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Fallen Angel – Lyric

Fallen Angel


Newly fallen she wakes to a different world today
And she’s never
never been on her own before
Went from home on the hill to a home on loan
And she doesn’t have
have even a single soul she can call
Tears are dried, makeup’s so artfully applied
And when she leaves
leaves the door to her heart locked up tight

Prowling round, lost and won’t be found
Angel fell from such an unhappy place
Angel landed in such a strange space
Angel with no smile on her face

The turning heads say she’s coming this way
And there she is
she’s the haunted hunting kind
Nails tapping out some tune only she knows
And she’s marking time
time stepping along the broken road of her life
Not seeing at all and seeing everyone she passed by
And she’s aloof
aloof in the world that’s her lonely desire

          Prowling round, lost and can’t be found
          Angel fell from a place of fame
          Angel landed in the space of blame
          Angel with the face of shame

Spends her day roaming blindly from shop to shock
And she cries
cries tears that no one will ever see fall
Heads her way home to die a little more behind that door
And she hates
hates that tomorrow is just one more heartless day
One more loveless day gone in a broken angel’s paradise
And she wants
wants the world to turn again for her for just one day

G.R Hambley ©
October 03, 2016