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Do You

Do You

Let it all go, believing there’s good hold on the reins of control
Under cloud, hovering over strangely familiar unfamiliar ground
Crisscrossing the way through the corridors of quicksand night
In pursuit of fantastic fantasy, greeted with tinges of stark reality
Darkness has never been saner, the light never stranger

Devil meets angel, playing with prayers in a world without sin
Returned to the muddled scene of a tragic in love crime
Events altered in conscious state to suit the sandman’s slate
Answers carried on a souls wings, forged from understanding’s need
Mist fades, shroud of slumber burns out, morning sickness relents

G.R. Hambley ©
February 20, 2015

Quoth Me #3

Quoth Me #3

We who love the word, we don’t get to decide what our power lines or impact moments are. That is decided for us by those that really read what we have to say and move the word on.

All of us who write, impact is what we hope to achieve. We want to impact our readers with our tales and points of view. If you’re writing and not looking to make the impact it’s probably a manual or reference material. Not to denigrate the writers of those materials who for the most part do a wonderful job.

Power and Impact lines, I know I have them because people have told me so.

Like everyone I’m also struck by the lines I read. Lines that trigger an immediate in mind response. Lines that can stand alone and resonate in the context of the piece.

I’ve also told those whose lines have slapped my attention fully awake that they moved me.

This is one of those lines that stuck struck me recently and the individual who wrote it was told about it. I’ve run this line by a few people and the responses that have been returned to me have all come with conscience. “With defiance we challenge Every absolute”   You can find the whole piece with the link. An absolutely wonderful piece of poetry.

My own poetry analyzed by yours truly, its edgier, grittier, a word in the right place is worth a thousand pictures. That’s what I’m going for. The stick it in and leave it in, I’m all for it. That said I don’t get to say what the killer line is in what I wrote. Sure I got favourites of mine that are mine.

For all of you and for all of us I humbly suggest and request you keep this one close to your heart and mind and move it on! I believe it. I live it. I move it on. I am honoured and duty bound to do so. The link takes you to a wiki about the writer.
You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

There are more. There will be more. Yours, mine and ours together will empower all the lovers of the word with what the word can do.

G.R. Hambley
February 13, 2015

Show me a WELFIE!

Show me a WELFIE!
Or … Starting a new craze

I like radio. Listen to the radio quite a bit. Hell, I’ve been listening to radio a lot, for a lot of years. One of the beauties of radio is you don’t have to be looking at it. Radio is there and I’m cognizant of it. Radio doesn’t get in the way of the other things you are doing. I appreciate not having to park my butt in front of the Radio.

If you’re getting the idea I’m just not big on television you are correct.

I want a story, I write one. I want a pretty picture or a scary one, I make it. I want to be entertained and don’t want to in the moment do it myself, I will generally go read others. There are some fine sitcoms on WordPress. I haven’t spoken to the writers of the sitcoms I read. They might not care to be mentioned as a sitcom to someone else’s mind so you can go discover them for yourselfie.

Radio, I’m hearing it like most of us do when we are working, relaxing, or doing what we do that we don’t talk about in even semi polite mixed company.

I listen to a classic rock station and am listening to that station now as I write. Morning drive is different than afternoon drive. More talk and fewer tunes in the morning. Music or talk I take it in and compartmentalize what I hear or just drift with the tunes. Yup, sing along as I write and work too.

For me, and you can save time and despise me now if you like, I am a morning person. I’m more alert and receptive in the morning to what goes on around me than in the afternoon. By late afternoon, me, myselfie and I for the most part aren’t interested in much more than a cookie, a drink, a story and a sucky thing.

The other morning the conversation on the radio going out to the multitude turned to a version of the, “Selfie”. My spell check doesn’t even recognize “Selfie” as a word. With what I’ve heard and seen I’m gonna go with not recognizing Selfie as a word is a damn good thing! Yeah I don’t care what Urban Dictionary may say on this one! This sucker needs to go to the list of words we don’t use anymore simply because of the offshoots that are cropping up. Further along I’m gonna have an offshoot for you of my own for this non-word.

The on air folks start talking about the semi latest not so greatest, the, “BELFIE”. For those of you unaware, the BELFIE is a BUTT SELFIE. Research shows me the BELFIE can also be a boobs selfie and protocol requires just boobs and no BBELFIE. I didn’t stutter, that would be no Belly Button in with the boobs. There is even a web site for the BELFIE. Again, find it for yourselfie. Of course your mind is going to a whole other definition of boobs on this as most people would.

On air talent explores the topic further and along with the Selfie Stick it is reported you can also buy a Belfie Stick. It was broadcast to the masses that you too can have a BELFIE STICK for only eighty bucks.

