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It’s LSD!

It’s LSD!

(Lazy Sunny Day)

Made time, had to slow this mad mad world down
Easing down, easing in, floating the light fantastic
A little tail spin, a sparkling diamond daze
Nodding on out, letting the sun and sounds win
Down that lazy old river and you just drift away
Eiders fluttering down, settling in the rushes
Relative of Rocky washing his disbelieving bandit eyes
In to the last bend and wanna weep like the willow
Not going to think of anyone or anything again soon
Gonna be gone baby gone to replay this play day

G.R. Hambley ©
April 12, 2017




Sir; I implore thee pay heed to that of which I bring you notice
Harkin I say, lend thy ear, give grace with quiescent presence
Overt displays, set them firmly beneath still feet lest they escape
Resultant of behaviours, yours, none with consideration shall tolerate
Talk of the cheapest nature makes cause for concern, draws ire out

Fidgeting mind exposed, given away by the motion of thine eyes
Understanding others doth lend insight to understanding thy self
Such consideration gifted thee; yet still righteous certainty remains
Each and every belligerent, arrogant, ignorant utterance so noted Sir
Due you by invitation, from me with malice aforethought, comeuppance

G.R. Hambley ©
April 17, 2016

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I was having a conversation today with a wonderful thoughtful person. Our conversation was a little bit about writing. That person made me a promise that is provocative and an absolute delight!

Our conversations move around. There was some conversation about triggered memories. We moved in to some talk about being so very low. Being so very low you wonder how or if you’re going to find a way up. Naturally enough that topic led in to making change and finding the way out. I touched on finding my own spirituality and my journey.

We started talking about relative books on the subject and discovered we have one book in common that was profound for each of us in our own way.

What I recommend to those who are feeling empty and searching for a light on their path to awareness are three books. Yes I’ve read them all and more as I journeyed that road of awareness and change myself. The order I encountered the books is different from the order I believe these books are best read to serve the searcher.

The first book was one I discovered for myself. I picked it up. Opened the book to no specific place, just let the book open up for me. This book found its way to me at time when I had gone to ground. I’d needed to, had to, and I went.

Book number two came to me as a gift from someone who, had I not let down, would most probably still be part of my life today. This book is on my “Only 5” that you can take to that mythical island. I’ve read the book a number of times and that book has never failed to make impressions and stimulate my mind.

Bach 05

Third book I discovered in my online poking around on the subject. Took the chance off a few reviews and was very glad I did. The book is good for helping you find balance and order within your chaos.

The Books in what I believe is the best order to read them.

  • A Compass For Healing – Noah benShea
  • Care Of The Soul – Thomas Moore
  • Illusions – Richard Bach

I wish you an amazing journey.

G.R. Hambley ©
April 11, 2016

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Quoth Me #13 – I’m Never Wrong

Quoth Me #13 – I’m Never Wrong

I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.

Bold statement that, “I’m Never Wrong”. I’m certain there were more than a few raised eye brows among other things raised looking at the title. Yeah I’m perceptive and cognitive, no need to enlighten me with what was raised!

This is how I have arrived at the statement made.

If I know something, I say so.
If I don’t know something, I say so.
If I’m not sure of something, I say so.

If I have an understanding of something, I say so. I’ll also explain how I came to the understanding of what ever that something is.

I’ll ask you if you have something to offer to help me better understand what I don’t know. I will listen to what you say and thank you for that something you offered up. If what you tell me of that something so I have better knowledge is contradictory to what I understand, I will explore it for myself and find what is correct and move it in to the category of something I know.

You’re now free to decide for yourself and assign validity or not to my statement.

Quoth Me, G.R. Hambley
November 1, 2015 – All Saints Day

False Witness – Sonnet

False Witness


An egregious assault reportedly perpetrated
Not to be, nor should it be, taken solely at face
Instance indulgence in and of itself, selfish
Made harshly in to one’s truth by innuendo
Practicality no consideration in mind fixated
Accounting demanded without semblance of grace
Cancer in remission awakened, back to flourish
Tolerance levels leveled, eye for eye for I told you so
Snarling, snapping, year after years containment
Unable to contain, pain spewed like lava rain
Deceit and lies only existing in one’s malignant mind
Deeds described not done, nor as imagined entertainment
Exasperation’s ceiling, lathe & plaster cut with disdain
Never more will such be tolerated by any of such kind

G.R. Hambley ©
August 09, 2015



I’ve put up some off the wall stuff. Yes there is method behind my madness. Yeah, no surprise.

This is a wonderful space to ply the aspects of my life that are most rewarding and most frustrating.

My “SANITY” is never in question. Is yours?


G.R. Hambley
June 19, 2015

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One Night


This piece requires a description in to the mindset of me your presenter and an existing double standard. I’m a proponent of equality. Applying among other things, standards equally to both men and women.

I’ve had these. I wasn’t alone when I had them. The standard that is applied to me the man is different than what is applied to my companion, the woman. That to my mind is wrong.

I am neither condoning or condemning the act. The act happens and whether you partake or not in such is personal choice, for both men and women. I can’t comment on the mindset of this encounter in those that are same sex oriented because I just don’t know how the action is viewed.

Recently one morning a woman come in to one of my favourite coffee spots. She was getting her coffee among other things. She looked at me and knew I knew. I knew what the look on her face was saying.

We all know how when spoken of, the act is applied to a man. We don’t need to drag out the descriptions here.

The act has been described as applied to a woman as, “The Walk Of Shame”. I do not like that. I also see that description as a form of emotional control and I like that even less!

