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Prance and dance, make pretend romance
There’s one here, one there, two more from elsewhere
Diddling and piddling from Portland to Portland

Beneath the guise of an unending malaise
Nothing and no one stops the fools drool
Knells hell’s only feed the rabid search

Parading through the maize, spreading disease
The ritual of the ride, followed with yapping good riddance
Insecticide rejecticide, fleeting thoughts of suicide

Nave, idol worshipping among the naive
The catch twenty-two, discovery of the truth
Now the evisceration after necessary neutering

G.R. Hambley ©
May 24, 2015

Of the same ilk, Contemn


Someday I Will

Someday I Will

I do not have one of these

Some day I will have my own

I do have this one of mine

Niagara Falls Feb 23 2008_20080223_087

I have this one that is mine too


When I have a Moonbow that is mine, this is how it will be.

Escaping in to night
Making it’s way over Luna
Touching down upon ocean shore
Where two dance to both beauties

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
June 05, 2015

Moonbow 1 –
Moonbow 2 –

Rainbow 1 – G.R. Hambley – Niagara Falls In Winter, Ontario
Rainbow 2 – G.R. Hambley – Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Etheral – sonnet with art


a sonnet

The art piece was done in the late 90’s.
I call the piece, “Spectral Beauty”.

window002moonStorm clouds gathering slowly, steadily, hot summer night
Pushing in on, over the others, patches of moonlight
Eerie, ominous, air electric surrounds, heard as much as felt
Crawling on the flesh, whisper a breeze lest charged skin melt
Thunder beats, echoes, rolling, bowing the heather plain
Rain mysteriously hangs, suspended below forming frame
Angry billows clash, circle, swirl, above the turmoil, Luna’s mirth
Lightning brilliantly bolting in chains from heaven to earth
Brought to ground, exploded ozone, scent lingering
Enervating, visceral, wanting to believe with a whole heart
As time stands still, shape takes form in front of shadow
Unreal, surreal, drifting along the path of moon’s beaming
Those days of nights remembering the promise of never part
You, here, lovely, lovingly, watching, smiling through window

G.R. Hambley ©
June 02, 2015

Rolling Over

Rolling Over

Qualifying the day a day every day
Unique has become once upon a time
I sometimes feel like I lost my mind
Eye to I, who’s going to have control
Taken aback, taken away, taken over
Like and love on someone else’s say

Yearning for a simpler segue way
Techno babble with trumpeted drivel
Uninterrupted streaming beaming in
Retinal release, let the message fade
No more pathways to thought control
Screen stare exchanged for star gaze

This mind doesn’t carry on in march time
Opening a cloud Luna comes out to play
Night’s extraordinary gift smiles knowingly
Eye to I, I to you, babbling brook whispers
Xeroxed sentiments we sink beneath sediment
Take a hand, take heart, morning is breaking

G.R. Hambley ©

March 27, 2015

Fixation d’un Bell de notre Marie

A statement had been made. In return a challenge was laid down.
You can see the challenge of the “BELLS” by clicking the link that is the title in translation.

In my humble opinion I do believe the challenge is won but that is not for me to decide. That decision on whether the challenge is won rests with, and I feel certain she will chime in, Sister Madly

I give for your consideration

Fixation d’un Bell de notre Marie
Attaching a Bell to our Marie

Many come, many go, by trail, by air, some at Fair Medieval
One here, one there, none knew interest lay not in breasts puffed
Nods with feigned smiles, mind miles from hell, pondering untaken trips
Keen edged wit, antonyms disguised as synonyms fall from lips rose pink
Each whisper, every sigh, small wishes for something far from there

Yawning afternoons become the eons of nighttimes’ dreamy yearnings
Slow to wake, quick to turn, sudden smile, a warming tolling from the glen
Sliver of Luna’s light through yon window, reflection on a shining bauble
Amid the images of the minds heart, a pause to take up the shimmering chain
Yen’s end, freely, joyously, willingly in the donning of a single silver bell

G.R. Hambley ©
February 03, 2015

He Said … She Said #1 … Another Woman

He said: talked to another woman this morning … walking along I looked up and

He said: said hi Luna … good to see you

She said: hmmm know the moon had an effect on u lol

He said: yes it does

She said: i assume u were talking about the moon hmmm

She said: lol

He said: well yeah

She said: and what did LUNA say to u

He said: hello bear … you’ve changed

He said: she was getting ready to sleep you see and mistook me for another bear

She said: changed hmmm

She said: interesting

She said: hmmm

She said: now when u gonna ask her what she meant

He said: I know what she meant

He said: sheesh

He said: you think I graduated from dumb bunny avenue or what

He said: dumb bunny avenue is where the sesame street dropouts go

He said: Luna thought I was Bear from the big blue house

She said: well if u knew… did the convo go?

He said: well once she woke up a little

He said: she was a little foggy

He said: could tell by the mist around her

He said: she was quite communicative

She said: hmm

He said: she doesn’t like what that darn mother nature did to obscure her face the other night

He said: Luna can get off on a rant dontcha know

He said: yeah ma nature let loose a huge rain storm … not good for Luna’s complexion

He said: not pleased!

She said: (rofl)

She said: yeaaah

She said: go on

He said: so I let her rant for a bit … always good to let her rant when she wants to … she can get down right ripping if you don’t

He said: tides get going every which way

He said: just ugly

He said: waves start breaking wrong

He said: and her following when she’s off on a rant … well lemme tell you zombies aint got nothing on a full blown LUNATIC attack

She said: (rofl)

He said: Luna was gracious enough to tell me … me being a bear and all that she was gonna take a chill pill and try to relax

He said: let the furry creatures have some light to go foraging

He said: she did say that me being bear I could have all the beary berries … she’d make a tilt at any other creatures that tried to get my beary berries!

He said: so we said are goodbyes until next time and I went off foraging while Luna went for a much needed nap

He said: smile

G.R. Hambley
Yes this chat actually took place and sometimes I go for some lunacy!