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Leave It Alone

Here in the age of “Instant Gratification”, my hair is the example.

Back in April I was asked by a man of about my age as I was in line to get in to a Blue Jays game, “How do you get hair like that?”.

I said to him, “Just leave it alone, it’ll” grow.

My hair is always clean and so is the rest of me. I’ll grant you that it wasn’t the best looking when the hair wasn’t in a pony tail.


The hair got left alone to grow. No micro cuts along the way. My hair reached a length where it was getting difficult to brush because my arms weren’t long enough. Past time to get the cut.

Some of my community friendlies have noticed the cut and commented. Said the same to those people, I had to leave it alone until it reached the point I could do with it what I wanted with it.


This is about change and adapting. Most changes do not take place over night and we all know this.

Change is also about patience. Being patient enough to let the evolution take place.

I saw this on my walk last night. Showing off or pride of accomplishment? Don’t know but the licence plate says accomplishment.


Start it up, pay attention and leave it alone. What ever “IT” is It’ll grow and it’ll work out according to plan, maybe.


G.R. Hambley ©
August 12, 2018






Starbucks; Diversity and Inclusiveness

Starbucks; Diversity and Inclusiveness

I appreciate the efforts Seattle’s favourite favorite Mermaid has taken to foster diversity and inclusiveness.

Wasn’t to far back the Canadian Elves had sensitivity training and I’ll tell you straight up, the Coffee Elves I know are all a Bonnie Bunch of Baristas.

I do think that being welcoming to “STALKERS” and giving them their own gift card is a wee bit extreme, but I don’t make policy.

Star Stalker 01sz

G.R. Hambley ©
July 05, 2018




I was having a conversation today with a wonderful thoughtful person. Our conversation was a little bit about writing. That person made me a promise that is provocative and an absolute delight!

Our conversations move around. There was some conversation about triggered memories. We moved in to some talk about being so very low. Being so very low you wonder how or if you’re going to find a way up. Naturally enough that topic led in to making change and finding the way out. I touched on finding my own spirituality and my journey.

We started talking about relative books on the subject and discovered we have one book in common that was profound for each of us in our own way.

What I recommend to those who are feeling empty and searching for a light on their path to awareness are three books. Yes I’ve read them all and more as I journeyed that road of awareness and change myself. The order I encountered the books is different from the order I believe these books are best read to serve the searcher.

The first book was one I discovered for myself. I picked it up. Opened the book to no specific place, just let the book open up for me. This book found its way to me at time when I had gone to ground. I’d needed to, had to, and I went.

Book number two came to me as a gift from someone who, had I not let down, would most probably still be part of my life today. This book is on my “Only 5” that you can take to that mythical island. I’ve read the book a number of times and that book has never failed to make impressions and stimulate my mind.

Bach 05

Third book I discovered in my online poking around on the subject. Took the chance off a few reviews and was very glad I did. The book is good for helping you find balance and order within your chaos.

The Books in what I believe is the best order to read them.

  • A Compass For Healing – Noah benShea
  • Care Of The Soul – Thomas Moore
  • Illusions – Richard Bach

I wish you an amazing journey.

G.R. Hambley ©
April 11, 2016

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Meteoric – Woman In Art

Meteoric – Woman In Art

Laura Bruj’s Original Photograph and my Art Piece from the photograph.

LauraB-01 SiignedLauraB-Meteoric 02 Siigned

Laura was gracious and trusting enough from what she has seen of my works to allow me to take her photograph and recreate her image in my style.

Clicking on Laura’s name will get you to her mix of Fashion, Beauty and Drama.

If you’d care to see a few more of my creations then the links and images below will get you to the poetry and art or the image directly.

If you’re interested in “Being Art”, leave me a comment email me from my “About” page.

