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GRH Weathering

Page after page
Age after age
Time after time
Impossible to hide
Never ending ride
As I weather with pride

G.R. Hambley ©
June 12, 2017

Photo Credit – Ara Sagherian




It works. Try it for yourself.


Core Sampling #1 – Market Day

Core Sampling #1 – Market Day

The title comes from me living right in the core of my city. For those that don’t know that city is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love this city and its diversity.

Market Day – Acrostic

Musing over morning coffee, sun just raising up the sleepy streets
Appetizing scents hanging in the air, new arrivals saunter in
Rustling newspapers, elbows on tables, muted conversations








Kinds of all colours, kids in summer jumpers, smiles all around
Enjoying breakfast in leisure, worldly cares for most set aside
The absence of a piece keeping time not ever noticed or needed

Market 01-sept2015-SZ

Stepping through the market doors, Saturday’s crowd no surprise
Quest for the makings of the weeks meals, something for snacking too
Up an aisle, down a row, the steps to the gallery beckon mightily

Market 02-aug2015-SZ

Availing yourself of that special sandwich you’ve been craving all week
Rubbing elbows, catching up with those that are neighbours and friends
Enjoyed by many from near and far, they know or heard of this market


Day moves along towards noon, the usual bunch heading off as usual
Another coffee spot stop beckons, most pause, a few sit in for a bit
Yet another Saturday market morn is done, and now about those snacks

G.R. Hambley ©
September 11, 2015

Beneath My Feet – A Shadow Of Myself

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Beneath my feet, I find a shadow of myself.
My shadow providing shade for industrious ants.
The ants carrying their burden far easier than I mine this hot day

Toronto July 29 2015 LMEA 0010013

G.R. Hambley photograph July 2015 – all rights reserved

Purple Passionate

Purple Passionate

I had been out for a lunch time walk and was thinking about a friend being a little blue.

My friend likes purple and silver. The flower I shot is pure purple.

I wanted the flower for my friend to have my special touch.

So I made the green leaves purple and silver.

I’m pretty certain that blue got chased away if only for a little bit.


Purple Passionate01sgn

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved

3 Bears – A Truth

3 Bears – A Truth


CTB baby bear tigger free badge finiSZG.R. Hambley June 2015


Someday I Will

Someday I Will

I do not have one of these

Some day I will have my own

I do have this one of mine

Niagara Falls Feb 23 2008_20080223_087

I have this one that is mine too


When I have a Moonbow that is mine, this is how it will be.

Escaping in to night
Making it’s way over Luna
Touching down upon ocean shore
Where two dance to both beauties

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved
June 05, 2015

Moonbow 1 –
Moonbow 2 –

Rainbow 1 – G.R. Hambley – Niagara Falls In Winter, Ontario
Rainbow 2 – G.R. Hambley – Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Etheral – sonnet with art


a sonnet

The art piece was done in the late 90’s.
I call the piece, “Spectral Beauty”.

window002moonStorm clouds gathering slowly, steadily, hot summer night
Pushing in on, over the others, patches of moonlight
Eerie, ominous, air electric surrounds, heard as much as felt
Crawling on the flesh, whisper a breeze lest charged skin melt
Thunder beats, echoes, rolling, bowing the heather plain
Rain mysteriously hangs, suspended below forming frame
Angry billows clash, circle, swirl, above the turmoil, Luna’s mirth
Lightning brilliantly bolting in chains from heaven to earth
Brought to ground, exploded ozone, scent lingering
Enervating, visceral, wanting to believe with a whole heart
As time stands still, shape takes form in front of shadow
Unreal, surreal, drifting along the path of moon’s beaming
Those days of nights remembering the promise of never part
You, here, lovely, lovingly, watching, smiling through window

G.R. Hambley ©
June 02, 2015

Alien Shores

Alien Shores

It was a strange day indeed along the water front of the wilds of Whitby. Two white hot suns did shine down. A few sulphur clouds hung in the acrid sky. The lake that had been turned to oil and dung was lapping eerily against the shore. An oozing putrid sludge was left behind when the gelatinous mass crawled back to the cesspool from whence it came.

You would think nothing, not even disease could live in that fetid pool, yet, ever so slowly, almost imperceptibly some horror was taking shape. Compelled and reviled, daring not to look away in case this growing atrocity of monstrosity suddenly took full form.

I could go on but this is about the artwork not story telling. A brief technical description is below the piece


Designed with a 2 to 1 aspect ratio with the intent of producing at a minimum of 2′ x 4′. Yes it was a monster file with a working resolution of 720 PPI / DPI and a canvas size of 6″ x 12″ in PSD Format. The 35mm neg was brought in on a Polaroid Film and Slide Scanner around 1440 DPI as I recall. Why so big? Simple Stuff, you learn early that imagery will go down in size quite nicely and it won’t go up in size worth a damn. Interpolate is the actual word and that word applys to imagery not just text.

Introducing The Little Bear

Introducing “The Little Bear” with 2nd and a long way down

Time to semi formally introduce, “The Little Bear”. You can call him CTB or CT if you like.

I use the little guy for a number of things. He’s cute, he’s diverse, he’s acerbic and does he ever get around! I’ve never quite figured out where he got the acerbic but hey it works for him.

He will be making appearance sometime in the future just as himself. Here is a small look.
and yes I did set it that way on purpose.


I did put him up after he had that unfortunate, “Dead Head” incident in my “Contemfutzing” piece, In the piece you will encounter links that will take you to Urban Dictionary where you will see the submission was by a CTBear. That submitter would be yours truly.

The little guy will be making more appearances. I’m even considering putting up a behavioral trilogy he’s already appeared in. He’s been to Niagara Falls (not posted yet) and run over by a train. He is resilient!

There are many persona here. This is mine and has been mine for a very long time. Like Tigger, there is only one and I’m it! The one and only, Cool Teddy Bear.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

The shot inside the little guy was taken in the catwalks of what at the time was known as, “Skydome” and is now known as Rogers Centre. The stand alone shot itself is below CTB,


When you go up there, really there is only one rule

DON’T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ DROP ANYTHING!



G.R. Hambley aka Cool Teddy Bear – all rights reserved