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My First

My First

Yeah not that first.

I’m a child of the back end of the 60’s. When I started getting conscious. When I started to really get the world was bigger than my back yard.

First album I owned, I was 11. Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells.
The link was to the entire album but the usage was removed so I give you “Crimson and Clover” and Crystal Blue Persuasion”.


It was also the beginning of my love for Album Art. To this day I love that album. As I look at it, it kind of explains my idea of painting somewhat and a couple I did recently in particular. This was recorded from the vinyl. I can tell by the sound.
Genre:Blues, Rock
Style:Psychedelic Rock, Classic Rock

Now that same band did something someone close to me was laughing about while we were talking but not on the C and C record, my dog sam eats purple flowers.

Throw in this one from the same band, add a canvas and some acrylics and you got a great way to just chill for a while. Free expression was plenty good enough then and it’s plenty good enough now!

Yes I did come by the psychedelic honestly and early in life

This acrylic has a name and it’s the first time I’ve used those since painting on my walls years ago … it was done at some studio sessions for a mural project … mostly I was just messing around with colour and texture … about 3 minutes after it was done I was looking at it with another individual of my genre and came up with the name laughing all the while … I don’t do math anymore so you do the math on this one and come up with the name!

photo2 SatUp25


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