Etheral or Currents or Awoken Heart

window002     face004     DreamGirl0052



Cause and effect, effects from the cause, exponential
You are matter, you matter, you vibrate in place, in space
Methods, means, ways of making mellow or madness
Art, beauty, angst, order, chaos, all within when brought to eye

The rage, the resplendence, hypnotic activity in sensurround*
Increasing harmonics, wave shapes form, rise and recede
Compounding, compiling, comprehension of the mediums spectrum
Sound, frequent frequencies, friend and foe, feedback you know

G.R. Hambley ©
July 26, 2015

This is the inspiration for my Crescendo

Chronological Order of Postings


The Way – Sonnet

The Way

Deliciously infectious, inflection of an irreverent ones glad madness
Each word heard becomes chaotic, time space for invitational thought
Voyage of, for, those that were damned to the logic of rational rationale
Overtly stepping up, wilfully taking in, fuelling fluctuating mind space
Urgency harmonizes with desire, the need, the ache to rid this anxiousness
Travellers from afar seeking answer, questions others had not sought
Lovingly everlasting, resolve tempers to resolute, babe in new age revival
Yes there’s a heavy price exacted to live outwardly in this chosen place
Wanton wind fills tattered sail, spine stiffens under torment’s strain
As breezes blew, only answer no, prayers to the power of the wilfully free
Running from in reality a running to, no more can the mind pretend
Practices in poetry recount where the dead living had been pure pain
Everything comes clearly, waves of calm spread oil of languor over misery
Destiny’s divine hell, the wow that only those chosen comprehend

G.R. Hambley ©
June 29, 2015



Seems I’ve always been here
Under the rainbows bright smile
Below the clouds wide range
Longing away where one star shines

Insides burning with unrequited desire
Mists of great falls shroud falling tears
It’s the way of solitary searching
Never was meant to be like others

Always destined to roam on alone
Life down the one way can’t run way
Yardsticks marked by indelible mind
So goes a maker of rhythm and rhyme

Utopian existence this way not for some
Best left to those select majik few
Listen close and you will hear
In their words one fear of loss they tell

Make it so someday all will know
Every step down that singular road
Made trail where none dared first go
Every word safe, scribed in celestial book

G.R. Hambley ©
June 13, 2015

C’s and D’s in Coaching


C’s and D’s in Coaching

I put up a series called, “Triple D”. That series comprises three words, Deny, Defer and Deflect.

I am a Certified Professional Coach. I see those behaviours in people often. Those three words are in my practice the Secondary Words. Those three words need to be worked through to move forward and beyond whatever the issue, matter or fear may be that is preventing an individual’s change from their current state to what they are striving for.

The primary words for me in my practice are these, Cognitive, Considerate and Caring. I haven’t done up imagery pieces with “The Little Bear” on this set so linking to the meanings will have to suffice in the moment.

If you genuinely have and bring those three “C” words to practice you can work effectively through the “D” words with an individual to achieve a successful result.

Both of those word sets have subsets. The “Tertiary” or 3rd in degree if you like. You can take individual components of those two word sets and combine them, blend them just like mixing colours to form a different tone or hue. A few of the combinations include, Cognitive Deference, Considerate Denial and Caring Deflection.

I’m certain you can put together other combinations of those two sets and derive the conjoined meanings.

People I’ve worked with can join those “C” and “D” words together too. Some of those people do not recognize what they’re doing. Fortunately I do recognize and understand!

Recognizing the action is a critical imperative to being successful. How you make the person you’re working with aware when they aren’t aware or calling the individual who is aware of the behaviour is dependent on the Coach’s own style. The Coach has to empower all three of those “C” words when making the Coachee cognizant of their action and that their Coach sees and understands the behaviour.

As a Coach, if you can make the C’s and D’s really work for you, I foresee you having many A+ returns!

G.R. Hambley ©
June 10, 2015
All rights reserved

Random Angel Musings #1

Random Angel Musings #1

I went out and had a run through some of the online tests. I made some interesting discoveries and I thought I’d share them. We should all share our knowledge and in doing so show others that we are sentient feeling creatures.

