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He Said She Said No 3 – The Little Dude

He Said She Said No 3
The Little Dude

She Said:   Hello

HE SAID:   hiya

She Said:   What didn’t u break

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   ahhhhhhhhh a psyche or 3

HE SAID:   all the rest…….. had to be done

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   I love the kids……and they r really not trouble…..but boy oh boy…..I wish it time for school again


She Said:   I wonder If the other moms send them to my house to get a rest

HE SAID:   ~ ~ ~ it’s the most wonderful time of the year ~ ~~ when the kids go back after summer vacation

She Said:    Lol

She Said:   Agreed

HE SAID:   kid swap … seems like a good idea

HE SAID:   share the aggravation share agitation share the zanex

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   Well u know at other people’s house……they aren’t terrors…..only at their own house

HE SAID:   get a bigger cage

HE SAID:   a few more sticks

HE SAID:   lots of meat

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   Hmm

She Said:   Gimme few

HE SAID:   yip

She Said:   Sorry for all the interruptions

HE SAID:   it is okay

She Said:   Thats how it goes when the neighborhood is here

HE SAID:   no giraffes by the windows and no elephants on the furniture

HE SAID:   Rusty can hang out where ever he likes

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   They’ll drive u crazy! Push u to gr 9

HE SAID:   that would be the hyenas … just one big joke to them

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   it’s all good until one of them gets a burr in their butt then the howling starts

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   Hang on I just wanna go make a bed

HE SAID:   k

She Said:   Back

HE SAID:   all’s well on the southern front?

She Said:   Lol for now yes

HE SAID:   might have to send that boy of ours back though

HE SAID:   I had lunch with Rusty … he’s a feisty rogue, a picky eater too

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   yeah really

HE SAID:   grilled bison burger for me

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   but him ………. noooooooooooooooo not good enough

HE SAID:   had to wake the little dude up too ..

She Said:   Do u listen to a word I say

HE SAID:   yes I do

She Said:   Hmmm

HE SAID:   now where was I…… oh yeah the little dude

HE SAID:   you’ve seen him when first wakes up

HE SAID:   “okay, okay! I’m awake … what’s to eat .. got cake?”

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   we know where he gets that from don’t we miss caramel crunch cake

HE SAID:   he wasn’t pleased about no cake … didn’t want a bison burger

She Said:   Hmm

She Said:   Well no more cake for me either

HE SAID:   he wanted gnu …

She Said:   Sis said she ain’t gonna bake that again

HE SAID:   really y not

She Said:   She said its one helluva job and she’s not sure she loves me that much


HE SAID:   so making it for me shouldn’t be a problem

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   Nope

She Said:   She should be more than willing

HE SAID:   she’s a good one

She Said:   Yeah she’s my sis

HE SAID:   now where was I…….

HE SAID:   oh yeah

HE SAID:   gnu gnu gnu ……

HE SAID:   I fooled him though …. gave him wildebeest …. he didn’t gno the difference

She Said:   Lol crazy

HE SAID:   among other things … yup

HE SAID:   when I asked him how he wanted his wildebeest done……..

HE SAID:   little dude said, “just walk it past the grill and that’ll be good”

She Said:   Hmm

HE SAID:   bit under done for my liking but hey … it aint my stomach

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   he also let me know about calling him “little dude” … now that he has his name

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   those conversations about other dudes he’d over heard kind of turned him against that

HE SAID:   we came to an agreement … I can always call him little dude cuz it is a term of affection

She Said:   u r seriously crazy

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   anyone else … uh uh … Rusty said anyone but me calls him that he’ll have a major hissy fit

HE SAID:   maybe even go rhino on there butt …

HE SAID:   somehow I don’t think he meant Rhino Records

HE SAID:   can just see the little dude zippin’ 45 records around like frisbees

HE SAID:   hope it was 45’s … those 78’s hurt!

She Said:   Lol

HE SAID:   we finished up lunch … I found him an oat cake … didn’t like the look he gave me one bit

HE SAID:   I headed off to do some research and he went back to sleeping … it’s good to be Rusty

She Said:   Rofl

HE SAID:   so watch where ya step … he could be anywhere and for gods sake do not call him little dude!

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   I appreciate that

HE SAID:   turns out that girl I showed you is Rusty’s sister

HE SAID:   her name is Rafina

She Said:   Really now

HE SAID:   yeah really

She Said:   Lol

She Said:   Ooook

She Said:   She must be the postman’ child then

HE SAID:   could be

HE SAID:   she kind of looked like she might go postal with what she was trying to do and someone taking her picture

She Said:   Lol


Photograph used by permission. All rights reserved.

He Said … She Said #2 … Another from one who is devoutly warped.

Another from one who is devoutly warped.
He Said … She Said #2

HE SAID: i r 2 an old soul

She Said: Lol

HE SAID: I’m an old sod at times too

She Said: Lol

HE SAID: yeah sure … that one she knows

She Said: Yeah I know

She Said: Hehehe

She Said: Hmmm

She Said: G!!!!!!!!!!!

