Hey you, you up there,
     couldn’t you feel her stare?
Hey you, you listening up there,
     couldn’t you take her despair?
Hey you, you watching up there,
     couldn’t you show you care?

G.R. Hambley ©
February 01, 2018



Response To “Wicked Witch”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

The Assignment:
Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

The Response:
I understand it better than most. Not only do I have a guardian angel, Lucifer, I am a guardian angel of the arch variety.

I believe I answered quite well on the topic in my piece, “In Perpetuity“.

The poetry is in Acrostic format. Should this be a place where you would like to spend eternity and need help getting there, keep it up!

So y’all know, I also have a witch and a very good friend with magic crystals. While the things they can do are extreme, it aint even close to the level of living undead hell I can put you through. I seem to recall mentioning, “veracity“?

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Neon Medusa

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

An Angel’s rendering of what the eventual home will look like for those that, shall we say, deviate to the deviant.

New World Beginning

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, spirits of heaven, demons of hell, a new world has begun
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, hands of life, claws of chaos, a new world has form
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, day of truth, night of evil, a new world has life


~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

If you’d care to read more of what I have to say, and for your own salvation I strongly suggest you do, visit here, “Random Angel Musings“.

Okay I’m kidding … Maybe.

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved, in perpetuity.
October 08, 2015

PS … I don’t do Halloween

All imagery and writings, mine.

From The Stars – poetry (lyric) & photography

The photopoem may be used as an inspirational desktop if you so desire. No other use permitted without my consent.

From The Stars

Long before there was sin
Way out where the souls begin
Came a song in a whisper
Voices together all soft and sure

Stars would gather from far and near
Had to come close so they could hear
None would miss the choirs call
All knew they wouldn’t ever fall

The music starting slow, singing welcoming all back home
Tune gently filling soul, chords and harmonies form

The heavenly voices surround
Glorious feelings abound
Told there will be new healing
Going to be part of a new being

Spread out on the solar wind
Take heart to where you’ll begin
None will be left to chance
Each and every one to the dance

The music continuing to swell, singing rising like fresh sea foam
Tune spreading like water from the well, colour of new chrome

Among the stars so much dismay
Could they ever make their way away
So many struck cold and in pain
Feeling lost as if being sent in shame

The distant halo comes to view
Beautiful will come from you
As you will always be mine
Where you are will be divine

The music reaching peak, mystic reasoning explains need
Tune in perfect pitch speaks, time my stars to fly to seed

G.R. Hambley ©
June 09, 2015

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GRH From The Stars photo and site

Walking The Talking

Walking The Talking

In my travels I heard a quote used, attributed to St Francis of Assisi, “Preach the gospel always and if necessary, use words”.

I am not a religious person. I am a spiritual person. When something garners my attention no matter where it comes from I will examine it. Tis my nature to do so. Call it the path to enlightenment or the road to understanding if you like. The important thing is that the quote struck a chord in me and got me thinking.

In my time, in this space, I equivocate that quote with an axiom that has been popular for a time and still is popular, “If you’re gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk.

What I get from the quote, what I perceive in that statement is a code of conduct. I see carrying your beliefs before you so that all may see. I see standing up for and backing up what you talk.

I don’t see pounding your belief system in to others. I don’t see allowing others to pound their belief system in to you.

I will talk about my beliefs with others when they ask. I’ll explain why I believe what I do and touch on the things that got me from there to here. I’ve had some rather interesting discussions and enjoyed them. On a couple occasions the conversation was turned by the person I was speaking with from discussion to preaching their beliefs.

When it turns to preaching conversation has ended and can quickly become adversarial if you allow that to happen. Walking the walk also means having the sense to walk away. If someone doesn’t care to allow you to walk away, to my mind, you are freed to walk over them.

G.R. Hambley ©
June 02, 2015
All Rights Reserved

Worlds, New And Old

Worlds, New And Old

Art, Poetry and Relationship

This was to be 150th post but I needed to get another I’d written up ahead of this one.

I wanted something special for that 150th occasion. Special is bringing something of all that I do to this posting.

The art piece is a very special one. Been around a long time. It appears in a book of art and poetry I wrote a number of years ago. There are 6 or 7 prints of the art piece around the world. Not your 8 x 10 print. These prints are 24” x 20” on photographic paper.

An individual placed the well being of the book I wrote in to the hands of someone else for return to me. This made for the real possibility the book would never be returned. I said so in poetry. Two poems actually and is posted here, “Engaged“. The other is called “Stolen” and went up a very short time ago.

I stated this is also about relationship. At the time I wrote the two poems, with all the things on my mind, I’d actually forgotten I had started one. I started another and that is why there are two. Finished both poems. Both were posted in a different place.

It was brought with great delight to my attention along with something else that no one deserves that a certain individual was lamenting what I wrote. I’m not going to include the other thing here. That other thing is for elsewhere.