This happened. It is real. If it went as I write in the first stanza, don’t know. It did go as I write in the second stanza.

One Night

Slipping out, stepping in to last night’s silk
Tussled hair, sleepless eyes in a makeup mirror
Reaching in for lipstick, pulling out yesterday’s lace
Ankle straps hung like a gunslingers belt
Passing view, wondering when you’ll see you
Pausing, blowing a kiss from the closing door

You can see on the way in, a night of that she won’t tell
The rings go on, earrings go in, chain in knots
Happy and not, wondering where the right went wrong
Insides go to turning cartwheels from butterfly wings
No, just can’t be seen this way by the sound of the sigh
Glow in surprise, discovered, no taint, just another man’s smile

G.R. Hambley ©
June 12, 2015

C’s and D’s in Coaching


C’s and D’s in Coaching

I put up a series called, “Triple D”. That series comprises three words, Deny, Defer and Deflect.

I am a Certified Professional Coach. I see those behaviours in people often. Those three words are in my practice the Secondary Words. Those three words need to be worked through to move forward and beyond whatever the issue, matter or fear may be that is preventing an individual’s change from their current state to what they are striving for.

The primary words for me in my practice are these, Cognitive, Considerate and Caring. I haven’t done up imagery pieces with “The Little Bear” on this set so linking to the meanings will have to suffice in the moment.

If you genuinely have and bring those three “C” words to practice you can work effectively through the “D” words with an individual to achieve a successful result.

Both of those word sets have subsets. The “Tertiary” or 3rd in degree if you like. You can take individual components of those two word sets and combine them, blend them just like mixing colours to form a different tone or hue. A few of the combinations include, Cognitive Deference, Considerate Denial and Caring Deflection.

I’m certain you can put together other combinations of those two sets and derive the conjoined meanings.

People I’ve worked with can join those “C” and “D” words together too. Some of those people do not recognize what they’re doing. Fortunately I do recognize and understand!

Recognizing the action is a critical imperative to being successful. How you make the person you’re working with aware when they aren’t aware or calling the individual who is aware of the behaviour is dependent on the Coach’s own style. The Coach has to empower all three of those “C” words when making the Coachee cognizant of their action and that their Coach sees and understands the behaviour.

As a Coach, if you can make the C’s and D’s really work for you, I foresee you having many A+ returns!

G.R. Hambley ©
June 10, 2015
All rights reserved

Turn The Calendar Page

Turn the calendar page

Well for those of us that put down in words how wonderful or not life is in this world, we’re always turning pages. Some of us even burn the odd page. Hey, sometimes it just has to be done. I did not go throwing babies off of bridges when I came to them. Didn’t blow them bridges up either. That is a figurative statement for those of you who are gleaning the web for subversive plots.

I’ve been kicking around wordpress now since the last few days of August, 2014. Took a couple days to get in the groove so lets call it four months I’ve been doing the blog thing. I have a sense of obligation to the blog and that is good. I appreciate having this outlet and display mechanism.

WordPress sent me my year in review. All in all I’m pretty pleased. I had no clue what to expect, how I’d be received, where I’d take things on this journey. I look at the stats and am pleasantly surprised that the numbers between Canada and the United States are not relative. By that I mean relative to population base. Canada’s population is about 10% that of the United States. The ratio is 4 to 1 not 10 to 1 as you might expect. So for every four of my neighbours to the south that have read me, one of my countrymen has read me. The designation of, “Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate” and “The Order of Canada” cannot be far behind! It’s a nice thought and that thought is now put back in the closet of my mind! Although, you gotta have aspirations right?

I’ve had visitors from 17 countries around the world. Discourse in one form or another off of those views with people from 10 of those countries.

There a couple I’ve read that I’ve become a huge fan of and just love their writings. I do so much appreciate the Devoutly Warped”. Yes I know humour is subjective and I also know I have at the least a strange sense of humour, and at the most, well I said it, a Devoutly Warped sense of humour.

There a couple that were not to my taste and I’m sure there are some that dropped my pages and found me not to their taste. That is the beauty of this space. Exposure to so many thoughts, ideas, ways and means of expression. I do enjoy it so!

Looking ahead, I’m satisfied with the direction and content of my pages. That will stay the same. Some Coaching thoughts or life thoughts if you like. There will be poetry and art. I will be consistent and true to myself as always.

As an artist and a life coach I would recommend this space to those that are looking for a place that is both a catharsis and a catalyst. A highly constructive way to vent and give your views too.

Happy New Year Y’all … see you on the other side

G.R. Hambley December 31, 2014

Catalyst and Catharsis

Catalyst and Catharsis

Crashing fearlessly through waves of rampant emotion
Accepting lovingly the bearish nature of this beast
Traversing resolutely where all others would instantly perish
Agile mind seizes on the degree of madness, totally unfazed
Listening, truly listening, not just hearing this storms wrath

Yield and heed, warning signs flashed from within her eye
Slowly and surely the winds that raged are turned to calm
Twinkling eyes and steady smile, the lighthouse for my soul
Another crisis of creation weathered, with no damage done
Nodding gently, an understanding only the special one could know

Dulled worn edges, the restoration, a labour of true love
Careful nurturing, given in times of deepest feeling
Angelic voice soothes, delicately washes concern away
Touches and caresses reaching clear into the heart
Held contentedly, safe haven in my loves arms

All the world held at bay, ordered to wait for another day
Resting easily, head and heart nestled safely in her care
Stories and tales I relate of journeys yet unexplored
I hear my angels voice kiss softly, deeply in my ear
“Silence now, rely on me my love to keep the crowd from you”

G.R. Hambley an older piece ©