Yeah they got my attention. Enough so that I gave the radio tab on my browser a side long glance. The “are you frickin’ kiddin’ me” glance with the associated head shake to clear my ears.

Much to my disbelief and ultimately horror, they also brought up a thing called the “BACIAL”. Yeah you guessed it, a BUTT FACIAL. No I’m not digging up a link to Bacial’s. If that is something you want, go get it for yourselfie.

Right at this moment as I write the on air personality is asking for a selfie of where you are listening to the station. Yeah like that’s gonna happen! If these eyes are coming off the page it’ll be for something worth getting caught looking at! I’m in a coffee spot at lunch time, you do the math.

I’m old school. Getting your ass waxed means an entirely different thing to me. I’m also thinking what I know as an ass waxing should be applied to those who are getting and giving the BACIAL. I also think, hell I believe, if you’re going to be face down with you derrière up in the air you should be the one getting paid for the experience. If you are one of those getting paid for the experience to quote the great Linus Van Pelt in regards to The Great Pumpkin, “I don’t wanna know”.

In my travails for this piece I also discovered the, “Selfie Toaster”.

I have a cousin, beautiful woman by anyone’s definition. An unhealthy relationship with her phone to my mind but hey that’s to a mind that refuses to be jacked in. When I sent my cousin a note asking how she could not have one of those selfie toasters she let me know with enthusiasm, she will soon!

Self preoccupation, I wasn’t this self absorbed when I reached puberty. It just occurs to me, a Selfie in the pre-dirt age would also be something entirely different but also applicable in the current cyber age. Yeah I don’t wanna see that either but thanks for asking.

What do I want to see?

I want to see your WELFIE!

You’ve never heard of a WELFIE? Oh I’m sorry, forgive me, this is where I give you the SELFIE OFFSHOOT.

A WELFIE is selfie of you giving yourself a WEDGIE and taking a phone photo of it! Now that’s what I wanna see! Now that’s entertainment!

Not just one of those undies pulled mid way up your back welfies. I wanna see the ATOMIC WELFIE! I wanna see the waistband of what ever undergarment you’re wearing pulled up over your silent donkey head!

I wanna see the butt floss taught as an over tightened guitar string. I wanna see a knot tied into the waistband in the shape of a rose right in the middle of your forehead.

You join your Selfie Stick to your Belfie Stick and you get both angles for me and send it along! Maybe I’ll do a contest and the winner gets two weeks at an information overload detox centre!

Get at it people! Send me the photos of your ATOMIC WELFIE!

And cousin, for the well being of our familial relationship, you’re exempt! If you insist on joining in on this new craze, for me, as a favour, Great Pumpkin It!

G.R. Hambley
January 15, 2015

Full Blown Snark On

Full Blown Snark On
or maybe just a strong rebuttal

I also use Linkedin. Wonderful service that I highly recommend. I just read something that seriously perturbed me.

You can go see what I was reading that demanded response here.

This is my comment response to that piece.

Most importantly. Do not take advice from a Silent Donkey.

Your solution to out of office email reply is plainly insufficient. How long of a delay should I expect Mr. Silent Donkey? Should I wait on a who knows when it is going to come response or should I just take my business elsewhere? Not a difficult decision.

Delayed response to my mind seems to be a real sweet way to have your staff not get a real break from their working life.

Seems more like an out of office template for someone who hasn’t grown a pair yet. While that may seem gender specific, I assure you that isn’t so.

I recall reading something two or three months ago about availability by phone. This individual is telling her kids while on an outing at mini golf she needs to step away from them for 10 minutes and take this call.

Way to go! Just absolutely corporate excellent! A perfect lesson to be teaching children. You are significant in my world just not as significant as my business. Doesn’t matter thing one or thing two what your intent is or was.

It is what the kids are going to take away from that experience. It is what you’ve taught those children on how to conduct themselves when they reach a point in life where they have their own children. Harry Chapin said it a very long time ago with his song, “Cats In The Cradle”. Give a listen and actually listen!

I have both hotmail and gmail. The hotmail I’ve had since long before there was gmail. Both serve a function that I require. Further, while the email I use is web based my email is not browser based. Tech savvy enough for you Mr. Silent Donkey?

Me? I’m not having a good day and I got my “Snark” on. I’d like to say I’m sorry but I’m not.

You can consider this a “Constervation”. You can find that word and “Silent Donkey” on Urban Dictionary. I put them there, one more thing, your fifteen minutes are up!

