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Diatribolical or My Head It’s Been A Day!

Diatribolical or My Head It’s Been A Day!

It has been a day. As yet I’m not certain what kind of day. When I know I’ll keep it to myself. You don’t want to know. Trust me, it’s easier this way, for all of us. Easier because it could lead me to going diatribolical.

Diatribolical is one of my own words and I’ll have the definition out for you shortly. Got a couple more of my own words to define as well.
pronounced – (die a try ball i cull)

I was checking in online today to see what was going on with family and friends. Adding a note here, leaving a chortle there, wreaking havoc and making heads shake and eyes roll everywhere. It’s just me being me and having fun.

I did a couple of those online play tests while I was out there.

This nonsense has got to stop! The cyber machine shrinks is getting way more clever than the human ones.

I’m not allowed to play with Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Divinity Students because I break them. But that’s a whole other story. How I’m going to blow up the circuits of the machine brains I do not know. When I figure that out I’ll have it out to you as well!

I foresee a bad, bad night for me. I’m seeing in my highly fertile imagination the trailer of the coming motion picture nightmare. It will be a freak show combination of The Terminator, The Matrix and Videodrome!

Anyone know if Skynet has been launched yet?

I want to know who decided that the 10 of Hearts represents what they the amorphous cyber ones say it represents. Not a question! Own up, now!

Yeah I am real good with the 4 letter word those cyber ones say I am. Still I do wonder how they put the criteria together from the selections I made.

What Playing Card You?

You’re the 10 of hearts!
You’re a survivor! The 10 of hearts represents triumph over many difficulties. You’re resilient, down to earth, responsible and mature. You’ve overcome a lot in life, especially recently, and all of your experiences have left you with an open, feeling heart and endless compassion. You don’t judge, you listen. You see life for what it really is, and you’re not afraid of the harsh reality that life can sometimes bring. You’re socially responsible and have a sincere passion for those around you. .

What 4 Letter Word Are You

You are cool as a cucumber and have a sense of confidence that is enviable. You don’t try to hard to be awesome, it just comes naturally to you. People can count on you for a good laugh and you’re always down to try new things and go on adventures. Despite how cool you are, you still manage to stay humble and do good things for other people.

I’m also having to define the role of a New Age Archangel. Times are tough in Heaven too. They have their own economic downturn. Again, have that out to you real soon!

G.R. Hambley
January 28, 2015

Full Blown Snark on – ADDENDUM

Full Blown Snark on – ADDENDUM

Cyber Discrimination

Why is what this individual stated in his whom not to hire statement still a chip on my shoulder?

The piece can be viewed here.

I’m trained to question. I can why you to a realization faster than a 5 year old can why you to frustration. Okay maybe I’m not that good but I like to think I am. Beyond that I’ve always been questioning. I want to know the root so I go digging. That is my nature.

What is the root of this matter of whom not to hire. I’ve thought about it and the conclusion I reach is that this individual discriminates. Discrimination is not acceptable, period end of story.

Most of us are aware of Cyber Bullying and will not tolerate that behaviour.
Now for the first time I’ve been cognizant of Cyber Discrimination. This is what I take from that individuals statement on whom not to hire.

I’m not going to consider you because you don’t play with what I play with. You can’t be of any good to me because by not using what I use or what I say should be used you are obviously incompetent and a mental deficient.

This individual isn’t a Consultant or even better, a Coach. He is not about prophet and is about profit. I do not see someone trying to dazzle with brilliance. I see someone trying to baffle with, well you know the saying as well as I do.

I went and looked at this individual’s site. Aint nothing but a cyber huckster from what I see. Unlike him, I took the time to go look before reaching a conclusion.

I will not accept Cyber Bullying and I will not accept Cyber Discrimination. I will not accept them silently. That’s just me too.

Turn The Calendar Page

Turn the calendar page

Well for those of us that put down in words how wonderful or not life is in this world, we’re always turning pages. Some of us even burn the odd page. Hey, sometimes it just has to be done. I did not go throwing babies off of bridges when I came to them. Didn’t blow them bridges up either. That is a figurative statement for those of you who are gleaning the web for subversive plots.

I’ve been kicking around wordpress now since the last few days of August, 2014. Took a couple days to get in the groove so lets call it four months I’ve been doing the blog thing. I have a sense of obligation to the blog and that is good. I appreciate having this outlet and display mechanism.

