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Singing Bear

Singing Bear

The little bear is versatile and blatantly self promoting.


Stone Bear Your Message Complete

I like doing different things with the little guy.
G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved


Introducing The Little Bear

Introducing “The Little Bear” with 2nd and a long way down

Time to semi formally introduce, “The Little Bear”. You can call him CTB or CT if you like.

I use the little guy for a number of things. He’s cute, he’s diverse, he’s acerbic and does he ever get around! I’ve never quite figured out where he got the acerbic but hey it works for him.

He will be making appearance sometime in the future just as himself. Here is a small look.
and yes I did set it that way on purpose.


I did put him up after he had that unfortunate, “Dead Head” incident in my “Contemfutzing” piece, In the piece you will encounter links that will take you to Urban Dictionary where you will see the submission was by a CTBear. That submitter would be yours truly.

The little guy will be making more appearances. I’m even considering putting up a behavioral trilogy he’s already appeared in. He’s been to Niagara Falls (not posted yet) and run over by a train. He is resilient!

There are many persona here. This is mine and has been mine for a very long time. Like Tigger, there is only one and I’m it! The one and only, Cool Teddy Bear.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

The shot inside the little guy was taken in the catwalks of what at the time was known as, “Skydome” and is now known as Rogers Centre. The stand alone shot itself is below CTB,


When you go up there, really there is only one rule

DON’T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ DROP ANYTHING!



G.R. Hambley aka Cool Teddy Bear – all rights reserved