HE SAID: YES !!!!!!!!!!   LMAO

She Said: WHAT HAVE U DONE?????

HE SAID: nothing why

She Said: !!!!!!!

HE SAID: nothin’ but getting you to laughing

She Said: FB!!!!!!


She Said: U posted it!!!!! U wanna get urself killed

HE SAID: I changed it

HE SAID: ok ok … I took it down

HE SAID: sheesh

HE SAID: try and stir up a little fun



She Said: Lol I liked it……lol……but

She Said: Hmmmmmm

HE SAID: tough with 3 kids huh

She Said: Lol YEAAAH

HE SAID: and I know better but do it anyway …. you know what that makes me?

She Said: But I love it

She Said: Rebel

HE SAID: incorrigible

HE SAID: well rebel too

She Said: What?

HE SAID: incorrigible

HE SAID: incorrigible ~ adj   very rare
1. impervious to correction by punishment

She Said: Ahhhhh


HE SAID: the dodger aint got nothin’ on me!

HE SAID: Oliver Twist

HE SAID: and what mischief are you up to?

She Said: Lol

She Said: I’m just thinking what my day would be like without u in it

HE SAID: sane but who needs that

She Said: Lol

She Said: True

She Said: Bloody ‘ ol fool

HE SAID:    🙂

HE SAID: would have loved to of seen your face when you saw the FB

She Said: Lol yeah

HE SAID: EIA ?????????

She Said: Ur r my fun

HE SAID: everything in air ………..

She Said: Huh?

She Said: Lol

She Said: Yep

She Said: Glad u r here dude

HE SAID: me too!

She Said: I think that God give each of us a friend to keep us sane….u got me

HE SAID: look how well that worked … I was already way out with an immediate up

She Said: Lol

HE SAID: followed by a zigzag with a sharp left

HE SAID: psssssssst

She Said: Hmm

HE SAID: whom is supposed too keep who sane?

She Said: Me u

HE SAID: I thought so but wanted to check

She Said: Lol

She Said: Yeah I know…

She Said: But I gotta get points for trying

HE SAID: we are agreed

HE SAID: we are scoring?

HE SAID: no one told me

She Said: Lol yeah I’m wayyyyyyyyyy ahead

HE SAID: I thought I was the head so to speak?

She Said: I wonder what it feels like to strangle someone

She Said: No the head needs to be sane…. U R not

HE SAID: how far?

HE SAID: how far strangling someone?

She Said: U

HE SAID: not who

She Said: Not anyone else

HE SAID: how far

She Said: Lol I know

She Said: Till u give up


Yes another one of those conversations that really happened … it’s good to be devoutly warped!

If you care to see what got the, “WHAT HAVE U DONE?????” I’m happy to show you
Go read my rule #11 first

He Said … She Said #1 … Another Woman

He said: talked to another woman this morning … walking along I looked up and

He said: said hi Luna … good to see you

She said: hmmm know the moon had an effect on u lol

He said: yes it does

She said: i assume u were talking about the moon hmmm

She said: lol

He said: well yeah

She said: and what did LUNA say to u

He said: hello bear … you’ve changed

He said: she was getting ready to sleep you see and mistook me for another bear

She said: changed hmmm

She said: interesting

She said: hmmm

She said: now when u gonna ask her what she meant

He said: I know what she meant

He said: sheesh

He said: you think I graduated from dumb bunny avenue or what

He said: dumb bunny avenue is where the sesame street dropouts go

He said: Luna thought I was Bear from the big blue house

She said: well if u knew… did the convo go?

He said: well once she woke up a little

He said: she was a little foggy

He said: could tell by the mist around her

He said: she was quite communicative

She said: hmm

He said: she doesn’t like what that darn mother nature did to obscure her face the other night

He said: Luna can get off on a rant dontcha know

He said: yeah ma nature let loose a huge rain storm … not good for Luna’s complexion

He said: not pleased!

She said: (rofl)

She said: yeaaah

She said: go on

He said: so I let her rant for a bit … always good to let her rant when she wants to … she can get down right ripping if you don’t

He said: tides get going every which way

He said: just ugly

He said: waves start breaking wrong

He said: and her following when she’s off on a rant … well lemme tell you zombies aint got nothing on a full blown LUNATIC attack

She said: (rofl)

He said: Luna was gracious enough to tell me … me being a bear and all that she was gonna take a chill pill and try to relax

He said: let the furry creatures have some light to go foraging

He said: she did say that me being bear I could have all the beary berries … she’d make a tilt at any other creatures that tried to get my beary berries!

He said: so we said are goodbyes until next time and I went off foraging while Luna went for a much needed nap

He said: smile

G.R. Hambley
Yes this chat actually took place and sometimes I go for some lunacy!