WordPress sent me my year in review. All in all I’m pretty pleased. I had no clue what to expect, how I’d be received, where I’d take things on this journey. I look at the stats and am pleasantly surprised that the numbers between Canada and the United States are not relative. By that I mean relative to population base. Canada’s population is about 10% that of the United States. The ratio is 4 to 1 not 10 to 1 as you might expect. So for every four of my neighbours to the south that have read me, one of my countrymen has read me. The designation of, “Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate” and “The Order of Canada” cannot be far behind! It’s a nice thought and that thought is now put back in the closet of my mind! Although, you gotta have aspirations right?

I’ve had visitors from 17 countries around the world. Discourse in one form or another off of those views with people from 10 of those countries.

There a couple I’ve read that I’ve become a huge fan of and just love their writings. I do so much appreciate the Devoutly Warped”. Yes I know humour is subjective and I also know I have at the least a strange sense of humour, and at the most, well I said it, a Devoutly Warped sense of humour.

There a couple that were not to my taste and I’m sure there are some that dropped my pages and found me not to their taste. That is the beauty of this space. Exposure to so many thoughts, ideas, ways and means of expression. I do enjoy it so!

Looking ahead, I’m satisfied with the direction and content of my pages. That will stay the same. Some Coaching thoughts or life thoughts if you like. There will be poetry and art. I will be consistent and true to myself as always.

As an artist and a life coach I would recommend this space to those that are looking for a place that is both a catharsis and a catalyst. A highly constructive way to vent and give your views too.

Happy New Year Y’all … see you on the other side

G.R. Hambley December 31, 2014

December 21st, the 2nd best day of the year!

December 21st, the 2nd best day of the year!

Here in the northern hemisphere it is the winter solstice. For me the second best day of the year.

I’ve noted in a couple posts that I am S.A.D., seasonal affective disorder. The winter solstice is one of my coping mechanisms. I’ve been counting down the days until the days get longer since December 1st.

October and November are especially difficult as the days keep getting shorter and the fall weather is generally rainy, damp and dreary. This year was more so than the norm. No I haven’t checked the stats to confirm and I don’t need to! I know it and others have commented on it too. Yes I’m cranky!

I’m not sick. I have an affliction. There are so many ways an individual can find to cope or escape from the things that affect the mind. For me it’s looking to the bright side, going to the light figuratively and literally.

Yesterday we had a nice day around 2 Celsius with sun! I picked me a nice corner by the market and soaked up sun for about 30 minutes. I watched the people pass, packages and good eats in hand. It sure felt good and made me smile!

Soon it’ll be spring! I usually really feel the difference about mid February. Until then I’ll just keep smiling and heading for light where I see it.

We each have to find our own ways to cope. Given you a small look at one of mine and maybe there is something in it you can use.

Suns back out this morning, gonna go grab me some, y’all enjoy your day!

Almost forgot, the best and worst day of the year? Why the summer solstice and I’m sure you can figure out why!

G.R. Hambley
certified professional coach

Tis A Season & Joyeux Noel Non

Tis A Season & Joyeux Noel Non
(poetry at end)

The Christmas Season is filled with a wonderment of feelings. Not all of them for everyone are the warm fuzzy feelings of remembrance and expectation. For many, as we all know, tis the season of just get this over with and let me come through to the other side reasonably sound. There are going to be a few of those shadows to chase away as we move in to the New Year.

For me, there is no significant other in my life and family is a long way away. Also for me there is somewhat of an awareness of and expectations of physician heal thy self. If you’re not aware I am a Certified Professional Coach, a Life Coach. Yes I am a number of other things as well but in the moment, Life Coach is the stocking cap I have on.

This isn’t about sympathy. This is about actuality and maybe a little bit of empathy.

For me I’ll have my Christmas Eve walk and talk with God. My spirituality will, as always be refreshed. There is never a need to renew because my spirituality is something I never lose.

For many others for many reasons the Christmas season is nothing special or something to lament.

I’ve seen some things. I’ve worked with people considered well off and I’ve worked with the not so well off. I’ve worked with people on four continents. As different as the faces and places can be I did and do see commonality, especially at this time of year.

Should you encounter one who is shall we say not so festive share a little compassion, empathy and understanding.

There is no need to feel sorry for me. I’m not feeling sorry for myself. Keep in mind that alone and lonely are two very different things! I’m well and intact and pleased with a number of things that I touched and touched me this year.