Turn The Calendar Page

Turn the calendar page

Well for those of us that put down in words how wonderful or not life is in this world, we’re always turning pages. Some of us even burn the odd page. Hey, sometimes it just has to be done. I did not go throwing babies off of bridges when I came to them. Didn’t blow them bridges up either. That is a figurative statement for those of you who are gleaning the web for subversive plots.

I’ve been kicking around wordpress now since the last few days of August, 2014. Took a couple days to get in the groove so lets call it four months I’ve been doing the blog thing. I have a sense of obligation to the blog and that is good. I appreciate having this outlet and display mechanism.

WordPress sent me my year in review. All in all I’m pretty pleased. I had no clue what to expect, how I’d be received, where I’d take things on this journey. I look at the stats and am pleasantly surprised that the numbers between Canada and the United States are not relative. By that I mean relative to population base. Canada’s population is about 10% that of the United States. The ratio is 4 to 1 not 10 to 1 as you might expect. So for every four of my neighbours to the south that have read me, one of my countrymen has read me. The designation of, “Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate” and “The Order of Canada” cannot be far behind! It’s a nice thought and that thought is now put back in the closet of my mind! Although, you gotta have aspirations right?

I’ve had visitors from 17 countries around the world. Discourse in one form or another off of those views with people from 10 of those countries.

There a couple I’ve read that I’ve become a huge fan of and just love their writings. I do so much appreciate the Devoutly Warped”. Yes I know humour is subjective and I also know I have at the least a strange sense of humour, and at the most, well I said it, a Devoutly Warped sense of humour.

There a couple that were not to my taste and I’m sure there are some that dropped my pages and found me not to their taste. That is the beauty of this space. Exposure to so many thoughts, ideas, ways and means of expression. I do enjoy it so!

Looking ahead, I’m satisfied with the direction and content of my pages. That will stay the same. Some Coaching thoughts or life thoughts if you like. There will be poetry and art. I will be consistent and true to myself as always.

As an artist and a life coach I would recommend this space to those that are looking for a place that is both a catharsis and a catalyst. A highly constructive way to vent and give your views too.

Happy New Year Y’all … see you on the other side

G.R. Hambley December 31, 2014

Cotton Candy Rose

Cotton Candy Rose


G.R. Hambley all rights reserved

One of my comments – 000

I was reading a post on Creativity in the Digital Age.

This is my comment to that question. The post is well worth reading and the link is at the end.

Idiom, not a language. An alteration in the language with topic driven vernacular, sure. New words to come in to being within the language.

Creativity still comes from the mind. The delivery mechanisms have advanced along with the advancement of minds. The techno creatives if you like. I am partly that. I’m also partly what would be considered old school as I do at times write by hand with a pen. I allow myself no electronic aids when I take pen to page. No editor, no thesaurus.

The digital age certainly can make writing easier. There are time I wonder what Shakespeare may have created in the digital age. I also wonder that had Shakespeare been creating in the digital age would he have been so wrapped up in creating the perfect play with the tools at his disposal if there would be nothing by Shakespeare.

I will also write with an older English flair. This was written on computer.

This was written by hand.

G.R. Hambley

Please add in what you think here and there.

Digital Dialogue – Creativity vs. Innovation



Yet again the perspective alters, persistence of singular vision fractured
Opened wide, space infinite, a sharp turn followed by an immediate up
Under new math, one plus one is one, two plus two is oddly not four, but chair
Dark is the new light, light is beyond visual acuity and physical sensation

Roads, rivers, fluid routes in, careening through places in metaphysical space
Indifference moved away, reverse ripple effects, rings of knowledge growing
Variables of serenity and chaos form on the single flap of a butterfly’s wings
Elusive, convoluted, yet sensical with the beauty of fractal perfection

Mind to matters that comprise a once unknown spatial plain
Eyes that were blindered opened to a new age paradise in paradox
Taken hand in hand to where the edge of unusual reason begins
One more step to beyond the edge of where what’s real meets surreal

Insanity one of the possible results of this trip through the brain’s storm
New age, new reality, knew this, knew that, no longer sure what was is
Side slipping in time, flashing place to place, a strobe lights rhythm
Armageddon’s aliens scuttling through breaks in a cascading mind

Nose diving through macrocosm, achieving heights never fathomed
Ill from the thrill, this isn’t no little purple pill that’ll retreat with time
There’s no rewind, no un-see, images flickering, spirituality or dementia
Yours alone, no giving this ticket back, this ride that’s your new life, endless

G.R. Hambley ©
October 28, 2014

I wanted there to be something haunting for the season. I did consider naming this piece, “Trick or Treat” and decided I’d just try and fill your goodie bag to the max.

Happy Halloween Y’all.