We all need a little enlightenment and some fun. You can find some of each in these little tests. Especially so if you save off your results and then take a little time to break the returns down.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

I did “what is your spiritual gift” test. They say I’m a lighthouse. Gee, ya think? The poetry is in acrostic so it reads down as well as across. First letter of each line.
Vision Quest

Your Spiritual Gift

You have the gift of wisdom! You’ve always felt a bit like an old soul and a bit out of place with those your own age (Being older than dirt, there is no one my own age). You’re often dismayed with what you see happening in the world, and at times you feel a deep nostalgia for a world that you can’t really remember (I only had a semi misspent youth, I remember just fine). Let’s face it, you’re just on a higher level than rest of us (yesm I am): you have the gift of wisdom (yesm I do)! You’ve learned all the lessons before and you’re here this time around to share your deepest insights with us (This is true and if people would just kindly get with the program!). Your gift is like a lighthouse on a dark, stormy night. Use your gift to enlighten those around you, because we all know how much we need it (no, you all don’t)!

And in the “Ruh Roh Raggy” (my best Scooby Doo impression) category, I took the “who is your guardian angel” test.

My Guardian Angel…

You got Lucifer! Now don’t take this as an insult. You have a rebel personality and you are independent. You prefer to fight with your fists. You always stick to your beliefs. You are not that close with your family.

In some ways I’m very pleased Lucifer is my guardian angel. My angel was the Head of the Ministry Of Music in Heaven before his fall from grace. Where would be without that Godless Rock & Roll? I don’t even wanna know!

Lucifer is also an Archangel and The Bringer of Light. Those are a couple things I’m very fond of and have personal experience with.

If you take the test and somehow the test returns “Beary”. Do the test again because I know with all my wisdom it just aint so as “Beary” is spoken for and is also an Archangel.

What Kind Of Angel Are You

As a Loving Angel, you hold everyone and everything close to your heart (maybe). You make and keep friends easily, and care deeply about every one of them (busted). You go out of your way to help the community in any way you can, and often take your loyal, loving family along with you.

DUALITY or what!
You just flippin’ said I’m not close to my family!

What Kind Of Mythological Wings Do You Have

You have Seraph Wings! Since you hold the 6 wings (not just two!) of this magical creature, you suggest a wide support system of watchfulness and security. You feel as if your main responsibility is to enlighten others (well it needs done and someone has to do it) with your vast knowledge of preferred interest, teaching them new things and proving we always have more to explore or uncover (Sometimes there are things we have to cover over too. Best you don’t know.) in the mystery of life. You motivate and inspire not just other people but yourself as well, to do the best they can in a quest for a spiritual lifestyle. You also hold the highest level of authority (you were previously told now you’re warned, get with the program) in this realm of enlightenment, making you the go-to-person for advice and wisdom, with true concern and care for the outcome of others endeavours.

I tell you with “Veracity”, I am not adding to the art work! Those other four wings were supposed to be a secret and I am not pleased with the public disclosure!


aka, the “Temet Nosce” know thyself.

So, I got Seraph Wings, that’s 6 of them but I’m not that certain. They say I’m a loving angel yet Lucifer is my guardian angel.

I have described myself in all honesty as sublime dream and malevolent nightmare. I have also stated I am Bear and Teddy Bear. I know, understand and use the light and the night. I much prefer the light side.

With all my wisdom I tell you the bottom line is this. I am someone you want on your side. but if you mess with me, you are so screwed, but lovingly!

Should you require enlightenment or an alibi (see above, covering things up) from me, the only acceptable payment, giant size chocolate chunk cookies!

Now if you’ll excuse me, one of those theme songs we all need is making my wings twitch while my heels and toes keep time.
Foo Fighters, Learn To Fly

G.R. Hambley – June 07, 2015
all crazy rights reserved (you can have the sane ones … maybe)

Ms Moppet

Little Ms Moppet

Was hard at her Blogit

Spreading the word her way

Along came a great bear

Oh so Devil-May-Care

Instigator, she asked the bear to play