I wrote this about piece of poetry last Christmas Eve and If you want to do something for me, enjoy and reflect on and remember that for some it is;

Joyeux Noel Non

January on the horizon and it can’t get here soon enough
Unusual to be looking straight past, straight through this season
Strange to not to give a damn about this time of year
Then again, all considered, it just isn’t that strange after all

And the morning of the eve breaks with a bitter cold
Not that the weather can touch the chill of the soul
Once upon a time no bitterness or cold could touch the joy
That was then and the now is just a day to pass away

Head sick and heart twisted or maybe vise versa
Ease on past the whatever merriment when it’s seen
Race on through the greetings and wishes when they come
Nights’ low light cannot get here fast enough this day

In the growing shadows there is blessed relief to be found
Going slowly to nowhere down the emptying streets
Heaven and Hell and Christmas bells, just rumours here
Taking a look to that star above and wishing everyone a place to cry

G.R. Hambley ©



Stunned, disillusioned, moribund, has this mind’s switch finally flipped to mad?
Elation, separation, desperation, all the seasons in, on, a single day
Anxiousness, neurosis, psychosis, these but a few treats on the tree’s branches

Spin, spun, sprung, the minds spring clicks, locks then flies apart
Onward, backward, downward, darkness clinging like a shroud
Nightmarishly, drearily, tearfully, emotional well runs over, runs dry

Attitude, latitude, fortitude, the true release from the festering beast
Light, might, delight, raising up the spirit, the passion, the soul
Sunbeam, star stream, day’s a dream, shine, shine, shine

G.R. Hambley ©
December 03, 2014

No hate by the numbers

No hate by the numbers

September 29 today, I’ve had this thing in drafts adding a titch and touch for some days.

Somethings are just far more important than getting to the blog spot as much as I enjoy it.

IRL … in real life … well this is part of my real life too … I put the time and thought and the effort and the emotion in to this visible part of my life … just like y’all who do the same here

Back to updating those numbers.

Numbers and dates and times and ways and means and and and….. sometimes it is just way more than enough…. you just gotta pause and reflect!

If you care to you can skip to the end you can see the reflection.

The two latest numbers that have made significant impact on my psyche are 4 and 20. I aint talking about black birds baked in a pie either. Everything I’ve been encountering for a time is weighty. Not a complaint, it is a just is. Goes like that and you can put those coping skills you have to work or you can curl up in a ball and quiver like jello. Well I guess you could lay it off on someone else, run to Daddy so to speak.

I don’t hate. Yeah, yeah, yeah you say, everybody hates someone or something or both. Not me. Hating demeans only you! I don’t even use the word other than to say I don’t do that or to describe why I don’t do that.

I’m talking about the literal sense of the word and not the figurative.

Many people use the “hate” word to describe what are in reality, other feelings or sensations.

Straight from my thesaurus and I do love my thesaurus! I never leave home without it!

hate ~ verb    very rare
1. dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards
I hate Mexican food; She detests politicians
hate ~ noun    very rare
1. the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action

Hating an inanimate object or a person is to my mind just giving your self the worst of it. The object doesn’t care. An object doesn’t even know.

Hating a person, in all truth the person you hate probably doesn’t give a tinkers damn. No reason why they would. What ever is going on inside of you is your problem and the one or ones you hate just don’t care thing one or thing two.

Now there is a day on the calendar I could come to hate, September 20. The last two years that date has had a significant negative emotional impact on me. That statement sure hit the buzz word quotient for this piece! It is a fair statement though so we’ll keep it in place.

I won’t hate that date, just dislike it a whole lot on odd occasions. Make it an anti-anniversary sacrifice a coffee urn me thinks. For me to sacrifice a coffee urn, this is some serious mojo!

Hatred is damn near impossible to carry around constantly. It requires just way to much work. Now if you’re willing to put that kind of effort in to something that is relevant only to yourself, imagine what you can accomplish putting that same effort in to going to the light.

I’ve been working with someone who is putting that kind of effort in to something positive. I see the changes and I am proud of what that individual has accomplished. I know for a fact the individual I’m working with is proud of what they’ve accomplished and they should be!

Pride a sin? Well as far as I’m concerned the only sin would be a pride of lions having fricassee of me for lunch.

I just don’t see being proud of something you’ve worked hard to accomplish and did accomplish as a sin.

We won’t get in to braggarts because if you’ve got nothing nice to say……

I went and looked at “Pride” in the 7 Deadly Sins. I just cannot buy in to it and I just will not have it!

Decide for yourself. As for me, as far as I’m concerned I just fed the 1st Deadly Sin that from all other sin arises to the lions!

Pride Sinopsis

What it is: Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

Why you do it: Well-meaning elementary school teachers told you to “believe in yourself.”

Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be broken on the wheel.

I’ve only touched on the 20 here and not the 4. I’ll get to that or not when I’ve decided if that 4 is something that should be for public consumption.

As I’ve previously stated I am spiritual not religious.
Damn, I do so love their architecture!
I need a pause and, voila!