The lamenting of the individual made it possible for those things to be dropped on me. The fact is also this, had I ever said anything libelous action would have been taken. The lamenting and inability to keep quiet created a singular view. There was no other voice to be heard as that voice was a very long way away.

What you read on the piece are the chorus lines. After each stanza of the poetry. I cannot recreate the poetry. It just isn’t possible. “New World Beginning” is one of the pieces specifically noted in angst. Another piece specifically noted is “Delight”.

It was believed by me that my book among other things had been simply confined to a dump and that is what I wrote in “Stolen”. Some of those other things included portfolios of art work, photographs, slides and pieces I was working on.

The individual entrusted to take care of the return by another never did it. This same individual didn’t just destroy the items and it was discovered. We are not talking about anger and spite anymore. We now have escalation to a wilful and malicious criminal act.

Terrible way to find out that you’d been lied to and deceived for two people. Terrible way for two people to discover that the angry hurtful things that happened after the supposed disappearance of the items on send should never have happened. Never would of happened had the task actually been completed as charged. That task wouldn’t of have even needed done had one person been allowed to take care of matters some time prior as they stated they would.

Most people prefer beauty to ugliness. I’m the same.

I so very much prefer conducting myself like a “Teddy Bear” than a Bear.

I like to consider myself a “Romantic Poet” and this is an example of creating beauty while in turmoil. Part of what I attempt to get others to accept and find is a way to something pleasant from the turmoil they are in. While dealing with having ongoing garbage to clean out I found my way to a very pleasant memory of that time in my life and wrote, “For Lucky”. That poem is another truth. It isn’t difficult to establish what that object was for and yet it was openly denied and I was told about it.

People being what they are, some take great pleasure in others displeasure. They take pleasure in their sick twisted little minds by being the harbinger of news that will inflict pain. Some just want to gossip and take great delight in letting you they know of things that they believe will cause you pain. They love to tell you that one of those people (who really should have just kept quiet) talked about things that had been done before the two people in the relationship were done.

The thing is, these others being of small mind, don’t take in to consideration is that by doing what they perceive as dumping on you with glee doesn’t accomplish what they hope. At a certain point it isn’t possible to cause pain in another. It only accomplishes something far, far different that is far from pleasant for all concerned. It accomplishes a renewed hatred and resolve that had been put to rest.

When relationship ends just get everything that needs done, over and done.
Make allowance for the other person’s anger if that emotion is there.
Be cautious and considerate, and above all, do not incite!

I wrote in my “Rules of Life” you never invalidate someone’s feelings. I’m not sure I can hold that up as irrefutable anymore. That disturbs me. When the feelings invalidate a truth and someone has gone to great lengths to invalidate that truth with the expression of feelings perhaps you have the right and duty to refute, invalidate and remove the illusions. I do not know!

Some things are built to keep you out. Some things are built to keep you in. I’m out of what kept me in.

The old world ends, the new world begins and such is the nature of the beast. To my mind, if you’re smart, you don’t raise up the “Bella Memoria” of the beast.

G.R. Hambley
May 29, 2015
All rights reserved.


New World Beginning

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, spirits of heaven, demons of hell, a new world has begun
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, hands of life, claws of chaos, a new world has form
God’s Patent, Satan’s Spawn, day of truth, night of evil, a new world has life

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~


God Has Parents!

God Has Parents!

I was having a conversation with an individual and somehow a twist in the conversation led to me stating why I’m not allowed to play with among others, Divinity Students.

Something I genuinely want to know is if God has parents. I wondered if God’s parents would be proud of the work to date.

The person I said it to responded with, “God doesn’t have parents”.

I told the person you don’t know that. Faith, sure. Belief, yes. Knowledge, no.

I’ve had conversations of similar nature with other people before and my, “How I Know” came out of one of those conversations.

I showed that piece to the person I was conversing with. Their response was, “If God has parents I’m sure they’re proud”. I agreed.

I’m making my way later that eve thinking about the question. I have stated before I’m never bored because I have me to talk to. The conversation with myself was in truth just thoughtful probing of the question.

The conclusion I reached is the title, “God Has Parents”. The rationale to my mind is simple. If God did not have parents, how would the knowledge be there to create male and female? You wouldn’t know is the answer.

We are also told we are created in God’s image. If God is singular as it widely believed and taught, to my mind there would only be one sex and procreation would not be what it is. Yeah no, I aint even going there. Just not something I care to explore, ever!

So now that it is established that God has parents that raises other questions. Siblings? Aunts and Uncles? Are the powers that be in actuality a Continuum as portrayed on Star Trek T.N.G. and Voyager?

If it is those omnipotent that are the powers that be, who is their God?

G.R. Hambley ©

May 25, 2015

Quoth Me #4

Quoth Me #4

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Some in science are saying the universe is doughnut shaped

I say the shape is not a doughnut and is a wedding ring

The ring is the covenant between God and Creation

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Yes there is God and this is how I know

G.R. Hambley ©

Universe –
Ring –