A Slice Of Life Of A Life Coach

A Slice Of Life Of A Life Coach

I’ve been a human busily doing. Reading, researching, pondering, noting, accepting, rejecting, compiling, reading the compilation and repeating. Moving it along to where what is relevant and needs to be and then heading back for more.

The learning curve is steep and unending. Applying the theory, science, art and devising practical application that fits my approach and style. You could get lost out there in that forest among all those trees.

No I don’t get lost! I do on occasion can, and do become discombobulated. Don’t we all on occasion? When that happens, I pause, regroup, get my bearings and move the ship on.

Yes there is a standard commonality in the discipline but all coaches bring their own method for getting you to the result.

I listened in on a Webinar the other night, “The Miracle Cure”. I went in opened minded with a touch of desperation. Something of the catastrophic nature I’m involved with drew me there. Searching physically and metaphysically for answers, any answer to the questions my coaching heart and mind kept creating. Leave no stone, rock, branch or twig un-examined. Tis the nature of my beast. The need to know, understand and bring to use in practice.

I was also there for myself. I’m a sufferer of Chronic Pain for more than 25 years. I find something that can work for me and I can bring that along to others in my work.

That dynamic is part of what of what I bring to the table in my practice of the science and art of Coaching. Prepared and ready to kiss, caress, cajole and call on the carpet. I use them all. I call it going up and down the register and I can bring the theatre to go with it if need be.

Now the presenter of the “Miracle Cure” was what I like to call California Cool. Stylin’ indeed. In truth a style I do like, just not for myself. I got style too. I’m earthier. No I’m not profane. I’m not much of a user of those words and never have been. I’m more matter of fact, more down in the bottom of the river where the good stuff grows.

The webinar was informative. I found a couple new paths to walk down on my quest for the answer. I will be bringing what I found with me for the future benefit of those that I work with.

The host was specific, before and after delivering the cure, were your issue a health issue rather than a mind over it matters or an emotional issue, “The Miracle Cure” may not have the full or any effect. Were your issue health related it could take longer for the effect to take and it could take more than one instance for the cure to take.

There are a number of factors in the cure and I’m not going go in to the detail depth for a couple reasons. One it wasn’t something I delivered and two, I’d have to spend much more time deciphering my notes to give the whole process justice and it would still be incomplete.

In the proverbial nutshell it is pick one thing to be rid of and one thing only. Then realization, examination, sensation, feeling and mindset are used with a cleansing breath to rid you of that one thing.

Naturally enough I went with the pain caused by osteoarthritis. No effect. To be fair I wasn’t able to give my full concentration to the exercise or exorcise if you prefer.

In the moment I’ve rejected any idea that “The Miracle Cure” can be of benefit to what I’m doing. I will revisit at another time to see if it can be beneficial to myself and those I work with. I do have that open mind and need to explore this further before accepting or rejecting completely.

I can see and understand why for many they felt relieved or cured. When you put that much focus and energy on one thing, one spot, with the attention demanded, when you’re told to let it go you are naturally going to feel better. You’re going to feel better because you’ve just released a great burden.

Don’t you always feel cleansed, better, when you’ve let something of magnitude go? I know I feel so much better, even a slight euphoria when I’ve let a few things go that had me in distress.
Visualization is something I am proponent of. Use it for myself and with people I work with because it works.

In my own case one of the things I can do is lower my own blood pressure. You add in physical sensation with the visualization and it works even better!

For Blood Pressure, the mind is the accelerator, the heart is the engine and you can feel the gas running through the lines.

On my current journey, explicitly in the last few days I’ve been seriously exposed to a couple other channels for my mind to tune in on.

Over the last few days of search to destroy there has been a plethora of information. I’m exposed, cognizant, aware. I now have Reflexology and Qigong Therapy to study.

I was also directed to a book, “Tao Te Ching” and was told by the kind one who responded to my requests that with my ability, I would be able to be understanding and to develop my own Qigong Therapy. That is a task for the future because in the moment I just aint got the time.

I’ve also delved in to “The Peace Process” or “The Healing Code” over the last few days on this current journey. Both have merit and I will explore them further at another time.

So much information and my assimilation of the data is taking far too long. Putting time constraints on myself that while are of great importance, are not in the moment hypercritical.

The fact is I’m running hot and the turns are coming fast. Time to take my own advice and watch those turns. Don’t wanna be going in too hot, miss the apex of this turn, or if you prefer, “the limits of grip” and crash the wall. That’ll hurt!

So I’m just going to come in to this turn a little softer, keep my grip and power out! Ultimately better for me and therefore better for the individual I’m working with and whomever I work with in the future.

Time to sleep and when I wake it, will again be time to do.

G.R. Hambley ©
September 11, 2014